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Nordic Diet Coach – a new and effective way to implement healthy eating habits into your daily routines. We have worked hard to use the nutrition and weight wellness information available to create an easy-to-use concept to support you to eat smart.
After my first child Nordic Diet Coach app helped me to find back to my normal balance and to feel good about myself.
Quite often I come across a situation where customers explain that failure to improve their lifestyle is because there is no time.
When the rush is over, I choose the right food and once again aim for a 5 heart rating with the Nordic Diet Coach app. Did you read these already?If you’re going to cherish just one thing, cherish this moment. On the Blog Now and BeforeIf you’re going to cherish just one thing, cherish this moment. Vitamin D3 (or cholecalciferol) is the natural form of vitamin D produced by the body, and is better absorbed and utilised than other forms. Two soft gels daily, with food, or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paychecks and deposit those funds in employer-sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses. Millions of people around the world eat according to the LCHF diet and lose weight every day. Get your monthly package with all the nutrition, vitamins, minerals, oils, antioxidants and proteins needed to make the most out of your LCHF diet. LowCarbNordic is based on thoroughly tested and proven methods of eating normal food but skipping the carbohydrates.

Once more we find a interesting story, just to underline what we’ve been experiencing.
If you were ever in doubt about how bad sugar drinks are in general, take a look at this one, once again, just to prove the point. After two years of research, scientists in Sweden have found out that the most suitable and most effective dietary treatment for obesity is Low-Carb. There is now strong evidence to show that low carbohydrate diets are safe and effective treatments for several conditions, and have some likely positive effects for other conditions. Stay tuned for the LowCarbNordic App that will help you stay organized during your LCHF diet! Nordic Oil uses only premium quality Omega 3 oil sourced in deep, clear waters from cold-water anchovies, herring and sardines (some of the best sources available) and ‘deep’ and ‘clear’ are key for a rather odd reason. Nordic Oil produce a range of products which includes the bottled High Grade Omega 3; it’s cold-pressed and triple-filtered, which improves both purity and quality, and if you’re concerned about the taste (memories of childhood?) the edge is somewhat removed with a dash of natural lemon flavour. Omega 3 provides a range of benefits, but to be (very) reductive it reduces stress (systemic not mental), which can be particularly beneficial to endurance athletes.
Public Service Announcement over – we can probably get on with supplementing and being healthier, happier cyclists. Vegetarians looking for a supplementary source of Omega 3 might consider a product like Chia – take a look at the Cyclo review here. He was becoming more and more frustrated with the commercial gym he was working, cramped conditions, lack of customer service and the unethical actions of the commercial gyms. As a ‘modern diet’ is so often lacking in Omega 3s of sufficient quantity or quality, the latter is invariably the better option. The fish themselves are no more capable or producing Omega 3 that we are, instead they get it in turn from their food source (often krill) and the better quality the water, the better the fish food, the better the fish, the better the Omega 3s… the better the product.

If supplementing with capsules looks like a more attractive proposition the Nordic Oil 1000mg capsules go down easily but deliver less than half of the EPA and DHA (the two key components of Omega 3) that the straight-from-the-bottle oil serves up. However it has been subject to controversy in 2013 with large sections of the media have had a field day with ‘links’ between supplementing and an increased risk of prostate cancer. They do not go for lunch as there are always queues in the canteen, but on the other hand they are not considering popping to the shop even if it would mean they could buy a more sensible snack.
Luckily what I have learnt had already caught on somewhat in the past, but now I also have See How You Eat. They are still a solid option when you consider that at least part of your Omega 3 requirements are likely to be being met through diet alone, especially through ‘oily’ fish, soybeans, walnuts, flax, etc. Almost all of this has been the result of media misrepresentation and a lack of understanding of results (by the press) but if you want to do your own research – and if you’re going to stick something in your body Cyclo would always recommend you do – then the abstract from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that inadvertently kick-started it all can be found here. Now I understand at least to some extent that it’s so important to stick to regular meals and sensible food choices. I am certainly not even thinking about going out to eat at this point, as it’s important to find time to go to the shop. As a result weight management generally will not succeed or at least will be incredibly difficult. I want to spend time with my child, so maybe I could make it into a fun shopping trip for us both where at the same time I make sure I buy suitable food for the whole week.

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