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This is one of the best and most in depth guides I have seen to creating a good flavored water.
What’s really great about these flavored water ideas is that they are drastically better for you than soda. I would love to receive your information on my facebook i tired to add it but i don’t think i was successful.
Hi,I am also doing Ian Smiths Shred diet, what do you consider one serving for your meal replacements?

These recipes call for you to add one teaspoon of sugar as needed after your pour yourself a drink. I am not vey computer literate.could you please let me know how i can go about getting your information. Ian's SHRED Diet and I have noticed this week has a lot more meal replacements than Week 1.
We are drinking a lot more protein shakes and smoothies this week which we love so I thought we should share a couple of our favorite smoothie recipes from the SHRED book!!!

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