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The Insanity Nutrition Guide is a phenomenal tool to show you how you can blast fat and fuel your body with the right foods.
While the Insanity nutrition guide has some awesome recipes and food ideas, I wanted to put together an Insanity nutrition plan that serves the two purposes above. So what you are going to see in a moment is My 2000 Calorie Insanity Diet where I lay out a 5 day example of exactly what I ate ; by brand and serving sizes.
Each of the meals is targeted for 300 calories and then lists options for increasing that intake to 400 or 500 calories.
Step-1: This nutrition plan uses the Harris Benedict equation to calculate how many calories you need per day in order to maintain your weight. Step-3: What you have calculated so far is how many calories you need to maintain your weight. For Weight Loss – Subtract 500 calories from your caloric intake calculated in Step-2. For Weight Maintenance – Do not adjust your intake from Step-2, just use that number. So 2420 calories is his basal energy expenditure, that is, his calorie needs for weight maintenance if he were inactive. In our example, the gentleman’s goal is to lose weight so we would deduct 500 calories from our 3000 calorie calculation in Step-2. If you do eat before your workout, be sure its atleast 1 hour prior unless its a fast absorbing snack like protein whey.

Myfitnesspal is one of the foundational tools that I use to have success with the Insanity nutrition plan.
I see so many people logging their nutrition and acting surprised to find that they went over on their carbs by 75 grams.
2) Leave some room – You might not have this situation, but I dont know what my wife is cooking for dinner every night so I have to plan out all my nutrition, except for dinner.
I know that we usually have some sort of lean protein, fresh veggies, and a complex carbohydrate.
This leaves me plenty of room to adjust the serving sizes of my dinner items to meet my macro-nutrient targets, rather than worry about what types of food I will have to eat. I created this video so to show you EXACTLY how I use myfitnesspal online to plan and track my nutrition. In my experience, the more simple that I can make my nutrition options…the more success I have. The philosophy is that you need not focus on dieting with Insanity, you need to be focusing of fueling your body with the right foods in the right proportions so that you can give 100% in your workouts.
This is to maintain a stable blood sugar level which puts you in the best state to workout. Since your body is now going to be burning more calories (longer workouts and increased metabolism), you are going to need to give it more fuel. Having food in your stomach causes your body to focus on digestion and your body will actually send more blood to those organs to process the food rather than having it available to oxygenate your muscles during your workout.

Well, if you had entered what you were going to eat the night before, you would have known exactly how much you needed AND you would have been much more likely to stick to the plan. So what I do is calculate everything out so that by dinner I have about 30-40g of protein, around 30-50g of carbs, and around 10g of fat. Its based on My 1900 Calorie Diet which I used for P90X, but the concept still applies for the Insanity Nutrition Guide. One of the biggest challenges for me with this nutrition guide is that there's no shopping list.
And that has applied to well over 1000 other people who have chose to join RIPPEDCLUB for free, as well as the 30,000 visitors per month we get here looking for a solution!
So the Insanity nutrition guide has 100 calorie complex carbohydrate snacks to bump up your intake for the extra energy you will be needing. Sure you can lose some weight, maybe even tone up a bit, but dont get discouraged when you dont have a six pack after 60 days of wingin it on your nutrition. I would like to lose 38lbs, how often do I need to recalculate my calories and prevent from hit a plateau?

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