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All waves (including sound waves, electromagnetic waves, and even water waves) transfer energy, and all energy is transferred in a wave-like motion. All elementary particles exhibit wave-particle duality, acting as both a particle and a wave. Visible light is a range of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye (wavelengths of about 390 to 700 nm). The Bohr model of the atom (1913), the one that looks like a solar system, has been replaced by the more accurate Quantum Model of the atom since 1927.
The Pauli Exclusion Principle says, two identical fermions (matter particles) can’t occupy the same quantum state. The Black Hole Information Paradox suggests information can’t escape a black hole intact. Planck units, based on the reduced Planck constant (?) and Planck constant (h), represent the smallest measurable units in the physical universe. All particles are either massless energy particles, or are composite particles with mass that are made from massless energy particles.
The standard model of particle physics shows how the elementary particles interact via the four forces to create the physical universe. There are four fundamental forces or interactions in the universe: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear. The closer you get to zero percent body fat, the harder weight is to lose, and the more body fat you have, the easier it is to lose. Both animal-derived and plant-derived food production has consequences, but meat production is worse for the environment in most cases.
Exposure to light in moderation, especially natural sunlight, can have an uplifting effect on mood and excessive darkness can have the opposite effect. We explain the standard model of particle physics in simple terms for non-experts using videos, facts, and bullet points. If you have forgotten your password, simply enter the e-mail address you used to register on this site to begin the password reset process. The first issue of the Journal of Nutrition for 2015 has just published another article that adds to the body of evidence supporting the efficacy of a lower carbohydrate diets in reducing adiposity and improving blood sugar control and insulin function. In the introduction to their article, the authors of this study argue that carbohydrate is the most obvious macronutrient implicated in the fight against type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, as these conditions essentially reflect a degree of carbohydrate intolerance. Ethnicity is a variable that is known to affect diabetes risk, with African Americans exhibiting a higher risk of type 2 diabetes compared with their European counterparts. For this reason, this latest study by researchers from University of Alabama sought to compare the effects of a ‘lower’-carb and ‘higher’-fat diet in three different groups of people; namely European Americans, African Americans and women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
Shaye and I have travelled a lot over the past year and it has definitely affected our training. Upon arriving back into New Zealand we looked down at our neglected tummy's and longed for the past.
I'm excited about this challenge because I know that killer abs are not difficult to get.
I haven't drawn up the workouts for the second 6 weeks yet but I'll probably just move onto the intermediate pre-made workout. Tuesday - Kempo: I substituted the recommended 20min HIIT day with my regular Kempo training that I go to. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive free updates about the latest in home fitness.
Having worked with many different female clients, I can attest to the difficulty of getting their lower body as lean as their upper body. Some of the things I we have tried are manipulating the ratio of macronutrients in the diet. So why is it that the fat on a woman’s hips and thighs is so slow to respond to tried and true fat loss techniques? Fat release at rest and before eating (called basal lipolysis) is greater from upper body subcutaneous fat than from lower body fat. There is no gender difference in lower body fat breakdown between men and women during exercise.
Estrogen plays a significant role in protecting and ensuring the accumulation of lower body fat in women. I have tried to use this information with my clients to help them as best I can to get rid of stubborn lower body fat.
In the end, what ultimately must happen, is that the upper body fat stores must be depleted before the lower body really becomes active. There are a few other tricks of the trade, but if I told you all of them nobody would need me anymore…can’t have that now can we.
I've developed a revolutionary new fat loss system called Turbulence Training, which was designed specifically to help busy women such as students, busy business women, Moms with young children, and even female fitness experts to get the most fat burning results in the least amount of time. Turbulence Training is a scientifically proven fat burning workout routine, it is endorsed by elite trainers, weight loss coaches, and top female fitness magazines, and has been used by thousands of women of all ages for fat burning and improving their health and energy levels at the same time. Turbulence Training also helps women lose fat and maintain a sleek, sexy feminine physique with only 3 short workouts per week. Plus, you can do the fat burning workouts in the comfort of your own home, and all you need are dumbells, an exercise bench, and an exercise ball. From the first time that you post in support of someone, you get connected to an amazing positive cycle of wisdom and encouragement that carries you along on the way to your goals. I never realized how much of a difference social support can really make but being surrounded by the other amazing people on the TT forum who were all working towards a similar goal and facing similar challenges was an integral part of keeping me motivated and moving towards my goal. I guess the only thing I can say is thanks so much to Craig for creating this incredible system and to all of my fellow transformers who were an unending source of motivation, support, and inspiration. So many times in the past, the beginning of a new year would have come and I would have vowed to make changes in my life. You'd never guess from my before photos but I was actually spending more time at the gym before I started TT. Everywhere I go, people who I haven't seen in a long time see me and are shocked at my transformation. Click Play to hear what Jillian Michaels of Biggest Loser has to say about Turbulence Training! The idea that gave birth to Turbulence Training for Women came to me when I noticed how the female basketball and soccer athletes at the University had such sleek, lean, feminine physiques, but none of them did slow, boring long distance cardio exercise for hours on end. So I came up with some training protocols based on the female athlete's bodyweight and interval training and adapted the programs for regular women.
Some of my clients reported that other women would talk behind their backs at parties, because they just couldn't believe how lean and sculpted my clients arms looked in their sleeveless shirts. The initial real-world results were almost too good to be true, but as an academic type person, I had to have concrete scientific proof to back up my theories. I uncovered research studies that showed how intervals were superior to slow cardio for fat loss, and how heavier resistance training (i.e. Out of the huge stack of research papers that I had analyzed, I accidentally stumbled onto two studies that proved my theories beyond a shadow of a doubt, and completely transformed my thinking about fat loss training. The researchers were shocked to find that the interval training group lost more fat than the cardio group, even though almost every fat loss program in the world today recommends long cardio workouts as the exclusive fat burning exercises to lose weight. In the second landmark study that helped create the Turbulence Training fat burning method, researchers found that performing 8 repetitions per set of an exercise helped women burn more calories after exercise in comparison to using 12 repetitions per exercise. And in 2006, another ground-breaking research study was published that revealed interval training burns belly fat better than slow cardio. Even though the interval training group only exercised for 20 minutes, 3 times per week, the women in this group had more weight loss and burned more belly fat than the slow cardio group who exercised twice as long (40 minutes, 3 times per week). This study proves that interval training is extremely effective for weight loss and belly fat burning, plus, it's better than cardio and takes half as much time.
SCIENCE FACT: The fat loss workout exercises you read about in female fitness competitor magazines from the 80's and 90's are based on out-of-date exercise science and nutrition information.
SCIENCE FACT: Exercise science has advanced by leaps and bounds just in the last two decades.
SCIENCE FACT: Fat loss programs that require you to do endless hours of long, slow, boring cardio exercises will rarely help you achieve your fat loss goals and may lead to over use injuries.
SCIENCE FACT: You need to use more advanced, modern training methods, such as Turbulence Training fat burnng interval workouts, to help you burn more calories in and out of the gym.
SCIENCE FACT: Traditional fat burning exercise programs typically don't even mention strength training exercise in their instructions, because most trainers and clients don't understand how strength training will help fat loss. Even if your fat loss program does recommend strength training, it's likely that you've been told to use the ineffective and outdated method of high reps and low weight (which does NOT burn fat or cause weight loss!).
SCIENCE FACT: If you want to maximize your metabolism, and get defined arms, abs, and legs, then you must include strength training in your fat loss workout exercises. That's why I used a combination of strength training with dumbells and bodyweight exercises to help these female athletes improve their muscle definition and fitness performance.
Turblence Training is not a female bodybuilding program and won't make you big and bulky, but it will help you burn fat and speed up your weight loss. I've got to tell you, I was certainly skeptical because of past history, but WOW, I can't believe this.

But with Turbulence Training I began to notice that my thighs looked smoother and more toned. Over time, the Turbulence Training fat burning philosophy got even better as I refined, tweaked and re-tested it dozens of female clients until it became a complete weight loss training and nutrition methodology and series of fat burning exercise programs that started producing such breathtaking results they could hardly believe it. It didn't seem possible to these women that they could achieve rapid fat loss with as few as 3 fat burning workouts per week of only 45 minutes, but the proof was looking right back at them in the mirror. Even more remarkable was the fact that the Turbulence Training fat burning workouts were so far ahead of its time back in 1999 and the exact opposite to what mainstream fitness magazines were touting as the best path to fat loss.
Plus, if you trained with me one-on-one, you would have to schedule your appointment 3-months in advance (my training schedule is booked solid!) at $150 per session. You need to eat right to lose fat, and this nutrition guideline shows women exactly which foods to choose, how often to eat, how much protein to get, and a shocking list of foods you MUST avoid to lose fat and improve your health. With both beginner and advanced versions, this program serves as a great add-on to the regular Turbulence Training program that hundreds of women have already used to lose fat and sculpt their bodies. You'll learn the insider fat burning secrets from 3 of the most experienced Transformation Trainers in North America.
When you are pressed for time and have no access to equipment, the Fit Yummy Mummy Fit-Fast Workout is your rescue routine to keep your metabolism burning strong and fat loss efforts on track. America's #1 Fat Loss Expert for Moms, Holly Rigsby, has designed an exclusive 4-week workout plan you can do in the comfort of your own home. And the best part is that you can download all of these fat burning workouts and bonuses from the Internet in just minutes and start using these fat loss techniques today right after work or when the kids go to bed!
Give Me Just 45 Minutes, 3 Days A Week And I Will Show You How To Transform Your Body, Burn Belly Fat, And Have Fun In The Process! You'll no longer have to spend countless hours in the gym using ineffective weight loss training methods and remain disappointed by the results. The best part of all: These fat burning workouts are fun and challenging so you can actually enjoy the process of melting away the fat and getting a flat stomach.
Wouldn't you rather be in the gym less and outside more in the spring, summer, and fall enjoying and showing off your new body?
Following the Turbulence Training fat loss plan requires only three 45-minute fat burning workouts per week, while giving you more days off to enjoy your life, spend with your family, or to take part in other hobbies and activities. With a neverending supply of confusing fitness & fat loss info on the Internet, it's hard to be sure you are getting fat loss workouts you can trust. Find out how you can secure your bikini body with the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss workouts. Discover why you must change your fat burning workout programs frequently in order to maximize your results, and learn exactly how often you'll need to vary your workouts. This short and sweet quick-start fat burning guide tells you everything you need to know and everything you need to do so you can hit the ground running and get started within minutes of downloading the program.
Find out the #1 most important lifestyle factor in a successful fat loss workout program as well as the most important health and fitness partnerships you can ever make.
Detailed, Step-by-Step, Exercise-by-Exercise, Rep-by-Rep weight loss instructions so you'll be able to maximize your results by following the workouts to the letter. Even if you're a total beginner' just getting off the couch - you can use Turbulence Training, starting with this safe (and highly effective) introductory level fat loss workout. The Beginner TT Workout will kick-start your fat loss results by giving you even more effective exercises and interval cardio exercise weight loss workouts. This kick-butt intermediate workout will take your fat loss to another level even at home without fancy equipment! Who said fat loss workouts can't sculpt your arms while giving you a flat stomach without endless amounts of cardio? Turbulence Training 2K4 is an advanced fat loss workout that will challenge you, even if you are already in great shape. This fat burning program was just added to the updated version of the Turbulence Training fat loss workout. If you're an "over-achiever" and you're keen about doing everything possible to build razor-sharp abs as quickly as possible, then you can add this workout once per week to your weight loss plan.
Featuring new bodyweight exercises that you might never have done, you'll get a flat stomach and burn belly fat at the same time. Not only do you get complete fat burning workout charts with exercises, sets, reps and very other detail, you also get photos of every weight loss exercise.
Some Turbulence Training users have even gotten back to their college weight with these workouts and by following the bonus Turbulence Training nutrition guidelines.
In just eight weeks one of my female clients has dropped two dress sizes and fits into a pair of jeans that she had lost hope of ever fitting into again.
Energy and mass can be converted into each other mathematically, and conserved as each other physically. A good example of how energy fuels the universe being that humans get energy from food (calories). Under normal conditions light moves roughly a million times faster than sound, but under the right conditions sound can travel faster than light. While new theories show information may be able to escape, it hasn’t been proven as of 2016. This Escalation of Commitment phenomenon (or commitment bias) relates to a number of other decision making biases.
We lose about the same amount of heat per square inch of exposed skin anywhere on the body. The elements in our body, and everywhere else, originated in the big bang and were transformed by nucleosynthesis in stars. Calories on a label don’t equal calories stored due to the way the body processes nutrients. In digital music notes can be quantized to beats, in physics energy is quantized energy states. Importantly they also highlight that an individual’s propensity to develop blood sugar dysregulation in response to their carbohydrate intake may be dictated largely by their genetic phenotype.
As such, there is intense interest whether a lower carbohydrate intake in such at risk populations may reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Compared with their European counterparts, African Americans characteristically display a greater insulin response to glucose, which underlies their relatively high rates of type 2 diabetes. The lower-fat diet provided 55%, 18%, and 27% of energy from carbohydrate, protein and fat, respectively, while the lower-carbohydrate diet provided 43%, 18% and 39% respectively. I'm expecting that over the next 12 weeks you'll see bigger muscles and less body fat which, combined, will give monster muscle definition!
This is great news, and although I can't see any differences yet, I can definitely feel them. I am stronger, in fact, my strength has increased so much that I've hit a bit of a dead end. I want to build muscle, and lifting progressively heavier weights is the only way to do that. My body shape is changing, I can notice many more muscles around my entire body that have grown bigger.
When I get to the top of my driveway, I'm completely out of breath, but on the way back down, I feel back to normal really quickly. Over the years I have tried many different strategies to get them to lose lower body fat like men. At best, a low fat diet works for weight loss in the obese, whereas lowering carbs has a tremendous advantage in women who are relatively lean already (by lean I mean 18% or so).
For example, using ephedrine and caffeine will not necessarily get rid of lower body fat faster than without it. Unfortunately, most women compete just as there upper bodies are ripped but their lower bodies have only begun to lean up. There are a lot of things they may not know about or take into consideration when training a women.
Bryan has been bodybuilding for over 20 years and holds certifications with the NSCA, ACE, and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine. I'm a world-renowned Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and author of too many fat burning articles to count in magazines such as Women's Health, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers.
No need for fancy, expensive machines, stinky, intimidating commercial gyms, or long cardio workouts.
The words of encouragement, the suggestions, and the support that was always available helped keep me accountable but also helped keep me strong.
We had just finished one of my graduate research studies and I was spending up to 16 hours a day in the lab analyzing my research data.
And have you ever noticed how lean and toned female sprinters are compared to long distance runners who are often just "skinny-fat"? Other women reported finally losing their love handles, even though they had tried so many other programs and diets before. This created the foundation for the Turbulence Training fat burning workout routines and has now changed the course of fat loss training forever. In this fat burning study out of Australia, researchers had women do 15 weeks of interval training or slow, boring cardio.

But interval training is just one of the three important fat burning components of a Turbulence Training weight loss workout routine. I've written over eleven fitness competitor articles for Oxygen magazine, and each of these girls told me about their grueling twice-a-day workout programs featuring hours and hours of cardio each week. Of course not, so you need a scientifically-proven program that gets you more fat burning results in less time. The latest fat loss research, which Turbulence Training is based on, allows you to lose more fat and achieve more weight loss while keeping your feminine physique, and doing so with less time working out than ever before so you have more time to enjoy your life and spend with your family. One of the biggest problems with doing cardio over and over and over again (in addition to being boring) is that many women often end up with chronic, nagging injuries due to wear and tear.
With Turbulence Training interval cardio exercise, you will skyrocket your post-workout metabolism and help you lose more weight and burn more belly fat than you would with traditional cardio workouts.
But the Turbulence Training strength training workouts are based on science, and are proven to burn more calories. I would have lost my job as a college strength and conditioning coach if the female athletes got big and bulky and slowed down on the field. And we also used my secret weapon of short, burst interval training to help them burn belly fat and improve their energy levels.
I recommend this program to any woman who is struggling to lose that stubborn lower body fat. After all, they had read so many fluffy magazine articles telling them that only cardio would help them lose weight and burn belly fat, but with each week of Turbulence Training and without slow, boring cardio they continued to get more muscle definition and lose inches from their waist. But in the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss exercise routine manual, you get access to five Advanced Fat Burning Workouts, and three introductory weight loss workouts that progress you from Beginner to Advanced. And if you had questions about Turbulence Training (like the ones I answer in the one hour MP3 audio program), an hour phone consultation would also cost you $150. All of these workouts can be done at home with a bench, a ball, dumbbells, and your own bodyweight. We squeezed every last one of their fat burning secrets from them so YOU can achieve your ultimate body transformation. I designed this program for a personal trainer that I was training (Yep, I'm considered a trainer to the trainers) and we needed to get maximum belly fat burning results in only 30 days. This 4-week program combines advanced athletic moves with dumbbell exercises AND bodyweight exercises into one of the most intense bodysculpting workouts I've ever designed.
You'll conquer the "No time" problem we all face in our fast paced lives today, giving you more time to enjoy the body you've worked so hard to achieve.
Why should you suffer through endless hours of deadly boring cardio exercise and tedious set after set of traditional bulking bodybuilding workouts (designed for men but promoted to women!) when you can actually have fun and get results at the same time? But if your fat loss workouts aren't helping you lose weight or burn belly fat, then you have to change what you are doing. You'll also learn the fascinating details of the science behind the Turbulence Training System so you'll understand the reasons why these workouts are so effective. Take the guesswork out of fat loss training, and use these simple instructions to double your fat burning results while cutting your fat loss workout time in half. No matter what kind of shape you're in now, the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program will take you by the hand and lead you through the proper exercise progression, giving you a suitable weight loss program for your fitness level. You'll be pleasantly surprised how quick and effective even the Beginner Turbulence Training fat burning workout can be.
Even experienced exercisers will be surprised by the difficulty and effectiveness of this 4-Week weight loss plan. It's the original Turbulence Training belly fat burning program that thousands of satisfied clients have used to lose fat and get a flat stomach at the same time, in the privacy of their own homes, with just three weight loss workouts a week.
Based on the success of the Turbulence Training fat burning principles, this upper-body, lower-body split routine will help you burn loads of calories without boring cardio. Put the finishing touches on your physique and get a flat stomach with this challenging and advanced 4-Week weight loss plan. It contains some of the most up-to-date weight loss training methods in a fun and challenging fast fat burning workout. Scientific-based ab training is all part of the research-proven Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program. You never cease to amaze me how you create your extremely effective fat loss Turbulence Training programs.
Astute readers may recognise that these macronutrient ratios are not representative of a traditional very low carbohydrate diet, where carbohydrate and fat intake are lower and higher respectively. The last 6 weeks have been rewarding and I can feel myself drawing close to my rock hard abs goal. My bowflex dumbbells are at their maximum weight and I've had to increase my reps just to keep progressing. I'm looking at getting a nice big heavy barbell set so I can continue getting stronger and bigger. I remember at the start of this challenge, I would feel like a train wreck even after walking all the way to the bottom of the driveway. Though this does not explain the differences between men and women it does help to know that lower body fat is simply less active. However, insulin seems to make alpha-2 receptors more sensitive so lowering carbs in a strategic fashion can greatly improve results in the lower body. Some of these things could really make a difference in a woman’s success at getting the body she wants.
Changes in fat cell size and in vitro lipolytic activity of abdominal and gluteal adipocytes after a one-year cross-sex hormone administration in transsexuals. In previous years I didn't have the courage or motivation to actually follow through with my dream of reaching my goal weight, I always made excuses.
Thank you for your sincere dedication to those of us who want to make a difference in our lives. These girls are slaves to exercise, but most of them are young and single and have the time to do that. The way you are currently training for fat loss is probably not only getting you less than satisfactory results, but may actually be causing overuse injuries or an unhealthy exercise obsession. That package alone would easily be worth more than $397 if you were a private fat loss client of mine.
But instead, you get this in-depth audio interrogation for FREE as part of the Turbulence Training package. By choosing the exercises that gave the most results in the least amount of time, this trainer was able to impress clients (and get more clients) thanks to Turbulence Traning for Fat Loss. Once you are finished with all of the Turbulence Training workouts, use this belly fat burning workout to build the body of your dreams in as little time as possible. This bodyweight exercise routine will strengthen your core muscles and help you prepare for more advanced weight loss workouts down the road. The success stories and testimonials prove it - this is the most efficient, time-effective fat loss workout exercise program on the market. My clients LOVE me as I use your programs for my home-based training clients and they find them highly effective. Similarly it is theorised that the same people may respond more favourably to carbohydrate restriction. Importantly, both diets were matched for protein content so as to avoid potential confounding effects of altered protein intake on body composition and metabolic outcomes. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Listen to the UK's top fitness and motivational expert Dax Moy and learn how to set goals and live the lifestyle to reach those goals. If a female client is trying to get ready for a show and is using birth control pills, I may suggest she use an alternate form of birth control until after the show. Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, they all worked for a little while, but I couldn't get below 140, and I couldn't maintain my losses for very long.
As a busy woman, you deserve a fast acting fat loss program that helps you lose weight and burn belly fat in less than 3 hours per week. No more dropping out, this is the year you will go all the way and finally succeed in changing your body!
The European American and African American subjects received the diet for a total of 16 weeks, with the first 8 weeks consisting of a eucaloric intake and the last 8 weeks hypocaloric (i.e.
It was thought that if you could block the brake with yohimbine you could increase lower body fat loss during a diet.
The diets received by 30 women with PCOS were more or less identical, with the lower carb group receiving 41%, 19%, and 40%, of energy intake from carbohydrate, protein and fat respectively, while the lower fat group received 55%, 18%, and 27%, respectively. Add to that the unmatched support I got on the TT Member's Forum, and my dream of transforming my body in 12 weeks came true.

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