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As the fascination with a low-fat diet fades into history, along with VHS tapes and New Kids on the Block, three diets are getting more attention – the Mediterranean diet, Low-Carb and Paleo. Of the three styles of eating, the Mediterranean diet has received the most research attention. Observations are only the first step of the scientific method—a good place to start, but never the place to end. With the Mediterranean diet, a large part of the problem lies in the fact that there is no clear definition of what makes up the diet. Part of the popularity comes from the health and longevity of people living near the Mediterranean.
Often overlooked is the fact that in some areas of the Mediterranean, foods are cooked in lard, butter and sheep’s tail fat. To further complicate things, the entire lifestyle of those in the Mediterranean is significantly different than those living in modern day America. Research on a more standardized Mediterranean diet has shown that it lowers body weight and improves lipid and glucose levels compared to the Standard American Diet (SAD). For the average person, the food choices in a Low-Carb diet seem more obvious than in a Mediterranean diet. Since starch is significantly limited, gluten-containing grains are significantly reduced or even eliminated from the diet. Reducing carbohydrates helps maintain healthier blood sugar levels, which also reduces insulin secretion and triglyceride formation. To look more at the Low-Carb research, be sure to check out my blog post What Do 18 Studies Say About Low-Carb Diets? The 18 studies I’ve included are randomized, controlled trials. Although the Paleo diet is based on eating the way humans did tens to hundreds of thousands of years ago, it’s just recently become popular. Root-based starches are pretty filling, so even those who follow a Paleo diet without counting carbs will probably eat a lot less carbohydrates than the SAD diet and perhaps even the Mediterranean diet. The bulk of the Paleo diet is made up of non-starchy vegetables, animal proteins, nuts, seeds and animal fats.
If I were asked which style of eating is best, I’d first think of what I’d recommend to my friends or family, who I care most about. Based on the hundreds of research articles and books I’ve read, I personally lean toward a combination of Low-Carb and Paleo.
The Paleo diet helps to clearly eliminate problematic foods such as grains, vegetable oils, sugar and most, if not all dairy.
In my tenacious pursuit of optimal health, I’m always looking for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices that provide the greatest benefits. About Tom NikkolaTom Nikkola has dedicated his entire career to the health and fitness industry and has far-reaching experience in supplementation, nutrition, metabolism and weight management.
I’ve been on a low-carb diet for over a year now, mostly to eliminate hypoglycemia (which it did), and for the first 6 months, would have swore it was the only way to go. I have read that going too low on carbs can mess up your thyroid, but I am hesitant to add more carbs, as when I do, then that’s usually when I get hypoglycemic.
Refined sugars and processed carbohydrates are responsible for weight gain and inflammation.
We all pretty much have the same general problems and I'm here to provide some answers and some entertainment along the way. Most ViewedThe Blessing of Being Incorrect Exxxotica Dallas 2015: Fun & Friendly Why you Shouldn't Have Faith in Your Doctor The Problem with Reading Between the Lines Are you Getting Enough Feedback in your Life?
Consumer Reports conducted the largest survey ever of diet plans and approaches to come up with their consumers’ favorite diet plans. The survey found that Weight Watchers was the most popular diet, it didn’t rank highest for diet satisfaction. For those who tried the Paleo diet, the dieters reported 6-20 pounds lost (average of 7 months) and 19% reached their goal weight.  With MyFitnessPal, 15% reached their goal and lost 4-18 pounds in an average of five months.
Remember, you’re looking for a new lifestyle and not a short-term fix to solve your weight woes. The diet has gained a significant following in recent years, especially among the Cross Fit crowd per CNN News. While the Paleo Diet is ranked last on the “Best Diets” list this doesn’t necessarily mean Paleo is the worst diet.
The Paleo Diet was tied in last past with the Dukan diet, another high-protein, low-carbohydrate approach. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the DASH Diet Eating Plan was named the best overall diet for the fourth year in a row.

Paleo-archeology has demonstrated that, everywhere in the world, the transition from hunting and gathering to a grain-based diet resulted in stunted growth, more bone lesions indicating infections, considerably more dental carries (cavities), and shorter lifespans.
But that doesn’t meant that the same hunter-gatherer diet will work for modern, indoor-dwelling, sedentary homo-obesus.
There are too many variables to conclude that the health issues you mentioned of grain-consuming cultures are the result of a change in diet. Here we go again–they tried this stunt last year, and what ended up being the most search diet? Personally, Vanessa and I lean toward Low-Carb and Paleo over the Mediterranean Diet for reasons I’ll explain below. However, a significant amount of the research has been observational research, or population-based studies. These studies don’t exist to generate health advice, but to spark hypotheses that can be tested and replicated in a controlled setting so we can figure out what’s really going on. Their diet is often characterized as consisting of more olive oil, legumes, vegetables, fruit, unrefined grains and fish.
People are far more active, have less stress, take more breaks during the day and have much stronger relationships than we do. As such, it wipes out a common allergen often found in the diet of those following a Mediterranean diet. In those studies, participants lost more weight on the Low-Carb diet than on the Mediterranean diet. Within the Paleo diet culture, there is a range of opinions about the amount of carbohydrates people should consume. At its core, you can ask “would this have been available to eat 100,000 years ago?” If the answer is no, you probably wouldn’t eat it when following Paleo. It eliminates a lot of problematic foods, which can lead to a large number of health benefits without even considering the macronutrients.
Any of the three are better than eating the Standard American Diet, so if someone is more likely to follow one way of eating over the others, that’s the one I’d recommend.
In doing so, many of the foods that cause digestive problems and inflammation, which is at the core of virtually every disease process, are wiped out of the diet.
A mix of whey, some organic canned coconut milk and nut butter is an easy way to boost your intake without feeling as full as whole food might make you. The safest way to eat healthy without getting into science or a specific diet  is to eat natural foods. Processed oils like canola oil, soybean oil, and vegetable oils are unnatural and stressful to the liver.
The report ranks the top-13 plans that included everything from commercial programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig to low glycemic index and SparkPeople.
Of the 13 diets evaluated, the highest marks went to MyFitnessPal, Paleo, the Mediterranean diet, Spark People and Weight Watchers, in that order. News & World Report that the Paleo Diet is ranked last on their “Best Diets Overall” list for 2014. This means eating similar to hunters and gatherers – consuming only animal protein and produce, while avoiding sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy entirely. It claims to be effective in lowering cholesterol and reducing a person’s risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and kidney shows, its website states. There is no corporation trying to sell you anything (well there are a few cookbooks), the only companies that benefit are the ones that sell organic produce and grass-fed meat products, and they aren’t the paleo figureheads. However, it does mean that a grain-based carb-heavy diet is unhealthy, and a sugar-heavy diet is fatal.
Some very well may have been due to drastic alterations to daily physical activity, changes in social norms, or other lifestyle changes. This finding is consistent across cultures and time periods, everywhere in the world when the shift from hunter-gatherer to agriculture occurred, and is even evident among modern hunter-gatherers.
Researchers look at groups of people or populations who are identified as mainly eating a certain way, look at their health outcomes and compare them to other groups. It’s possible their health could be maintained by eating a diet of only meat, lard and wine while living the same lifestyle. If I had to choose between the SAD and the Mediterranean Diet, I’d recommend the latter without hesitation. However, becoming overly dogmatic about it can cause one to miss out on some foods and supplements that can further promote health, which wouldn’t have been available earlier in human history.
But that doesn’t mean I, nor most of the people I know, would benefit from eating sweet potatoes three times per day.

As for the Mediterranean diet, it’s better than a low-fat diet or a SAD, but its lower emphasis on increased protein, and its inclusion of grains and higher-carb foods make it less appealing than the other two styles of eating. However, I need to gain weight and am finding it hard to do on a low carb, grain free diet. I do have all of those things (whey protein powder vanilla, almond butter and coconut milk) in my pantry. No diet is perfect and I recommend a high-quality full spectrum multi-vitamin along with fish oil, a probiotic and magnesium. I found that I can cook a low carb version of any food or sweet I desire and that helps tremendously. Meat, unaltered seasonal fruit, fish, eggs, vegetables and nuts are all found in nature and can be consumed without any processing (boiling, chemical extracting, fermenting, etc). News & World Report’s experts say the Paleo Diet is too restrictive for most people to follow long term, and it limited some essential nutrients. Weight loss diets do work, or I would not have lost 100 lbs using low fat, low carb and low calorie diets in intervals.
Does that mean these food choices make them healthy, or are they a generally healthier people who happen to eat this way? However, since HDL and LDL cholesterol levels both tend to rise on a Low-Carb diet and drop on the Mediterranean diet, researchers claim the Mediterranean diet lowers heart disease risk more. While no study can say with 100% certainty that the findings are the final word, this is as close to showing cause and effect as research is able to do. Most carbohydrates in the Paleo diet come from root vegetables such as potatoes, yams and squash, or from fruit.
Most people I know aren’t that active, which is why I lean toward a lower-carb, higher-protein Paleo plan.
He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer. Everyone wants to get healthy, make a ton of money and over all, improve the quality of their lives.
News & World Report asks experts to rank various nutrition plans in an effort to help consumers make informed decisions. Though you will be able to maintain your weight much better through exercise, you will probably not lose much weight. I disagree, since I don’t believe LDL cholesterol is the major culprit in the development of heart disease, but instead inflammation.
If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list, check out this post from Diane Sanfilippo author of the best-selling book Practical Paleo. No one seems to know the answer to this as it seems the majority of people are trying to lose weight. An excellent way to improve your body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates is with exercise, strength training particularly. I call problem solving an art because these days, there's so much information out there that it'll make your head spin.
The lack of research proving the Paleo Diet’s cardiovascular health and weight loss benefits.
I believe that as long as I eat them within “plan”, they are healthier than a piece of bread? It is very easy to get anywhere from 300-5000 grams of carbs a day if you have little to no self control. They scarf down loads of carbs in the morning, get a high, then crash and burn before lunch.
They dose up with high carb energy drinks which give then another high and crash around lunch time. They then load up on more carbs for lunch and crash an hour or so later (more energy drinks!) By dinner time they scarf down loads of fat and carbs which together is very bad. That fat will make you fat and you will still have a crash once insulin has evacuated the excess sugar from the blood. I have been in ketosis in the past (less than 30 grams carbs a day) and my energy levels were amazing.
Seems in the Paleo diet you consume around 50-100 grams of carbs a day (from vegetables and fruits only!) if you want to lose weight.

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