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At JHU campus dining, we're committed to a singular goal: to be among the best campus dining programs in the United States. Driving our goal is the belief that campus dining is more than just a place to grab a meal; in fact, we consider it a fundamental part of campus life. We offer a variety of meal plans for students, designed with convenience and value in mind. Johnson & Johnson Scholar Priya Palta, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Epidemiology, joins Ifetayo Johnson and Valissa Perry of the United Health Organization in Detroit, MI – a grantee of 2010-2013 program.
During a site visit, Johnson & Johnson Scholar Priya Palta meets elementary school students at the Detroit Leadership Academy who are benefiting from the nutrition and physical activity programs provided by the United Health Organization. Elementary school students at the Detroit Leadership Academy participate in a nutrition education session as part of the childhood obesity prevention program being implemented by the United Health Organization. Johnson & Johnson Scholar Grace Lee, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Mental Health, joins Dr.

Children and their caregivers enjoy some dancing as part of an eight-week physical activity class that includes nutrition education, meal preparation and an exercise component. To encourage children to increase outdoor physical activity, the Youth Connection plans an annual community “Boo Walk” as a Halloween event for children in the surrounding Detroit community. Johnson & Johnson Scholar McHale Newport-Berra, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health, joins Dr. The Joy Southfield Community Development Corporation’s Healthy Empowered Youth (HEY) Detroit Program is assisting local neighborhoods with community gardens that harvest fresh vegetables. HEY Detroit is a 2010-2013 Johnson & Johnson grantee that aims to prevent childhood obesity through outreach, HEAL workshops and the “Sowing Seeds, Growing Futures” community farmers’ market.
During this time, more than 70 community healthcare organizations have received technical assistance from Hopkins doctoral students. Grenae Dudley, CEO of the Youth Connection in Detroit, MI – a grantee of 2010-2013 program.

Dave Law and Trisha Hopkins of the Joy Southfield Community Development Corporation in Detroit, MI – a grantee of 2010-2013 program. The Scholars work closely with grantees to build in-house capacity for monitoring and evaluation, among other responsibilities.If you are a nonprofit healthcare organization interested in applying for a grant, you can visit the Community Healthcare Organizations page. Bloomberg School doctoral students interested in learning more about the Scholars Program can visit the Scholars Program page.Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 615 N.

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