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A quick internet search of weight loss programs will provide more information on the subject than any normal human being could possibly digest. I’ve written about some of these diets in other posts, but I want to reiterate that weight-loss is not a secret. Most online weight loss programs allow you to record what you eat, enter it into a diary, and some even provide elaborate graphs and charts of your food intake. According to the Mayo Clinic, most commercial diet programs are effective because they emphasize restricting caloric intake and monitoring your food intake. Any diet program that advocates losing weight quickly is ill-advised, and places you at risk of nutrient deficiencies and dehydration. About the Author - Graham UlmerGraham is a writer, coach, personal trainer and avid sports and fitness enthusiast. They require you to set goals, monitor your food intake and exercise performance, and many even have counselors and support groups in which you can motivate each other and share stories. You have to start by setting a goal, and I recommend that your goal have nothing to do with the amount of weight you lose.

This simple goal measuring strategy is one of the key reasons commercial diet programs are so effective.
Low-carb diets are popular because of the misconception that carbohydrates cause weight-gain.
I will admit that most people I know who go on some of these diet programs do end up losing weight.
There are no guarantees that you will lose a certain amount of weight with any program, and this should not be the key determinant of your program’s success. They provide a visual representation of your progress, they allow you to see how well you are actually following your program, and they allow you to set new goals.
You can also simply graph your food intake and exercise patterns in an excel sheet or home diary. Protein-based diets help because protein requires more energy to digest, thus burning more calories. Start by following the 3,500-calorie rule — you need to burn 3,500 calories beyond what your take in through food to lose 1 lb.

Low-carb diets should actually focus on avoiding simple sugars and foods high in the glycemic index, but not carbohydrates in general.
However, the small effect these programs have on your metabolism pales in comparison to the effects of simply cutting calories and increasing activity level.
Consuming less than a certain number of carbohydrates each day can limit your intake of certain vitamins and minerals.
Losing weight slowly allows your body to shed fat rather than water weight or protein stores, and also forces you to engage in healthy physical activities which you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Either the program is physically dangerous, or it is no different than the tried-and-true weight loss strategies that dietitians have know for years.
Here’s a closer look at what expensive commercial weight loss programs offer, and how you can replicate similar, or better, diet strategies at home for free.

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