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I came across this great HEALTHY INGREDIENT SUBSTITUTION GUIDE from He and She Eat Clean website and I thought I would share it with all of you! This entry was posted in Blogging, Diet, Fat Loss, Holidays, Nutrition, Nutrition Measurments, Party Food Ideas, Tips & Tricks on October 29, 2014 by Stephanie Woods.
Please don’t feel like you HAVE to change up your workouts for fear of losing progression. Most of the time if you’re not seeing changes in your body, your diet is the culprit, not your workouts.
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During my competition prep these past few weeks, I’ve been craving Mexican food like crazy!
This entry was posted in Diet, Dinner, Low Fat, Lunch, Recipes, Salads, Turkey, Vegetables on October 23, 2013 by Stephanie Woods. When I design meal plans for clients, they are always shocked as to how many carbs they get to eat in one day. Typically in a one hour workout, you might be able to burn anywhere from 250 to 400 calories. Not only should you be aware of your splurges, but you should be worrying about your kids’ splurges too. This entry was posted in Blogging, Diet, Fat Loss, Fitness Tips, Inspiration, Misc, Motivation, Nutrition, Weakness, Weight Loss on May 7, 2012 by Stephanie Woods. This entry was posted in Blogging, Cutting Cycle, Diet, Fitness Tips, GALS, GUYS, Misc, Nutrition, Personal, Transformations, Videos on October 21, 2011 by Stephanie Woods. This entry was posted in Diet, Fitness Tips, Interviews, Misc, Nutrition, Personal, Transformations, Videos on October 7, 2011 by Stephanie Woods. The carbohydrate restriction creates a de facto restriction of many problematic treat foods (while often also removing good, unrefined carbohydrates), and so calories are reduced and weight is lost.
There are also those who believe cutting carbs to the point of being in a ketogenic state (rarely a good idea, unless recommended by a physician to treat a specific medical condition) somehow has magical appetite control properties, but it’s just the fact that when people go keto they have a tendency to eat a lot more protein. The reality is that low carb diets can work because of their simplicity, but they also come at the cost of athletic performance. Although some sources say that to eliminate carbohydrates altogether is not recommended for diabetics, as carbohydrates in the diet are vital, because they serve as the main resource of energy and nutrients within our bodies. The effects of limiting the amount of carbohydrates in your diet manifest as loss of weight due to a lesser calorie intake, or the successful maintenance of your ideal weight. Also, when weight loss is part of your goal of achieving better health to make your condition more bearable, then a carefully planned diet is best paired with an exercise routine that is easy enough to follow.
Advanced Care Centers is a state-of-the-art family medical practice with two locations for your convenience. At Advanced Care Centers we focus on many issues that can be a result of poor health choices.
The basic premise of the so-called “paleo” diet is simple—the diet humans ate in pre-agricultural, Paleolithic times is best suited for human health. When put to the test, paleo diets appear to result in negate some of the benefits of exercise (high intensity circuit training programs such as Crossfit). The holidays are coming up quickly and what better way to make our cookies, pies, cakes, and brownies a little more healthier this year. But, do change things up often if you have a tendency to get bored doing the same workouts every week. You just need to increase the intensity on those exact same workouts to help your body progress.
And then they are more surprised when they lose fat even while eating more carbs than usual. The moment you bring in more carbs after a low carb diet, you will gain weight and it can be one of two things. Low carb diets have their place in the dieting world, but it’s how you use them that is key.

If you’re trying to gain lean muscle mass and lose fat at the same time, a low carb diet may not be the route for you. Then you decide after your kids’ soccer game that all of you should go out for some ice cream.
It’s time to plan ahead and make a difference in our lives and the way we treat our food.
Warren Willey, Fat, Fitness Tips, Interviews, Local, Misc, Transformations, Videos, Weakness on October 25, 2011 by Stephanie Woods. This isn’t that different from those who believe their medical condition was cured via prayer. You don’t absolutely have to have carbs to live, but there is a difference between surviving and thriving. If something has had the ever-loving shit processed out of it, it is more likely to be higher in calories, lower in nutritional value, lower in satiety and higher in taste reward so as to promote overconsumption.
Fell is a syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune and author of Lose It Right: A Brutally Honest 3-Stage Program to Help You Get Fit and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind, published by Random House Canada.
It is in maintaining that feeling of fullness that one is able to avoid craving for sweets, and this is a good reason for diabetics to adopt a diet that is low in carbohydrates to control their condition.
For a diet to work in favor of a diabetic, it has to be low in fat, high in fiber, and packed with minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. In a diabetic’s diet, carbohydrates in excessive amounts may be frowned at, but authorities recommend a daily dosage of not less than 130 grams. Remember that with weight loss, the body’s blood sugar and insulin levels naturally improve. Daily walks and a couple of dozen repetitions with free weights are good low-impact exercises you can adopt.
Whether or not what these relatively short-lived humans ate is what’s optimal for the health of today’s relatively long-lived humans is a matter of considerable debate. When I first started lifting and trying to lose fat, I was always taught that you need to switch up your workouts about every 4 to 6 weeks to prevent your body from adapting to the workouts. Now, I like to change my clients workouts {still to this very day} about every 4 to 8 weeks or so, but the types of workouts they do are pretty much similar to what they were doing before. It is a word that women {and men} have come to use loosely and the true meaning of being toned has become somewhat wishy washy. Low carb is designed more to help you with tightening up your body when either getting ready for a photo shoot, a competition, or some sort of activity of importance. My biggest pet peeve is watching my son come off the field and he’s been given a Caprisun and fruit snacks. Digestion burns calories, and protein burns about twice as many calories while being digested than carbohydrates do.
If you want to thrive, carbs are valuable fuel for moving your body, especially at higher intensities. Following this type of diet prevents excessive consumption of carbohydrates, which leads to higher levels of blood sugar.
On the other hand, studies have shown that the low-carb diet caused no undesirable effects on the levels of insulin, glucose, blood pressure or cholesterol. Even just a 10 percent weight loss is a substantial improvement towards being in better control of diabetes. Regular exercise doesn’t only help combat diabetes; it also promotes a sense of well-being that helps you maintain the right attitude towards living a healthier life for good. If you find yourself suffering from hemorrhoids please consider our Infrared Coagulation (IRC) procedure. One Problem With the Paleo Diet Argument is that it may ignore the first 90% of our evolution.
I was terrified that if I didn’t switch up all of my workouts over a 1 to 2 month time frame, that my body was going to get completely used to the types of exercises I was using and stop progressing. I only send them new workouts that often to prevent them from getting bored with their workouts and to of course, give them new ideas, new ways to train their muscles, new tempo’s to try out.
Why would you stop eating healthy and working out just because you’re not happy with how fast your progress is going? So, to help curb my Mexican cravings, I decided to whip up a healthy version of a Taco Salad.

For one salad, use one serving of taco mixture, 3 cups of fresh spinach, 2 TBS fat free cheese, and 2 TBS plain Greek Yogurt. When you eat low carb you have a tendency to eat less calories due to more veggies and less complex carbs. The reason for this is you only stick with low carb for one to two weeks to achieve the look you’re going for because it helps dry your body out and you have less water retention.
A low carb diet is great to use when needing to really tighten up your body from time to time, but it is not a long term thing. The moment I stopped looking at food as a reward and more as a fuel, that’s when my body finally began to change. Why do we treat sugary and salty foods like it’s the last thing we are going to eat for the rest of our lives.
Drew is on mission to go from fit and totally shredded to FAT in 6 months and then turn around and lose it all in 6 months. He’s going to need a lot of will power, a ton of energy, and a truck load of hard work to get back into the shape he was 6 months ago. Willey as well, for giving me the opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge as a health professional. Just like some low-carbers think it was cutting carbs that led to weight loss instead of simple caloric restriction, some faithful think it was prayer that healed them instead of a physician using science-based medicine. Foods that are permitted in low-carb diets are meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, fish, and some selected vegetables. It is also worthwhile to note that one can alter a diet according to his or her specific needs. Many people complain that when they stick to a low carb diet that they have a hard time sticking with it long term or they complain that the moment they bring in more carbs, they gain all the weight back. When you are no longer bringing in carbs, your body must switch over from using glucose to Ketones.
Understanding the difference between what works and what doesn’t work is having a patience, knowledge, and determination. It usually has nothing to do with your carb intake, it has to do with how many calories you’re bringing in. Here bud, since you ran your little bum off today in soccer, let’s give you a bunch of sugar. Many of you think that if you are exercising all the time, that you should be losing weight. And so, when you say that calories are what matter to weight loss, some (not all) low carbers lose their shit.
In this regard, before following any diet, be sure to check with your physician to make sure you will be getting all the right nutrients that will help you control your condition.
Switch it up to either place more tension on the muscle, less tension on the joints, slow down on certain workouts, speed up on other one’s. So, I made my salad with fresh spinach, but you may use plain ol’ lettuce if you wish. You may experience headaches, moodiness, achiness, fatigue, the inability to focus mentally, groggyness, and weakness. Low carb diets are great when the occasion calls for them, they are also great for people are diabetics or deal with epilepsy. I enjoyed a lovely Caesar salad with grilled chicken, grilled tomatoes, artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes. Doing so will also help you pinpoint areas of the regimen that you should alter for a more appropriate eating habit. He’s willing to ruin his body to make each and every one of us understand the importance of diet and exercise.

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