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Whether you just want inspiration or you need a good dose of reality about how to eat right, weight loss blogs or fitness blogs are a must for anyone that’s trying to drop a little or a lot of weight. A realistic view of the real work of weight loss, this fun, easy to use weight loss blog is a must read.
At this weight loss blog, Josie sets out to teach the world how to lose weight while not feeling crummy all the time. Two nutrition-focused women get together for this blog and they provide a lot of inspiration along the way. This blog offers great information, but it offers the motivation to help people get off the couch and to make a change. When it comes to weight loss blogs, these are the top ten out there right now, written by real people.
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Making little changes, like stop eating junk food and exercise… made a HUGE change in my body and in my life.
I went into depression and tried to control my eating habits but again went back to the same freaking ground.
It is good that at the end of the day you feel satisfied that you did not have to give up everything for weightloss. But for someone like me I would feel guilty that I did not do everything that I had to do to get what I want. But is it nice to know that you are gradually reaching towards your goal and you are still motivated.

Mady, one of the reasons because of which people regain their weight is because they do not try to improve their resting metabolism.
PS: for all the girls reading this, weight training does not make you look manly and muscular. A variety of blogs exist, and many weight loss blog sites offer inspirational tips and strategies to help everyday people accomplish one of the hardest tasks out there. It has great activity by the community too, which means weight loss success stories and ongoing support that you need from real people with real weight loss success stories.
You’ll love the inspirational language, but also the real-food solutions and expert advice from blogger Lori in the skinniest of fitness blogs. The writer, starts as a 330 pound woman and works to lose it all to become a personal trainer, nutritionist and bikini competitor. Her methods are solid and her blog works well for real moms who are trying to balance kid’s birthday parties and emotional eating at the same time.
The pictures are vibrant and, while the blog focuses on weight loss and healthy living, it’s all about living life realistically. I am still trying to maintain my weight and keep a healthy lifestyle! Check out my weightloss story on my tumblr blog! I have been an avid reader of Wise She and I am extremely honored to write about my weight loss journey. Stress, bad food habits and hereditary traits induced hypothyroidism in my life (My dad has hyperthyroid, however he is cured now). Post operation, my doctor advised me to lose weight as it wouldn’t be good later on as I might develop PCOS and other problems too.

Are you sure that you too (including many other girls here) are following your diet plans strictly ? I just realized that my calorie count was off the charts as I was calculating the same on the basis of my starting mark!
From the weekly weigh-in to the recommendations for books, It Sux To Be Fat is worth the read daily. I was always a foodie and staying out of home for my higher studies, increased my love for food greatly! Imagine I could flaunt my zero figure in those awesome cocktail dresses but growing up had to bring along curves with it Nonetheless, I was never really comfortable with my body.
Since I work in media, there aren’t any set work hours and my first job ensured that I stayed in office from morning 6 am to sometimes 11 pm in the night.
My best wishes to everyone who has embarked this interesting and riveting journey of weight loss.
But it has become a bit difficult as I have hit my second plateau it seems (I reached my first plateau at 81 kgs).

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