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Low Carb Diets are among one the most popular diets out there at the moment because of the fast weight loss that occurs when cutting out the sugar completely!
If you want to know what you really need to eat to lose weight just as fast and for a longer period of time read this!
Carbohydrate is a posh word for ‘sugar’ and we can split carbohydrate (and sugars) up into two categories – Complex and Simple. The sugar we get from all of these foods is either 1) stored as fat or 2) stored in our muscles (as a substance called glycogen).
Ok so your on a low carb diet, you’ve burn off your sugars and now you’re in the fat burning zone!
Low carb diets are FAD and you will get a huge weight re-gain guaranteed if you go back to normal eating whenever you relapse – and it will happen! Join tens of thousands of doctors, health professionals and patients who receive our newsletters. Low carb diets, such as Atkins, which are popular for people who want to lose weight, have been found not to cause any noticeable harm to the kidneys, researchers from Indiana University School of Medicine reported in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.
They found that a high-protein low-carb diet did not appear to have any harmful effects on kidney functions, neither were fluid and electrolyte balances affected. In order to determine whether there might be any longer-term effects than the two years in this study, the authors said that further long-term studies are required. Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report:MLANordqvist, Christian.
For any corrections of factual information, or to contact our editorial team, please see our contact page.
Please note: Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional. We take a look at fish oils, in particular what they are, the potential health benefits of including them in your diet and the best sources of fish oils.
The number of calories people should eat each day depends on several factors, including their age, size, height, sex, lifestyle, and overall general health.
Find out all about vitamin d and how it at helps enhance the absorption of iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphate and zinc. When it comes to weight management, there are several diet fads in the weight loss market and that is why you must create some time to learn about various types of diets ranging from diet pills to low carb diets. Losing weight is not about suffering and depriving yourself of what you love, it’s about engaging in the right eating habits.
In this article I will be discussing all you need to know about the best low carb diet in the market and how it will help you to lose the unwanted pounds in your body. In the first stage, whole grain breads and lot of fruits should be in your healthy eating plan. The second one is the Zone low carb diet plan which allows you to take healthy protein and carbs in the right proportion.
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Join Us on FacebookView on FacebookBuild My Fitness 3 weeks ago Build My Fitness shared Mystical Master's photo. In many cases, a low-carb diet causes 2-3 times more weight loss as the standard low-fat diet that we’re still being told to follow. In fact, the studies show that these diets cause major improvements in many important risk factors. A high percentage of the fat lost on a low carb diet comes from the belly area and the liver. People like to debate the mechanism, the stuff that is actually going on in our organs and cells that makes the weight go off.
Unfortunately, this is not fully known, and chances are that it is multifactorial – as in, there are many different reasons why these diets are so effective.

In this article, I take look at some of the most convincing explanations for the effectiveness of low carb diets. One of the functions of insulin is to tell fat cells to produce and store fat, and to hold on to the fat that they already carry. It also tells other cells in the body to pick up glucose (blood sugar) from the bloodstream, and burn that instead of fat. So, insulin stimulates lipogenesis (production of fat) and inhibits lipolysis (the burning of fat).
It is actually well established that low-carb diets lead to drastic and almost immediate reductions in insulin levels. According to many experts on low-carb diets, including Gary Taubes and the late Dr. Atkins, lower insulin levels are the main reason for the effectiveness of low-carb diets.
However, I’d like to point out that many respected obesity researchers do not believe this to be true, and do not think the carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis of obesity is supported by the evidence. Shutterstock)">Part of the weight loss advantage of low-carb diets is explained by reductions in water weight. Glycogen: The body stores carbs in the form of glycogen, which binds water in the muscles and liver.
This does not happen to nearly the same extent on a higher carb diet, even if calories are reduced significantly.
Even though some people use this as an argument against low-carb diets, reduced water weight should be considered an advantage. Anyway, despite claims to the contrary, this is far from being the main weight loss advantage of low-carb diets. So, part of the weight loss advantage of low-carb diets is explained by reductions in water weight, but there is still a major fat loss advantage as well.
Bottom Line: When people go low-carb, they lose significant amounts of excess water from their bodies. Shutterstock)">Many nutrition experts believe that the high protein content of low-carb diets is the main reason for their effectiveness. In most studies where low carb and low fat diets are compared, the low carb groups end up eating much more protein. This is because people replace many low-protein foods (grains, sugars) with higher protein foods like meat, fish and eggs. Numerous studies show that protein can reduce appetite, boost metabolism, and help increase muscle mass, which is metabolically active and burns calories around the clock. People have discovered that carbohydrates are the one thing that they need to cut out of their diet in order to lose weight. Complex carbohydrates are foods which are a bit more complex in their molecular make up (they have more things in) for example – Breads, Pasta, Rice, Oats, Grain’s are all examples of complex carbohydrates. Now the body stores carbohydrates to be used as energy for whenever we need it (for exercise, bodily processes etc) – carbohydrate is our body’s fuel and this is a reason why it is important to have it in our diet!
Yes you may have lost 1 stone in the last two weeks, but as soon as you fall off the wagon because you can’t handle the energy lows anymore (and they are bad!) you will eat carbs, retain water and I can safely say put 6 lbs + back on just over the course of eating back to normal for a day! Toby Featured as a trainer on SKY TV's - FAT: The Fight Of My Life (July 2013) and is an expert in training and nutrition for Morbidly Obese Individuals.
The authors added that although their study detected no harmful effects on the kidneys, they say further follow-up studies are required to confirm this. Further studies are also needed on patients with certain diseases and conditions, such as those at high risk of developing kidney stones, high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, and chronic kidney disease.
You should be able to find the best low carb diet plan which will rapidly help you reduce your body mass in a very short period of time.
In recent times, low carb diets have been proven to be one of the best weight loss products in the market.
Though, this can be tough for some people when they start but this is the most crucial part.

This is the dangerous visceral fat that builds up in and around the organs, driving inflammation and disease.
High insulin levels contribute to fat storage, and low insulin levels facilitate fat burning.
When carb intake goes down, glycogen levels in the body go down, and the water follows along. Protein can reduce appetite, boost metabolism and help people hold on to muscle mass despite restricting calories. It is also worth mentioning that when sugar is stored in our body also causes us to hold water in the cells (this will become important later). Quite simply when you cut carbs out of your diet you immediately start to starve the body of its primary energy source so the body finds it hard to keep its sugar stores topped up! Carboydrates need to be monitored accordingly to even out sugar levels and stop them from going too high, not completely cut out from your diet. This low carb diet plan involves a great determination and you shouldn’t fall short of that.
We are burning sugar all the time, through processes like breathing, digesting out food, walking around and exercising.
Besides … the body cannot actually burn fat without sugar – because by mixing sugar (carbs) and oxygen we burn fat (but that’s another blog for another day!).
One ground breaking success you’ll experience from choosing the best low carb diet is that it will not deprive you of your favorites, will not leave you with any side effect and ultimately reduce your weight.
The second stage is when you are allowed to take more of carbs in a way that your body will easily adapt to. Within this two weeks period, you would have gotten rid of 10 pounds of your total body weight. This causes our sugar stores to start to deplete (first in the muscle) and as the sugar starts to be broken down and used as energy water is released from the muscle cells and other body cells – the majority of the weight you lose in the first 3-7 days on a low carbohydrate diet will simply be water – NOT FAT!
Our bodies have primarily adapted to using sugar, not fat as a primary energy source through the process of evolution. In this stage, you will learn how to choose the best and most healthy carbs and how to avoid the bad ones. Well I’m going to give you a quick insight into the world of carbohydrates, what they are, what they do, why we need them and WHY LOW CARB IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU! If you keep to a low carb diet for 7-14 days, you will start to deplete your muscle glycogen stores completely – which means your body then has to get its energy from somewhere else during exercise and everyday tasks. This is WHY low carb diets make you feel tired, lethargic and under-energised, the body does not respond well to just burning fat stores, it’s a slow process and not one that can keep up with our busy lifestyles. The last stage which is an indefinite one is known as the maintenance phase where you take some diets continuously. This low carb diet plan is good for the starters as it encourages them to stick to their weight loss plan due to the fast and obvious resultant effect of the plan. This is when any weight you lose will be a result of your body burning its secondary store of sugar, fat!
This is why most people cannot maintain a low carb diet for more than a few weeks; you will get tired, you will get grumpy and you will get stressed out because you are not giving your body the correct nutrition it needs to function properly! This is when 99% of people relapse and give in to carbs – and it makes them feel normal again!

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