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We have assembled a list of low calorie foods for the purpose of calorie counting during weight loss period. The list is just a very rough guide and the calories depends on different weight and sizes. No matter how low your calorie diet is, you need to have a good balance of carbohydrate, protein, fat and vegetables. Besides the low calories, fruits are rich in different types of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants. Most diet experts will recommend replacing part of the fat daily intake with more vegetables and fruits, making it the largest portion in your diet meal. If you do not know what to eat during snack or when you are hungry, just pick up an apple with an estimated of 68 calories.

So remember to include fruits and vegatables as your low calorie foods in your overall diet and live a healthy and balance diet.
Very low calorie diets generally contain about 800 calories per day, or even less, and are only recommended for use by moderately to severely obese persons under close medical supervision.
Banana which has slightly higher calories of approximately 98 kcal, keeps your stomach full and is rich in dietary fibre. Carrots, celery, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber are easy to find and cheap vegetables that you can get anywhere and all are low calorie foods.
The diet shakes and bars are designed to provide all essential vitamins and other nutrients. A VLCD is defined medically as a diet of 800 calories per day or less.WIN - Publication - Very-Low-Calorie DietsYou are receiving this message since your browser does not support Java Script or you have Java Scripts disabled.

Sometimes very low calorie diets are prescribed that contain lean protein foods such as fish or chicken. Very low calorie diets allow those who are moderately to extremely obese to lose an average of 3-5 pounds per week.
For ideas on what to eat for desserts, you can check out Low Calorie Desserts From the list below, you will notice most fruits have less than 100 calories. This rapid weight loss can result in improvement of medical complications of obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The rapid weight loss can also be a strong motivating factor for those wishing to lose a large amount of weight.

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