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Trisha Yearwood covers the September issue of Good Housekeeping; spilling her secrets to weight loss success. Trisha Yearwood will be featured on the September 3rd episode of TLC‘s Who Do You Think You Are? When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. On the August 10 broadcast of MBC’s entertainment news program “Section TV,” a group of reporters gathered around to talk about past photos of various stars—from idols to actors—before and after their incredible weight loss that completely transformed their looks.
Her search for a deeper family connection takes Trisha to England, where she uncovers an ancestor’s history of crime, loss, and perseverance.

The reporters shared the story of how he was over 90 kilograms prior to his debut, but managed to lose 20 kilograms in just 40 days. EXO member Xiumin was also on the list, as an idol whose cute image was revealed even more after weight loss.
The before photos of the EXO member look almost unrecognizable, especially with his current upgraded appearance after losing weight. The reporters also shared actor Jung Kyung Ho’s weight loss story of how he used to eat 10 meals per day during his days as a student. They also talked about a time when the actor’s dad, a famous director, turned over the table at which Jung Kyung Ho was eating his eighth meal of the day, yelling at him to stop eating so much.

Out of the actresses, Kang So Ra was discussed as a star who was also very chubby as a child, at one point weighing over 72 kilograms.

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