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A health-focused blog that makes sense of science, and offers accurate, trustworthy and practical advice about all aspects of healthy living. With rates of overweight and obesity generally on the up, it’s perhaps no surprise that many of us will seek to lose weight at one time or another. There are a number of reasons why conventional ‘dieting’ (using, say, a diet that is consciously restricted in calories and dietary fat) is unlikely to lead to lasting weight loss.
Without access to sophisticated testing equipment, it’s not possible to accurately gauge the impact of any diet on the metabolism. There is also a theory that lower carbohydrate diets allow more ready release of fat from fat cells which can then be metabolised. Recently, I came across a study which appears to support the idea that lower-carbohydrate diets are better for maintaining the metabolism than, say, low-fat ones, particularly in the context of weight loss [1].
In this study, overweight or obese aged 18-40 were assessed for a range of body measurements including ‘resting energy expenditure’ (the amount of energy burned at rest over 24 hours) and ‘total energy expenditure’ (the total amount of energy burned over 24 hours). Then, the study participants were monitored on the same diet but adjusted to ensure weight-stability rather than further weight loss. After this, each participant ate three different diets in random order for four weeks each. Body measurements, including resting energy expenditure and total energy expenditure were assessed at the end of each 4-week diet period.
One of the major things this study tested was the effect of different diets on the metabolic rates of individuals assessed before any weight loss.
Here’s the results from this experiment (REE = resting energy expenditure TEE = total energy expenditure). You can see from this that the decline in REE and TEE was smallest with the very low carb diet and was biggest for the low-fat diet. However, not all the news was good about the very low carbohydrate diet, as it induced the highest levels of cortisol (a key stress hormone) and the inflammatory marker CRP (C-reactive protein).
The reasons for the differences in resting energy expenditure and total energy expenditure are not easily explained. One way of gauging leptin sensitivity is be dividing energy expenditure by the level of leptin.
This was a relatively small study and the test diets were relatively brief (4 weeks) in duration so we should perhaps not draw too many conclusions from it.
Another thing worth bearing in mind is that in this study, individuals were asked to eat calorie-counted quantities of food each day. I adopted eating lots of eggs (up to 10 a day) most often fried in coconut or olive oil, lots of cheese, fatty meat, nuts etc as recommended by the various authors. I’m not hung up on losing weight per se anymore, as I can see my muscle size increasing and my fat stores decreasing.
My subjective interpretation of these results: increase in lean body mass and substantial reduction in body (particularly visceral) fat. When people ask me what I’ve done to get such a dramatic change, I’ve stopped telling them! I bought a ketone meter and test strips to try and attain nutritional ketosis and must admit that this for me is difficult. I’m going to get my blood lipids checked in the next couple of weeks (and I’m consuming even more fat just for the fun of it in the meantime! I can easily see myself continuing this lifestyle diet because it works and isn’t difficult.
I have been following a low carb diet for three weeks and am thrilled to be losing weight consistently but having excellent food at the same time.
Even as I type this I realise it seems bizarre but it really works – and with all the foods I like so much.
I adopted a lowcarb diet exactly one year ago after trainingt Crossfit 2-3 times a week for 8 months prior to that without seeing any weightloss result (most likely due to my increased hunger from the vigorous workouts). It seems highly unlikely the symptoms you describe could be attributed to carb restriction. Hi Muni, not sure I’d entirely agree with you about what you say about breakfast but whatever works for you! I too am horrified at the continued insistence that the wholegrain low fat lifestyle is a healthy one. Enlightened Medical Professionals are promoting a low carb high fat diet, as a healthier option to the standard dietary advice from the NHS, ADA, BDA and DUK etc.
A meta-analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, pooled together data from 21 unique studies that included almost 350,000 people, about 11,000 of whom developed cardiovascular disease (CVD), tracked for an average of 14 years, and concluded that there is no relationship between the intake of saturated fat and the incidence of heart disease or stroke.
Conclusions: A meta-analysis of prospective epidemiologic studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD. Corporate WellnessLearn more about Dr Briffa's keynote speaking and corporate wellness programmes.
How accurate are Professor Collins’ claims about the rates of muscle problems with statins? You must score at least a 50 in each event in order to pass the APFT to graduate Basic Combat Training.
The Army's Basic Training Physical Fitness Test is a three-event physical performance test used to assess endurance. I am not a big fan of supplements other than some protein drinks after workouts and vitamins. Don't change anything, just eat like you normally would and count how many calories you consumed. Eat these in moderation if you are trying to lose weight, but add additional helpings if you are trying to boost your caloric intake to 2500-3000 cals per day in order to gain weight.
Stew Smith is a former Navy SEAL and fitness author certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
Tips for losing weight include eating right, eating healthy and after a regular exercise routine with healthy eating and exercise.
This entry was posted in Facts and tagged healthy eating plan for losing weight on February 28, 2014 by Joanne Knowl. My experience is that the great majority of people who want to lose weight will be able to, but the issue can be the sustainability of that weight loss. However, for those looking to lose weight in the long term, I generally advise people to avoid undue hunger. Well, my experience tells me this is entirely possible with most people as long as they choose the right foods.

The idea here is that those on a low-carb diet may be able to supplement what they’re not eating with their own fat, and may be less hungry as a result. The participants were then put on a weight-reducing diet until they had lost 10-15 per cent of their weight over a 12-week period. In this context, diets that led to the smallest reductions in metabolic rate would be generally view as superior. Against this, though, it perhaps considering that carbohydrate controlled diets have been shown to bring positive changes in a range of markers for chronic disease including improved blood sugar control, lower blood pressure, higher levels of ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol and lower levels of blood fats known as triglycerides. Factors such as physical activity, the thermogenic effect of food (the increase in energy expenditure arising from digestive and metabolic processes) and changes in the thyroid hormone T3 did not appear to provide the answer.
Leptin is secreted by fat cells and acts in the brain to quell appetite but also stimulate the metabolism.
However, there is some evidence here that diet lower in carbohydrate and richer in protein and fat may offer benefits over the long term for weight loss maintenance on account of their ability to help maintain the metabolism. In the real World, though, what makes a new way of eating easier and more sustainable is if it allows individuals to lose weight and maintain their weight loss without hunger and the need to consciously control how much they eat. I made my own blue cheese and olive oil dressing just to consume even more good fats with greens. However, it’s not so much the weight loss but my body shape change which is the most amazing. After just 12 days on lowcarb I started to see amazing results, and after two months I was so lean that my family started to beg me not to lose anymore weight.
I lost 3 stones over the past year, nice and steadily and consistently and half by doing Atkins and I maintain it to within 2 pounds at all times. People eat too much, too frequently, they stimulate insulin production over and over again until they succumb to diabetes – that is what happened to me. Only today Kelloggs announced they were reducing the amount of saturated fat in Special K by 40%. We can only assume that like the big pharmaceutical companies the food industry has everyone in their pockets.
The same pitiful results can be seen if you check out the previous five years of NHS audits. The meal you described consistsed of fat, protein and close to 100 grams carbohydrates (if there are two fruits), that is why your BS is rising to 150.
The bad news, if you are lean, you will lose muscle, so bulking up to 10-12% body fat will not hurt you. In addition, ruck marches spanning over 15-20 miles in a day will cause you to lose significant amounts of weight in both muscle and fat. This is another important step to how to gain weight, so make sure you are doing it correctly. If you want to lose weight you have to drop your calories to 1500-1800 calories a day in addition to exercise. But making sound decisions and remaining calm while tired and hungry adds to the true test of leadership. They follow a strict schedule of fasts and low calorie meals at the risk of their own mental and physical health. Are you looking at yourself in the ice and thinking,’ I need to do anything about my weight ‘? This needn’t be strenuous exercise but can be simply walking, cycling or even taking the stairs rather than the elevator. Well basically you need to eat the right amounts of all the food groups in order to keep the right amount of health. Men need to consume more in order to get the right amount of calories, as they burn more calories than women do.
In short, many people lose weight only to regain it again, often with a bit of added weight on top. Consciously restricting calories will usually mean someone is hungrier than they would like, but weight loss seems to heighten this hunger, as evidenced by the fact that when individuals start to eat in a less restricted way, they can find themselves driven to eat larger quantities of food than they were eating before, at least until their weight ‘normalises’. However, there is evidence that metabolic rates tend to decline significantly more than would be expected as a result of weight loss alone.
If we’re able to eat and live in a way that does not allow us to be unduly hungry then this suggests (though doesn’t prove) that the body is not being metabolically starved either. In general terms,  protein-rich are, calorie for calorie, more sating than carbohydrate rich ones. This fatty fuel, of course, may also help to maintain the metabolism (just like putting a bit more coal on a fire would). Leptin insensitivity (a failure of leptin to act efficiently) has been suggested to be a potential underlying mechanism in overweight and obesity (something that I explore in Escape the Diet Trap). In this study, the very low-carb diet produced the best leptin sensitivity, with the low-fat diet producing the worst.
As a general rule, as I alluded to above, here again diets relatively rich in fat and protein tend to win out over those based on carbohydrate. People never described me as fat but I began to feel uncomfortable when I hit about 16.25 stone. I substituted milk for Kefir (home made) and if I really fancy some fresh milk drink (yes drink) fresh cream! However, the lowcarb diet became an obsession to me and I started to go VERY lowcarb which was a very bad idea. If you are still not sleeping or have other health problems using this diet then you need to think again if it is right for you.
The carbohydrate food group isn’t one of those two, ie you don’t need it to survive or thrive!
Phinney MD PhD is worth a read for any athlete (particularly longer duration events) wanting to potentially boost their performance by carbohydrate restriction. In the past I did the old calorie counting thing, lost a few pounds only to get bored and regain them with more added. That is why peoples like the Eskimos can live on seal meat alone – they traditionally did not eat carbs and were fine. The whole type 2 diabetes epidemic and the lack of information people get about making the evidence based choices around food and perhaps avoiding medication really distresses me. You just have to do it smart and NOT let the added weight affect your PT and running scores.
Also rucking utilizes the bigger muscles groups of the body like legs, butt, and lower back.

The Ranger Course produces a mentally hardened soldier, who possesses abilities to operate on land, air, and sea. Maybe you want to get a healthier lifestyle so that you will be able to enjoy life to the full?
As a first step in a healthy lifestyle, learn to cook your own meals rather than eating out on a regular basis.
Start small so that you will be able to stick to the changes that will make a big difference to your portion control kit. However men aren’t given the luxury of eating high calorie foods, with a view to bump up their intake but rather eat many of the healthy items on the plan.
For example, in the first controlled trial of the effect of calorie restriction on weight (the Minnesota Experiment), while weights declined by 20-26 per cent, energy expenditure fell by almost 40 per cent. Carbohydrate-rich foods also have the added disadvantage of often destabilising blood sugar levels in a way which can drive hunger and food cravings. I ended up in hospital with low T3 and high cortisol, unable to get proper sleep and unable to keep my balance (dizzy, fatigued). Low-carb is great, just eat lots of proteins and natural fats along with green veg and only a little fruit.
I wish people could see that with discipline they can control it very very effectively as I do – no need for medications. People do not believe me yet they see me in a size 12 dress while they are sitting there in a size 20 and STILL maintaining that calorie counting and low fat is the way to go!
As many know, whatever success lowcarbers post up on forums and blogs, whether diabetic or not, is usually dismissed by most medical professions as anecdotal (subjective unreliable untrustworthy sketchy) the mainstream medical profession like to deal in facts.
We can take as fact the NHS and other outfits advising diabetics on diet are failing catastrophically, where else would a failure rate of 93% be accepted ? To accomplish weight gain while still on a rigorous cardiovascular training cycle, you have to add more calories - plain and simple. Break it up into days, and you only need to eat an additional 300 calories a day to gain a pound a week. Instead of eating 3 big meals a day or eating all day all the time, spread those calories out over 5-6 smaller meals.
This will spur growth to those muscles as well - this is where you should see your greatest increase in weight. So, when you stop gaining for at least 2 weeks, it means it is time to start eating an extra 250 calories a day. Yes, that's a lot of water, but it's water that will give you the energy you need to gain weight!
Whatever your reason for wanting a healthier life, you’re gonna do it easily and happily at home! Home cooked food that’s a lot healthier than junk food that you tend to pick up on the go. This dwindling of the metabolism can cause people to plateau at a weight significantly higher than the one they were aiming for, and may also contribute to weight going back on scarily quickly once ‘diet’ is relaxed.
Only months later did I learn that I needed to add a minimal amount of safe starches to my diet (primarily from sweet potatoes and occasionally white potatoes) in order to feel better.
Why do they not see that their ‘low fat, plenty of wholegrains’ approach has caused the biggest crisis of obesity in history? Now I can fast for hours if need between meals as I do not feel that desperate type of hunger any more. Why should supermarkets and their ilk make ?billions of profit without a single drop of responsibility? Depending on your overall caloric intake, you can use this program to either lose weight or gain weight.
Gaining anymore than 1 or 2 pounds a week is unhealthy and means you are putting on way too much fat. Every time you see you haven't gained weight for at least 2 weeks, add an extra 250 calories - UNTIL you have reached your goal. When you make the decision to modify your lifestyle and really put into place some effective methods such as a healthy diet plan, a good exercise regime and a well-balanced lifestyle then you should be able to obtain great health in no time.
This is really important because the more obese you are, the more likely you’re to suffer from health problems later in life such as heart attacks, strokes, and high cholesterol. However, I continue to suffer from sleep deprivation and having to take 2MG of melatonine when I get too stressed. Well, the professionals tell us a reduction in saturated fats will improve our risk factors for CVD, do the facts back this claim up ? I though this “physiological insulin resistance” only happened to those who do VLC and have high fasting blood sugar. Think of weight gain as saving money - at the end of the week, if you do not spend more than you make then you have a surplus on money.
Do not eliminate fat - just try to limit the amount of fat calories to protein calories you ingest. Using a healthy diet plan will help reduce the amount of calories you consume in a day and will likewise reduce the amount of fat and sugar. I love being in ketosis during the hours that I fast between meals – I do not snack at all. My stomach is completely flat and a 6 pack beginning to emerge with love handles vanishing.
We are offered slabs of cut price chocolate when we buy stationery in WH Smiths, sugary fizzy pop is offered at the petrol station. I don’t eat breakfast deliberately because it is the most unnecessary and destructive meal of the day in my view. If you have an additional 2000 calories at the end of the week that you did NOT expend - YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT.
In fact, you can still do your calisthenics (PT) workouts and run and still gain weight too - as long as you eat BIG. A 10 pounds weight gain will help as long as it does not impact your running and pull-ups and other PT tests.

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