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Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive. En espanol l Twenty years ago, Barry Sears' New York Times best-seller The Zone revolutionized the way we think about nutrition.
Science has since added many more nuanced aspects to the nutritional equation — and has set off an intense debate about the roles fat and carbohydrates have played in driving the nation's obesity epidemic. In the past 20 years, a slew of new research has emerged detailing the anti-inflammatory, antiaging benefits of polyphenols, the chemicals that give fruits and vegetables their color. Eat every five hours, with one-third of your plate filled with lean protein such as fish, chicken or tofu, and two-thirds with colorful fruits or vegetables.
AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives. A distinct version of the Mediterranean diet is followed on the Blue Zone island of Ikaria, Greece. Okinawans have long told their children to eat something from the land and something from the sea every day. Author and National Geographic explorer Dan Buettner sniffs ginger's golden cousin, turmeric, which figures prominently in the Okinawa diet as both a spice and a tea.
Cannonau wine is the antioxidant-rich garnet red wine made from the sun-stressed Grenache grape in Sardina, Italy. The sharp pecorino cheese made from the milk of grass-fed sheep in Sardinia, has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
Featured Posts The first two weeks The Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Plan Who invented the Mediterranean Diet? Food is like a drug, he said; eat too much of the wrong foods (processed carbohydrates, in particular) and you throw off your body's ability to function properly.
Into that mix, Sears has added his own stance with the release of his newest book, The Mediterranean Zone.

What we're talking about here is cellular inflammation, which isn't painful but continuously damages organs until it reaches a point that we define as disease.
The good bacteria are your first line of defense against the bad bacteria that can cause inflammation.
It emphasizes olive oil, vegetables, beans, fruit, moderate amounts of alcohol and low quantities of meat and dairy products.
Seventh-day Adventists follow a diet that emphasizes nuts, fruits and legumes and is low in sugar, salt and refined grains. They're made fresh daily with corn soaked in lime and water (calcium hydroxide), which infuses the grain with 7.5 times more calcium and unlocks certain amino acids otherwise unavailable in the corn.
The Blue Zones research shows that adherents of the Adventist diet, which is mostly plant-based, have lowest rates of heart disease and diabetes in the U.S. It's tempting to think that with enough omega-3s, kale and blueberries, you could eat your way there. Eat a balanced diet — what he determined to be 40 percent unrefined carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 30 percent fat at every meal — and you'll not only lose weight; you'll live a longer, healthier life. One typical scenario occurs when a group of fat cells becomes inflamed from eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates and omega-6 fatty acids found in polyunsaturated fats.
Yes, you have to do this for the rest of your life, but few complain about eating meals such as grilled fish and vegetables with a dash of olive oil, accompanied by a glass of red wine. But one of the key takeaways from a new book on how to eat and live like "the world's healthiest people" is that longevity is not just about food. Not only do these inflamed fat cells cause weight gain; the inflammation often spreads to the pancreas and causes diabetes, or to the brain and causes Alzheimer's. They're the gardeners in your gut that weed out the bad bacteria while promoting the growth of good bacteria, too.
The people who live in the Blue Zones — five regions in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the U.S.

In fact, we now know diabetes patients are twice as likely as others to develop Alzheimer's. The names for these conditions are different and so are the organs they attack, but they are all caused by the same inflammation damage resulting from our diet. And that's why Dan Buettner, a National Geographic explorer and author who struck out on a quest in 2000 to find the lifestyle secrets to longevity, has written a follow up to his original book on the subject.
The new book, called The Blue Zones Solution, is aimed at Americans, and is mostly about eating. Why should we pay attention to what the people in the relatively isolated Blue Zone communities eat? Because, as Buettner writes, their more traditional diets harken back to an era before we Americans were inundated with greasy fast food and sugar. And to qualify as a Blue Zone, these communities also have to be largely free of afflictions like heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes. You can get the backstory in this excerpt of the original book, which was published in 2008.
But in a nutshell, Buettner in 2004 rounded up a bunch of anthropologists, demographers, epidemiologists and other researchers to travel around the world to study communities with surprisingly high percentages of centenarians. He and the scientists interviewed hundreds of people who'd made it to age 100 about how they lived, then did a lot of number crunching to figure out what they had in common. A year after that book was published, the team announced they'd narrowed it down to five places that met all their criteria.
In the new book, which was released April 7, Buettner distills the researchers' findings on what all the Blue Zones share when it comes to their diet.

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