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I was fresh out of the shower yesterday morning and sitting on the back deck enjoying a coffee, when I realized my stomach was NOT resting on my lap where it used to sit. Here is my Low Carb Food Diary for Day 43 of the “Get Lean For Summer!” 90 Day Low Carb Challenge.
I cut up two Oscar Mayer Smokies (zero carb) and scrambled 6 eggs with colby jack cheese – in real butter. I had to run out for coffee, and also picked up some almond meal & parmesan cheese to make low carb breads this week (!!). I was SO close to 10,000 steps on my Fitbit last night, so around 11:30 I got up and danced to a Pink Video to reach my goal. Slim only has a good mile or so in him (danes are couch potatoes, lol), but it was cool enough yesterday to take him over 3 miles with a few breaks. Watching that video above, which was in August (only 9 months ago), makes me realize just how bad my hair is lately. It was a good day with great low carb foods that were all super easy, plenty of exercise and good company.
OMG I wish I could say my journey has been shorter than yours but apparently I’m pretty hard headed and stubborn! Here’s to a healthier lifestyle, a better mindset, and becoming our happiest selves ever!!
So ive tried low carb many times but really have never been successful at losing wiehgt and one time I even gained weight!
Ah…I love your spring romance, he seems like a positive influence in your life, and we all need that!
I had the Chicken Club from Hardees ( bunless) i did not know this but the lady at Hardees said i could order any sandwich low carb. I am so glad that i have been reading your posts everyday to get some great ideas on how to order food while out. I have not weighed myself yet but i go to the doctor tomorrow and i will wait to get weighed there. Low Carb Bread You’ll LOVE!Low carb breads & bagels with quality ingredients, GMO FREE, Delicious taste & texture - and they even have Gluten Free bread available!
When I first started eating low carb, I had to consult the Nutrition Facts for any restaurant I was visiting.
Still, I love having my smart phone on hand to Google things or download the Nutrition Fact sheets on the go. If you haven’t tried this as one of *your* low carb restaurant choices, I highly recommend it. Your choice of sides when eating out is usually: carb, carb, carb, super carb, carb, broccoli. The only caveat to this broccoli loaded plan is that at least with plain broccoli you know what you’re getting. All material provided on this site is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace professional medical advice. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, the Super Bowl is a fun event and great time for family and friends to enjoy quality time together. Keep in mind there will always be a birthday, special occasion, holiday, wedding, vacation or other event – it seems they are nonstop through the year, month after month. Making your health, and your weight loss goal, a true priority means choosing healthy party foods – and healthier ways to celebrate life. To help you out, I created a Pinterest Board FULL of Low Carb Super Bowl Party Snacks to inspire your healthy menu for the big game day. Also see this delicious Low Carb Sausage Biscuit Recipe which can easily be made into Sausage Balls ANY guest will love!

If you plan to enjoy drinks, Michelob Ultra is a nice low carb beer (2.6 carbs per bottle). Dreamfields healthy pasta recipe has fewer digestible carbs, the same high fiber as 2 cups of broccoli, and it can help you manage your blood sugar. I’m going to order the Dreamfields Angel Hair low carb pasta from Netrition, because I also want to order more Almond Meal for my low carb bread recipes and low carb cookie recipe. Even if DreamFields Pasta *was* low-carb (which it is not), it still contains the genetically-modified wheat proteins gluten, gliadin, and lectin. For me, the zucchini, properly cooked and drained, does a great job of imitating pasta, and it really IS low carb.
It’s kind of sad that people think that the ketostix actually provide much by way of a useful measurement of something. As for weight loss, if that’s all you are really concerned about, just sign up with your nearest HCG quack, or go have some bariatric surgeon perform his favorite form of gut mutilation on you. As soon as I finished my meatball mountain (and oh man, was it ever good!!!), it occurred to me that I may have just royally screwed up my carb count for the day. According to that document there are only 60 net carbs for an entire 6″ meatball marinara sub – including bread and sauce!
Lynn, the Subway nutrition tables also list the individual meats for the subs and meatballs are listed.
As for the carb count in any food, bear in mind that unlike the measurement of fat and protein, which must be fairly accurate, by law, carbohydrate counts are allowed to be grossly understated.
Healthy Tips3 Vital Tips on How to Lose Weight FastFeb 11, 2016If you want to know how to lose weight fast, you need to know thee 3 vital tips to succeed. These Beginner’s Low Carb and Atkins Diet Weight Loss Tips are perfect for keeping you on the right track during your first few weeks of Induction!
If you love this awesome low carb tip, then be sure to follow me on my Low Carb and Atkins Board, where I share all my fave tips and recipes that I find online! Jo turned me on to these beautiful sugar free, low carb chocolate bars when we were discussing our favorite products awhile back.
I’m not a big fan of Stevia, or haven’t been when I tried other products with Stevia in the past, but these ChocoRite bars are GREAT! They are only 2 Net Carbs for a whole chocolate bar, so they fit in very well with the low carb diet, and would also make a nice treat for diabetics.
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Thank you for the recommendation, Jo – I really enjoyed the ChocoRite chocolate bars! Every once in a while I want a piece of chocolate, not often, I’m not a sweets eating person on the whole, but when I crave it, I crave it!! It would be fantastically awesome if your scales always moved in the same direction, but fluctuations throughout the week are totally normal. We walked all the way down the river, across the bridge and around the dam, up the other side, then back across the railroad tracks. I had to learn to focus more on my goals, on the long game, on eating healthy & BEing healthy, than on the weight alone. What is you plan or recommendation for after u complete your 90 days or for someone starting today? I know firsthand what that weight feels like ON the body, and how great it feels OFF the body.
When I started low carb I just got broccoli and topped it with the ham, cheese, butter , and sour cream everyone else was putting on their potatoes. Restaurants try to save money by using products that resemble sour cream, cheese, and sometimes even bacon.

If you make a true lifestyle change and stop using special days as an excuse to indulge or binge, you’ll start enjoying your life (and yourself!) so much more. I also like Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with Diet Coke – a delicious zero carb combination! If you have, and especially if you’ve tried Dreamfields, I would love to hear your thoughts. Double that (I had a foot long) and double the meat (I had double meatballs), subtract the bread, subtract 90% of the marinara sauce, and divide by 14.
You should never be hungry- if you find yourself always hungry then you are probably doing the program wrong by eating too much processed stuff or most of your 20 grams of carbs is coming from something other than veggies, cream cheese and meat. I'm Michelle, a wannabe-supermom of 3 little ones under the age of 7, and a foodie-in-training.
I decided to order two different kinds to test them out: the Milk Chocolate Crisp and the Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter bars. If you want to see some recent comparisons, check out my Spanx Review from 6 weeks ago (six SHORT weeks ago!!) – especially the Spanx knockoff pics. What started out as a great friendship and BIG fun has turned into a beautiful Spring romance.
Someone to walk with, share with, great conversation, fun hikes – all such a wonderful addition!! While alcohol metabolizes slower than food, and can cause a brief stall in your weight loss, it can easily be enjoyed on a low carb diet on special occasions. They get away with this sort of claim because your government is afraid you aren’t getting enough carbs anyway, and they permit understating of carb amounts (and other dodgy carb claims) on the nutrition label.
Both of them will leave you with serious health concerns that will last the rest of your life. Thank you ?? So that would make it approximately 21 net carbs for a normal serving of meatballs. We are all different animals with different metabolisms and weight loss comes at all of us, differently. Aim for a once a week, every two weeks or every month weigh in if you have more than 50 pounds to lose. I love creating new and fun recipes and sharing frugal living tips to help make others lives easier! I love how patient you are with that darn scale because I know how easy it is to let it run your emotions!
Happily, many who couldn’t eat pasta have discovered a new way to enjoy delicious pasta whenever they want. The newer low carb plans allow for fruits and yogurt and some other stuff that was always off limits on the original plans and that may be what is stalling you out or making you lose, slowly.
Try baking or grilling those burgers and steaks and microwave the bacon and pour off the grease.
I haven’t had any alcohol and yesterday I was out for lunch with friends and I had a vodka martini. It could have been the salt in the lamb burger, but not sure if it might have been the drink.
I put my brocolli florets in the microwave while the pasta is cooking, and then toss everything together with butter, asiago cheese, and sour cream.

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