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Motivation is just one of those things that has to be worked at, it isn't something that always comes naturally. When I decided to lose weight, it wasn't the first time i'd told myself I was going to do it.
We are all different, different things motivate us, some people can snap their fingers and have everything they need to lose weight, others need support, the tips below are some ways I personally think are the best helpers! This is one of the things that really gave me that nudge to start, it's true you don't really notice the wright creeping on, but when you do, go ahead and take some photos, I felt so uncomfortable taking them and even looking at them, but that made me want to change even more.
I'm a very introverted person, so the thought of walking into a gym full of people, is my worst nightmare really, if you are anything like me, you'll prefer to exercise in the comfort and familiarity of your own home! You've been used to eating bigger portions and amounts for a while so don't expect to wake up the next morning and suddenly be full up on a fruit salad, yes it's healthy but you need to add something a little more robust to get you through breakfast. People that try to mind your business don't really have their lives under control, they want to have yours under control. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life.

Even though you feel like crap and feel like you look like crap, sometimes that in itself isn't enough to give you that boost. I think what did it this time was how I felt about myself, I wasn't overweight, but I had gained almost 2 stone and for someone like me who has always been around the same weight, I didn't realize just how different I looked, I remember messaging my best friend and telling her how awful I felt after just seeing myself in the bathroom mirror, she also gave me that support I needed to keep on it as well! You don't need to share the photos with anyone, or stick them on the fridge which I've heard some people do, just keep the photos for yourself, and continue taking weekly updates as you go, it won't be long till you start seeing a difference. I find when I eat a big meal out or a takeaway, I feel pretty crap afterwards and swear I'm not going to do it again for ages, which is the perfect time for you then to start, keep in mind how you felt after you ate and remind yourself it's not worth it now.
Try and do the same thing each week and you might just start looking forward to it each day! It's not going to be easy to start with, you will probably feel hungry but it will fade after a while! In life we have many choices to make, and one of the most helpful of these choices that we can decide, is to abide in the residence of those who help to positively provide a boost in our lives.
People hate when they feel as though their efforts haven't been, and probably won't be as adequate as what they see someone else doing.

One of the most useful lessons that we can learn in life is to pay attention and give our greatest focus to doing what we love. Then once I started to get the feel of that, I added in some Zumba, I bought the original wii fit game and did 20 minutes a few times a week which really started to tone me up and the weight starting falling off! Also don't expect to lose the weight super quick, it takes time, if you start off losing at a good pace then find yourself at a plateau, don't give up, it doesn't mean you won't lose anymore, it's just your body regulating itself and getting used to less calories, keep going!
If anyone wants to do great work at some point in their lifetime, they must do so knowing that there will be some criticism.
Criticism should never be able break you, and if it does, you are probably listening to the wrong critiques.

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