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The endocrine system produces and regulates our body’s hormonal activity, and like all systems, it works in complex feedback loop; One hormonal function in one gland then triggers the function of other glands in the system. As all of these glandular systems come together, they interact with the “master” glands, which are the hypothalamus and the pituitary; the holders of the crown frequency.
If we know how to actively cultivate this sense of wellness and love and being that is hardwired within our bodies, we’re inevitably thrive.
Like our DNA, our consciousness play an active role in determining when and how our glandular system works. As part of this feedback loop, other glands also receive the oxytocin hormone, and help to regulate levels in the body by communicating to the hypothalamus that it has had “enough”. So many problems in our lives come from not feeling the love that we desire – the love that we desire from our parents, from our peers, from our friends. Unfortunately, our ability to tune into the frequencies in our bodies has become largely dormant in today’s world.
For example those who grow up in homes or cultures where suppressing one’s truth is rewarded (tall-poppy syndrome, for example) and those who have silently suffered from manipulation and trauma, often experience issues of the thyroid gland, which is linked to communication. Initially, when you turn the focus of the lens into the physical body, you will develop a simple awareness of its sensations. Within the body system is a full octave of glands and organs that resonate on a certain frequency. To do this we have to expose each gland to its native frequency. When we start to reintroduce it to its natural frequency, it starts to re-program itself back to its healthy, natural state.
The crown frequency is associated with the unity consciousness; it is the vibration that allows you to see your true nature as a part of the universe. To make insulin work for us depends on the individual but fundamentally it involves consuming carbs and protein together. The only meal as a note that requires a rapid and high spike in insulin is the post workout. The use of BCAAs during training is once again something I will re-iterate, read my past articles for more info but these are a few of the finer points.
It has been shown that there is a worldwide prevalence in Zinc deficiency and also that is plays a large role in modulating testosterone levels. Check out our BioSignature program to learn more about your insulin levels and how to control them.
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So for example, when we activate the hypothalamus it then activates the pituitary gland, which then sends signals to other glands within the body – the adrenals, the thyroid, and the gonads – which in turn, are also connected via feedback loops.
As the crown releases oxytocin, it bonds all the rest of the systems within the body into one cohesive song. When we experience love – our own unique Bliss instinct – we gravitate more towards the things that make us feel more love, make us feel more beautiful, more healthy, more satisfied, more abundant. When we learn to activate the glands, the hormones, the sensations, we can activate the frequency of love in our being.
When we begin to understand and interact with our body with this awareness, we can go from chasing love to creating. When we understand the neurochemistry of love, we can learn to resonate with the crown frequency and activate that “master hormone” within our own bodies. What that means is that, through the innate intelligence of our body’s natural frequencies, we feel satiated and satisfied. We want to be in social interactions where we are really bonding, feeling the sense of compassion and support all around. Toxins, chemicals, frequencies and other environmental pollutants have affected the function of our glands and we have lost access to their purest functions, which are intrinsically linked with our experience of emotions and feelings. The thyroid is also linked to metabolism, so unexpressed truth can often manifest in the body as as weight gain. It’s not only important to activate the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, it’s important to activate all the glands within the body so that they are all functioning in perfect harmony, and that feedback loop is in its best possible shape.
As you go deeper into that experience, your relationship with the sensations becomes more sophisticated, and in turn, the mind becomes more intelligent at interpreting those sensations.
When the white light of consciousness enters the body, it refracts and travels through seven different organs and glands with seven different frequencies. To reintroduce it to its natural frequency, give it the experience of unity and bonding, from all directions. You can activate the glands by giving it frequencies from medicine, homeopathy, herbs, all sorts of things, but it is not until we take control of our consciousness at all levels, and learn to communicate using sensations, that we see the game really change. The free LumenOctave 8-Day Challenge will leave you feeling greatand give you the tools you need to eliminate blocks, low vibes and anything in the way of your fully awakened life on planet Earth. Insulin then under the right environment and at the right levels triggers anabolism and delivers the amino acids for protein synthesis (Muscle adaptation). This needs a reactive spike to bring blood sugar and insulin levels back to baseline and also drive amino acids to repair the damaged cells.
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The natural state of the glands is interactive harmony, and the individual harmonies of the body come together to help create the song of your life; how you are feeling, how your immune system is working, what your sexual drives are saying in any given moment in time… This bond is the bond of love.

We make choices that are from a place of security and happiness, and safety, rather than from a place of mistrust, and fear, and insecurity about what’s going to happen – am I going to have enough money, is my partner is going to stick around, are my children going to be fine etc. The feedback loop it creates goes beyond the endocrine system, positively impacting the brain and the immune, circulatory, nervous and digestive systems.
And when we do, when we tune into that unity vibration, we really thrive, we don’t feel like we have as many cravings, we don’t feel lonely, and we don’t resort to addictions to fill that need for love.
Social programming teaches us that it is “adult” behavior to suppress our emotional state, and we end up replacing the “natural and native” functions of our glands with the “programmed version”.
We do not teach our children that we can influence our digestive process, our genetic expression, our immune system, with our intention.
Utilizing a post workout carb and protein drink is critical as this speeds up the absorption. Insufficient consumption of protein means that the body remains in a state of degeneration stealing amino acids from non-critical to maintain critical function.
We make a lot of decisions from fear when we don’t know how to actively that secrete the sensation of love.
We expect our endocrine system to behave counter-intuitively, and as a result, our glands act up over time.
And, with the reductionist model still prevailing in modern medicine, we are not taught to know our bodies as a blissful, interactive whole. For example, when the consciousness light enters the pineal gland, the energy emitted is violet due to the specific vibration of the gland.
For example, if you take a heart that doesn’t know how to experience love. If you give it love from all different directions, it is reminded of its natural frequency and (as science has proven) the body responds by releasing dis-ease and returning to its natural state. Protein has a large amount of factors as to its turnover rate, hormones, diet and training to name but a few.
So, by developing an intimacy with our body glandular functions, we can give ourselves access to the sensation of love and trigger an energetic feedback loop that creates more love, and supports our physical health. We are not trying to satisfy our cravings or addictions to foods, or sex, or emotional fulfilment; neediness of our emotions seem to disappear when we are able to find the feeling of love deep within ourselves.
This is only your yes response: that sense of calmness, relaxation, peace, euphoria, and clarity. It’s about taking the power back into your hands, and learning to activate your body, heal your body, communicate with your glands, and explore the sensations and vibrations that make up your existence. As your inner and outer worlds align, your emotions harmonize, your glands harmonize, and you can feel it on all levels of your being.
And what may surprise you, especially if you have difficulty trusting yourself at first, is how quickly you will feel your bliss instinct take over as your guide, as the universe begins to conspire to move you in this direction.

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