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16 Jul 2010 Things are going pretty well but fat loss is The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook You can probably find the pdf of the book online somewhere, 1 Jan 2014 In this article, I give a full review of Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fatloss Handbook (RFL).
2) Understanding this program I don't see how it would be physically possible to lose weight faster without loosing muscle. I also lost lots of respect for Leigh as it's almost impossible to find any picture of her on the web and the only ones I have found was on her Facebook and the lady seems to be fatter than I am. As for you, Alan, for what I read about you is a lot more positive than what I have learned about her. As for the other person saying I should handle a grand to any ripped person in the gym, I understand your point. I should look into making my own, so I can count the calories accurately (yes, I'm nowhere near the eye baller camp, not since I read FLTS).. Yeah, I'm still reading the RFL book and deciding wether I want to go as drastic as what is called for with RFL, or do OPT, OR just eat at a greater defecit and speed things up a BIT more..
From the sounds of the introduction, it sounds like even Lyle doesn't think RFL is the greatest way to go about losing weight..

I'm also still not sure wether eating at just a 500 cal defecit requires an occasional reset or not, or wether Lyle (when he suggested I DO need to take a diet break from my defecit eating before starting RFL) was just saying that I should cover my bases and make SURE my system was reset before taking the plunge and doing something as drastic as RFL..
Hard to make a decision between the 3 options (though the OPT option and the 1000 cal defecit are pretty close).. Just my opinion but at only a 500 cal deficit it doesn't seem like a CAT 2 dieter would need a full 2 week break before starting RFL but you would likely see better results if you did. NEXT POSTBerried to the Hilt (A Gray Whale Inn Mystery) downloads Berried to the Hilt (A Gray Whale Inn Mystery) book download Karen MacInerney Download Berried to the Hilt (A Gray Whale Inn Mystery) Berried to the Hilt The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries #4. Excessive dio is discouraged during this diet and can actually be counterproductive, potentially causing strong downregulation of metabolic rate.
This plete handbook package bines Lyle McDonald' s Rapid Fat Loss Handbook and Guide to handbook Flexible Dieting with videos and extras for a total weight loss. Thing is, you ALL focus on that detail I said and forget about the fact that I did say I didn't learn much and that the workouts are boring. She claims to be training actors, bodybuilders and stars yet she doesn't seem to be able to show that she practices what she preaches.

But yeah, when I see someone ripped like you haveing a pizza with his kid, I know it's a treat.
Lyle is noted for his well researched, no BS, evidence-based approach to training and sports nutrition.
According to the maths, I was required to consume over 500 grams of bohydrate within a 5 hour window before bedtime.
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