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But a desire to achieve a goal, when combined with consistent action to move toward that goal becomes discipline. In my opinion discipline, the ability to have faith and stay the course, day after day, no matter what, is the #1 success factor in physique transformation. I: The “I” is for “Information” and is the second most critical facet of a successful physique transformation program.
You can rest assured that a surgeon, whose skill is often the difference between life and death, did not begin to learn his craft by reading Brain Surgery for Dummies.
It is so important that you have the right information before you start your physique transformation program. In physique transformation work, as with most things in life, the path to success is not realized through pills, potions, miracle contraptions or 5-minute a day solutions to lifetime problems. Think about it; in the business world, the more educated you are the more money you generally make. In the gym, the physique transformation expert is often the one that subconsciously pisses people off.
It’s pretty amazing actually when I looked at the word the other day and suddenly saw all the main components of a successful physique transformation program in the word “diet,” right down to the order of importance!

His skill is the result of the technically sound and proven information he received on the elements required to master a particular skill. The right information sets a solid foundation for you to build upon, and gives you a thorough, correct grounding in the art and science of physique transformation. And this is where the next group of hopeful aspirants to perfect physiques fall by the wayside. Your level of education and your degree of physical labor is almost always inversely proportional.
With little or no education in the art of getting lean, most people result to sheer, brute force. And he’s finishing up his workout while the “hard-core” boys are still on the 20th set of their first body part! All the discipline in the world will do you no good if the information you have leads you down the wrong path. No matter how hard I work, I never change.” When I told him the secret was in his diet and not his training, he just looked at me kind of funny and went back to do his next set. When they realize the physique transformation process requires focus, effort, understanding and time to produce results… they quit.

They exercise themselves into oblivion because that’s what they think will get them in shape. But she invariably spends much less time on the treadmill or the stationary bike than the ever present cardio queens, who seem to be permanent attachments to the machines they’re on. When they find out that they’re expected to get “A” diet scores every day, well who wants to go back to school again? They’ve been there, done that!
Power to be in complete control of your metabolism… Power to understand how to harness that metabolism to work for you instead of against you… Power to know that you can make dramatic changes to your physique in just a few months time. Had they taken the time to educate themselves to the task ahead, they would have learned how to accomplish twice as much, with half the effort.

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