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Hopefully by now you’ve bought all your Christmas presents for friends and family, and you can kick back and enjoy the merry festive season. I’ve decided to make things a whole lot easier for you… whether shopping for Christmas or birthday presents or just a treat for yourself, there are some awesome online shops that have popped up in South Africa over the years that make shopping as easy as sitting at your desk looking at your computer. Founded earlier this year, Hello Pretty is a gorgeous little online shop selling a variety of high-quality designs made in SA. Springleap is a very cool online store and the first in South Africa to use crowdsourcing to find designs for t-shirts that they make and sell on the site.
This award-winning site brings the finest, quirkiest, most stylish kitchen tools right to your doorstep. And, no doubt, you have some birthdays coming up next year that you’re going to have to shop for too! Clothes, shoes, jewellery, household goods and more are all available from this lovely online store. This is an easy way to order most of the things you can find on Amazon and other overseas sites, without the hassle of dealing with different sellers.
Creatives submit their designs to the site, and these are then given ratings by the public (‘crowds’); the designs with the highest rating get made into t-shirts that the public can buy. From rabbit-shaped pepper mills to herb savers, biltong makers and spaghetti measurers, you will be able to find something special for any kitchen and cooking need.
Actually you can purchase any products which are for your health and beauty and you can purchase several kinds of services by online shopping store.
Did you traipse around the shops until you saw something you liked or until you got so tired you just grabbed something off a shelf and told yourself that if Auntie Lauren doesn’t like it, she can always change it for something else?

They have a huge range and number of products (14 million to be exact) making it almost certain that you will find something that you or a loved one will like very much! The majority of items listed are currently in South Africa, and buyers are able to question sellers about products, delivery times or anything else they might need to know. The site boasts over 250 designs dreamed up by designers from all over the world, and these designs are also available in print as well as on posters and canvasses. For that you just have to go to the website of any online shopping store and buy any product which you desire. The season is just around the corner, and now’s the time to be thinking about everything from Back to School to the New Year.
These Online shopping stores provides you a simple way to be healthy and beautiful and for that you do not need to go to any market. With online holiday shopping breaking records every year, we can only imagine how many shoppers will choose the web over the mall in 2013. What are increasingly savvy shoppers expecting from e-retailers this year that will ultimately lead them to purchase?Avoid the Store – Last year, 51% of shoppers planned to do their holiday shopping from home.
Most online shoppers cited better deals online as their main reason for staying away from brick-and-mortar stores, but others said saving on gas and keeping away from crazy crowds was important. So these online shopping stores are very useful for purchasers in the shopping of different services and products of health and beauty.
Whatever the reason, these people are still looking for all the same information before making a purchase, and video is perfect for bridging the gap and helping shoppers to understand the product and how it will fit in their lives.Painless Navigation – Unfortunately, making a purchase online has a lot in common with pulling teeth. And this is the reason for why these online shopping stores are become very famous in population.

If you haven’t seen this online checkout in real life video, take a look and you’ll understand what I mean. It doesn’t stop at the checkout process, though: a seamless journey across the whole website, including site search and category or brand pages, is critical to making the sale. Carefully think through the real paths that shoppers take and optimize your site accordingly.Lend a Hand – In the season of giving, the hardest part is often figuring out what to buy!
Depending on where a shopper is in the purchase process (are they still Googling “gifts for Dad,” have they narrowed their search to golf clubs, or are they choosing between a 9 iron or a wedge?), the information they need varies widely.
Make sure you provide gift guides and great SEO for online shoppers at the top of the funnel paired with plenty of educational content (video is great for this!) and customized product recommendations to help shoppers make their decisions.Ultimately, excellent holiday e-commerce experiences are about leaving the crowds behind without losing the impact of seeing the product first-hand or receiving assistance from a trained salesperson.
Video can reduce the uncertainty of not physically trying or using a product by providing a complete picture through demonstrations of features and functions. Don’t forget about engaging video gift guides or category overviews that boost SEO and guide shoppers to products they want. It’s not too late to include video in your holiday strategies, so consider it to give shoppers what they want and boost your sales.

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