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Today marks the beginning of USANA’s RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation, a 12-week weight-loss challenge providing you with the opportunity to create a better body and a better life. If you haven’t done so already, stock up on USANA’s Nutrimeal, yummy Nutrition Bars (my favorite is Peanut Butter Crunch), and snacks.
Plus, you’ll have a chance to win our grand prize — an exclusive trip to Sanoviv Medical Institute located in sunny Mexico.
We’ll be with you every step of the way — as will others who have opted in to the challenge. Be sure to like USANA RESET on Facebook for motivational tips from Kathy, videos, recipes, and extra support. What are some thoughts you have to help others stay motivated to hit the gym or eat healthy? The future of personalized health and nutrition is now available with USANA’s True Health Assessment. About the Author: Jessica has what she considers a healthy obsession with all things beauty and fashion. Fibre is made up of many glucose molecules and is part of plant foods that your body can’t digest or absorb. In the intestines, soluble fibre forms a gel, slowing down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Inulin is a natural prebiotic – it provides foods for the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine. Resistant starch enters the large intestine where many beneficial microorganisms live and these friendly bacteria use the starch as food. Choose bread made from flour that has been ground from the wholegrain and includes the outer husk which is rich in fibre) and the wheat germ (which is rich in B vitamins).
Choose breads with visible seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, poppy and linseeds for extra fibre and vitamins, including vitamin E. It’s important to increase your fibre intake slowly, as a sudden switch can lead to abdominal pain and flatulence. Carbs have been a dirty word since the popularity of low carb weight-loss programs such as the Atkins and South Beach diet grabbed headlines. If you take Nutrimeal™ whether for weight management or even to ensure that you get a fast, healthy meal, try adding extra fibre in the form of Fibergy Plus to make it even more satisfying.
Although it lingers longer in the stomach helping you feel full, fibre moves faster in the intestines. According to the Dietitians Associations of Australia, adults should aim for at least 30g fibre each day. The fibre in FibergyTM Plus comes from a number of sources because different types of fibre bring different health benefits. USANA Fibergy Plus helps promotes good digestive health and normal bowel regularity, which moves wastes and toxins out of the colon. USANA Fibergy Plus is a flavourless fibre blend which provides 12 grams of soluble and insoluble fibre in each serving – that’s more than twice the amount of other fibre products available in the market!
Contains psyllium, which promotes regularity, a rich source of soluble fibre and a bulking agent. Inulin found in FibergyTM Plus promotes the stimulation of healthy bacteria in the digestive system that assists in the absorption of nutrients and the breakdown of foods. Contains the prebiotic inulin which promotes the growth of bifidobacteria in the digestive tract. TO USE, mix 1 level tablespoon (14g) into 290-340ml of water; or stir two heaped teaspoons (approx. If you’re up to the challenge of shedding a few extra pounds, you’ll want every advantage you can get.
You may already know omega-3s are great for your brain, but they’re also terrific for managing your weight. You probably already know and love many benefits of vitamin D, but have you tried it before your workouts? You won’t get very far in your morning jog if your joints start troubling you, but avoiding exercise is never helpful for a weight-loss plan. For more information regarding the products, please visit USANA Australia approved online store. Australian USANA RESET Nation Challenge winner Pooja De Silva has changed her life and is now using her incredible journey to inspire others.
Pooja said during the challenge she exercised “hard and smart” with her personal trainer – Scott Lawrence. Australian RESET Nation Challenge winner Mahesh Jayasuriya remembers being overweight for almost a decade.
After losing almost 33kgs during the challenge Mahesh said he is “so happy and proud” of his results. New Zealand USANA RESET Nation Challenge winner Jude Franklin’s journey began back in 2014 when she injured her back in a car accident. One of the possible factors leading to the rise of obesity is the emergence of processed foods with high glycemic index taken by modern people.
Glycemic index measures how quickly blood sugar levels rise after eating a particular type of food within 2 hours. In this stage, you can take low to moderately low glycemic foods as your dinner and snack after breakfast and lunch, but breakfast and lunch still remain to be USANA Nutrimeal. During the weight management program, reduction in food intake may probably result in a shortage of dietary fiber. In this stage, you can eat low to medium glycemic foods for your snack after breakfast, lunch, and snack after lunch, and dinner, but resume USANA Nutrimeal as breakfast. When carrying out USANA RESET program, don’t forget to take comprehensive and balanced nutrients to energize your body. CHRISTMAS & HOLIDAYS seem to go hand in hand with weight gain, as most of us indulge in beach, booze and pressies. Burning calories is especially important, not just because it can help you stay focused and feel motivated. A small salad, crudites with some low-fat hummus or tomato salsa, or even a glass of tomato juice with Worcestershire sauce can help to take the edge off your appetite and potentially avoid a splurge at the buffet, Christmas party or seasonal soiree. Be mindful about what you’re eating and drinking – slow things down to give your body a chance to acknowledge that you’re filling up. This low-GI, high-fibre, high-protein USANA meal replacement can help keep you full and avoid unhealthy snacking, or even get you back on track if you’ve had a shock on the scales. At just 240 calories per serve, USANA Nutrimeal shakes makes a quick, tasty and satisfying breakfast or lunch, helping your weight stay on track over the silly season.
Cricket is Pasindu Sunilchandra’s passion but his ballooning weight was hindering his dream of playing top class cricket. Then, an injury stopped Pasindu’s cricketing altogether and, being unable to drive whilst injured, he couldn’t work either. Standing at 182 cm tall and tipping the scales at 107 kg convinced him that joining the worldwide challenge could help. While the 5-Day Jumpstart was a challenge for Pasindu, he soon got into the program and the rapid weight-loss was motivating. Continuing his personal challenge with a single-minded strength that he- and others around him- never knew he had, Pasindu dropped an incredible 30 kg over the total weight-loss challenge.
Now, Pasindu is enjoying eating healthier foods and has found a passion in encouraging others to follow in his get-healthy footsteps.
Congratulations to all of our wonderful RESET Challenge weight-loss winners in Australia and New Zealand And if you haven’t met them already, get to know our three top winners from our region!
Another incentive for Maria was the incredible trip to Sanoviv plus, she wanted to realize her lifelong goal – to try kite surfing: ‘I needed strength and fitness to do this, so I set my goal.
For Maria, it was great to know that people around the world were setting themselves similar goals.
Although the RESET Program takes care of your calorie intake and encourages a balanced diet, exercise is a significant contributor to any weight-loss journey. So it was with a great deal of delight that Maria realized that she had won the USANA RESET Challenge for New Zealand.
Maria is delighted to report that she is the product of the product that is the RESET Program.
In 2013, super busy chef, 35-year-old Ann Perera and her husband about to celebrate their ten year wedding anniversary and their two wonderful little girls; they decided to commemorate the decade with a commitment ring. With better health was her main motivation, she determinedly gave the 2014 USANA RESET Challenge a go. With the family enjoying the healthier meals Ann was cooking, the whole of the Perera clan’s health began to improve.
Ann lost 28 kg and is now a size 6-8 with a body fat of just 17.6 percent – she feels so proud.

What is a healthy meal? Load up half of your plate with veggies –not the fried or cheese- or mayo-drenched kinds. Protein foods (low-fat) should make up a quarter of your plate. The other quarter should be low GI carbs – like brown or basmati rice or wholemeal pasta, quinoa or wholegrain breads. What is insulin resistance? Eating too many high GI foods and drink and being overweight can trigger a condition called insulin resistance. This can result in damage to tiny blood vessels increasing the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases. Kick-start your weight-loss by replacing all three meals for five days with a USANA Nutrimeal. This regime provides just 690 calories from three Nutrimeals daily and add one USANA Protein Snack (160 calories) plus one piece of fruit (100-150 calories) and lots of green veggies (spice them up with pepper and a little soy or chilli). USANA Nutrimeal contains a range of proteins, healthy fats, low GI carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals – it’s a low-calorie mealin-a-glass. Try taking just Nutrimeal and a USANA Protein Snack plus a piece of fruit and lots of steam green veggies for five days. Then, switch to two Nutrimeals a day plus one low GI meal and healthy snacks for 4-8 weeks.
One recent study funded by Diabetes UK found that drastically cutting calories helped overweight people get healthier.
Everyone’s favourite, Dr Oz, will be joining us on a special webinar to share his unique tips and tricks to boost your health and sky rocket your motivation. There are lots of prizes to be won along the way but the ultimate prize is a stay and the world-renowned Sanoviv Medical Institute. You’ll get treated to personal health consultations, exercise classes led by Kathy Kaehler, a makeover, and much more!
Follow USANA on Twitter, like our USANA Facebook page and enjoy the latest videos on the official USANA YouTube channel.
During the summer, when she is not working, you can find her by the pool with the most current issue of Cosmo. Now take a moment to fill out the form below so you can keep reading our super awesome content in the form of a weekly newsletter? Just heard from Jessica and she said so long as you weigh in by Sunday at midnight each week you’re qualified for weekly drawings. I have to Thank 2 wonderful ladies from my community that introduce me to this wonderful new life style so here I go for another week.
Fibre passes relatively intact through your stomach and small intestine through to the large intestine where it is fermented by friendly bacteria. For example, getting enough fibre can help you maintain a healthy weight range, lower blood cholesterol and support heart health and bowel health. It is also referred to as “an indigestible carbohydrate”, but fibre is very different from other carbohydrates and much lower in calories. It mops up harmful LDL-cholesterol, the type of cholesterol which is deposited in the cells and in arteries, narrowing blood flow and triggering conditions such as heart disease and stroke.
This helps to keep blood glucose levels steady, helping to prevent carb cravings that might send you running to sugary snacks. That’s because high fibre foods take time to chew which slows down your eating, helping to prevent overeating.
That’s because the refining process, strips grains and cereals of their outer coat (the bran) where most B vitamins and iron are concentrated.
Just as the name suggests, this kind of starch resists digestion (starches and other carbohydrates are digested in the small intestine by enzymes). What’s more, very high-fibre diets (over 40g a day) have been linked with decreased absorption of minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium.
As the food-fibre-water mix enters the stomach, its bulk causes the stomach walls to become stretched. By the time the fibre mix enters the large intestine, the nutrients have been absorbed and there are only waste products, fibre and water left.
But, if you have loose, watery stools, fibre may actually help to solidify the waste by absorbing water and adding bulk to it. This includes psyllium – a dietary fibre that helps stimulate normal bowel regularity and inulin, to promote growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. The high fibre, low-GI formula leaves you feeling satisfied, making it easier to skip unhealthy snacks throughout the day. It is formulated using natural ingredients and without added gluten, soy or dairy.* 28 serves per pack.
This means not only eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and getting more exercise, but also taking the right supplements to support your fitness focused lifestyle. USANA supported a study by The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH) about how vitamin D affects recovery after exercise. Many pre-menopausal women can benefit from a quality prenatal supplement with iron, especially women who may have anemia. Throughout her journey so far Pooja has lost an amazing 26kgs totaling up to 32.13% body fat. He was scared of getting sick and not being able to see his kids grow up so he decided to reset his life… Mahesh said over the years he tried many times to reduce his weight in various ways but none of them worked out in a positive way.
This injury not only made it difficult to exercise but to even walk and over the next year Jude gained weight and was struggling to get through each day. I now feel so much more confident in myself, my health has improved and my skin is now clear and radiant.
Especially during the summer time, you may want a slim and healthy body shape to take part in all kinds of outdoor activities. Research shows that low glycemic index diet reduces blood sugar and insulin fluctuations, promote fat metabolism and prevents fat from breaking down into nonestesterified fatty acids. To keep up the momentum after you complete the Jumpstart Phase, this phase helps you gradually incorporate low fat diet and regular exercise in your daily life, so as to continue to make healthy habits a way of life.
It helps provided satiety and curbs the craving for snacks during the weight management program. It consolidates the healthy regimen you built in the Transform Phase, avoids rebounding weight loss and keeps your goal weight in the long run. Since unused calories may turn into fat and store in the body, those fat may further accumulate over time and lead to obesity and weight rebound. USANA quality nutritional supplements can replenish your body cells with nutrients needed and ease the practice of your USANA RESET Program. Choose wholegrain and lean protein (fish, seafood and legumes are especially good choices), and fill up on plenty of fresh, seasonal salads – hold the mayo and cheesy dressings, and watch that your portion sizes don’t creep up! Take advantage of the warm weather and go for a fun swim, a run on the beach or bush walk or some mind-relaxing yoga or tai chi. It takes around 20 minutes to register that you’re full, so going too fast can mean that you consume more than you intend to or even want. And, he had transformed from a gym-avoider to gym-regular and from wearing XXL shirts to L in three months.
I love the taste of all Nutrimeal shakes and snacks – they helped to keep me healthy and strong and I didn’t feel tired. Big thanks to USANA for giving me the opportunity to participate in the USANA RESET Challenge. The pancreas secretes more and more insulin to try and maintain blood glucose levels to within narrow limits but the cells become resistant to its action and blood glucose levels build up. High levels of blood glucose can be detected via blood testing and urine testing – signalling the presence of glucose which spills over into the urine.
Combined with exercise and a healthy diet, it’s a great choice if you want to drop some kilos or you want to focus on low GI eating (Nutrimeal has a glycaemic index of just 25 that is certified by the Glycemic Index Foundation.  It is also great if you just don’t want to think about food and portions as you works towards or maintain a healthy weight. The fibre satisfies your hunger in a physical way, protein is essential for muscle growth and repair.
A healthy meal should contain a mix of these not just to top up your body stores, but because many of them work together to help enhance body processes and help keep you healthy. Study participants consumed just 800 calories per day (each Nutrimeal provides around 230 calories so three shakes plus one USANA Protein Snack provides around 850 calories).
He dropped an incredible 40kg over the Challenge period and has kept most of it off one year later. Here, you can learn more about holistic health, nutrition and the latest in health innovation. And don’t worry, this isn’t like those annoying click bait messages that fill up your spam inbox all day. Eating fibre increases the immune system in your gut, feeds the good probiotic bacteria there, keeps the digestive lining healthy and absorbs and pulls out excess hormones, cholesterol, fat and toxins from the body.
It also slows down the rate at which your stomach empties, so you’ll feel fuller for longer, too.
And, because it is bulky and absorbs waters this kind of fibre softens the contents of the large intestine speeding the removal of waste products.

This triggers feelings of fullness, helping you feel more satisfied for longer so you’re less likely to reach for unhealthy between-meal snacks. Because it stimulates contractions of the large intestine, there is less time for the waste products to come into contact with the intestines and in this way, it may help to reduce the risk of bowel cancer, too.
Just one tablespoon of FibergyTM Plus can help bridge the gap and provide the fibre your body needs. Everyone can benefit from the USANA® Essentials, but don’t stop there if your goal is to shed pounds. This powerful duo—found in USANA Active Calcium™ and Active Calcium™ Chewable—makes all the difference for your skeletal system. The study showed that taking vitamin D before your workout can decrease skeletal muscle fatigue from intense exercise. This is why BabyCare Prenatal Essentials (Not yet available in USANA Australia region) are an excellent choice. However, I continued to challenge myself, week after week with perseverance, strict discipline, unshaken mindset, a firmer commitment and total dedication,” she said.
Once Jude had recovered from her injury, which meant she could now do moderate exercise, Jude was constantly tired and couldn’t get out of bed in the morning so she decided it was time to make a change.
However, many people might have adopted the wrong method to slim, like immoderate diet, excessive exercises and weight management plan with unbalanced nutrition.
You will find it easy, rapid and efficient to achieve your ideal weight and to practice your healthy lifestyle.
Containing good carbohyrates, quality protein and healthy fats, USANA Nutrimeal provides you with macronutrients. In addition, body water decreases after doing exercise and it may possibly lead to constipation programs. Fruits and vegetables are low glycemic food with high degree of fiber, thus serving as a good choice for refreshments and dinner. Therefore, regular exercise can promote metabolism, consume excessive fat and increase muscle mass.
BALANCE THINGS OUT If you know you’re headed for a big night, cut down on the calories you consume before the big event and afterwards. Up your exercise too, and you’ll benefit from burning extra calories. Including three weight-training sessions per week is a great move – it helps to build muscle, a highly active tissue that gives you great shape and definition, and raises your metabolic rate – so you burn calories faster whether you’re exercising or resting. And, she admits that there were some days that she couldn’t fit exercise into her already-busy schedule. I have a fitness background, a Diploma in Fitness Training and a Bachelor in Sport and Recreation with a major in Exercise Science. When we went along to take a look at the rings in a jeweller, I was amazed to find that there were no rings big enough to fit my finger! I am very keen on completing a personal training and nutrition course and combine all that I have learnt together with my chef skills to help the community. After some months the researchers found that the body started to become more responsive to insulin (you should not follow this kind of drastic eating schedule unless under medical supervision). Newcastle University’s Professor Roy Taylor believes that the benefits were seen when visceral fat was cut and so the body began to respond to insulin again. Getting enough fluids is very important for digestive health and when you start to increase your intake of fibre-containing foods. By speeding this mass out of the body, fibre also helps to prevent problems such as constipation and haemorrhoids (piles).
USANA offers a variety of supplements to help you with many different aspects of weight loss. Calcium helps maintain strong bones, while vitamin D enhances calcium absorption and utilization.* Not convinced you need Active Calcium in your life? They can help maintain healthy muscle mass in the elderly when taken in conjunction with exercise. This can help keep you from overeating later in the day, and it can even reduce the total number of calories you consume. This faster recovery means you can get out there for your next workout feeling refreshed and ready to challenge yourself again. The iron provided in the USANA Prenatal Essentials   is necessary for red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body.
Prior to the RESET challenge, Pooja had followed countless diets, which had given her “no real results”, so she decided to take part in the RESET Nation Challenge to improve her health and wellbeing. They always wanted to play with me, but it was difficult for me and I tired out very quickly,” he said. These can indeed lead to a lot of health problems and you might even gain rather than lose weight. In contrast, high glycemic foods are quickly absortbed and converted into sugar, increasing blood sugar and insulin and producing hunger quickly.
To improve the gastrointestinal problems during the program, you can drink more water and absorb more dietary fiber, in order to promote intestinal movement. USANA Foods and shakes are scientifically balanced in carbohydrates, proteins and good fats that the body needs plus essentials micronutrients. Entering my weekly weight on the RESET Challenge website and seeing my statistics changing was also great because I could see my improvement over a period of weeks,’ says Maria.
She believes that if she had been able to exercise daily, her goal weight could have been reached even faster. Bur in the past, I had the knowledge but not the fitness, energy, stamina or the silhouette I have now. By increasing our fibre intake, we decrease the risks of common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. But much less – aim for around 10g of fibre a day, plus an additional gram each year of age.
Some research also indicates that supplementing with these micronutrients may play a role in weight control if your calcium and vitamin D levels are inadequate.
Procosamine’s Meriva®† bioavailable curcumin complex has been clinically shown to have better bioavailability than standard curcumin products. If you’ve ever had a particularly tough workout session in an effort to burn calories, you know your body needs as much oxygen as it can get.* Without a sufficient iron reserve, you could feel tired and fatigued, which will make it even harder to meet any fitness or weight-loss goals you may have. I feel lot more active and energised and I am able to do some of the things that I couldn’t do before. USANA RESET Weight Management program is composed of three simple steps (Jumpstart, Transform, Maintain), helping you shape your body healthy and establish a good lifestyle progressively. As a result, the water in the food is not overly absorbed and normal bowel movement can be maintained. With high fiber content, this mixture allows you to increase satiety and promote bowel movement. Today, I have my fitness career back thanks to the RESET Challenge!’ And we know, Maria’s going to run with it! This cuts insulin production and stops it from being used properly. By drastically dropping the calories, your body switches into starvation mode so that fat is burned from the vital organs.
And, because insoluble fibre reduces the time that waste matter and potential carcinogens take to come into contact with the intestine, it may even help to prevent conditions such as bowel cancer.
That’s because high fibre foods slow down the rate at which you eat because they require more chewing.
If you’re opposed to prenatal supplements, make sure you get enough iron from dietary sources, such as lean meats, spinach, and beans.
Pooja said she has now “embarked on a significant life changing journey, enjoying a healthier and an active lifestyle” and her goal is to maintain and enjoy her new lifestyle and promote and raise her business to the next level by sharing her success story.
It also promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria, effective food digestion and nutrients absorption. Remember to exercise for between 30-60 minutes a day, to build lean muscle and burn more fat. This way, the natural bacteria in your digestive system has time to adjust to the changes you’re making. High fibre foods also tend to have less calories, another way that high-fibre eating helps you to stay trim.
My self-confidence has increased and now I am living a happy, healthy life.” Mahesh said he would definitely recommend the challenge to other people.
This meant a huge increase in my fitness.” Jude said she is “ecstatic” with her weight loss results.

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