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Our bodies are remarkable machines, definitely the most complex ones that we’ll ever own but even they can sometimes malfunction when subject to extreme conditions. The most important thing is not to speed up the process unnaturally and experts strongly advise against using drugs or abusing medicine in any form to achieve the desired results sooner. Join us as we share some no-nonsense tutorials about frugal beauty tips and natural health tips. I dont know what exactly the blemishes you’ve mentioned, is it from acne or age spots?
Losing weight has never been an easy task, let alone a mother that’s recently pushed a living, beautiful baby out of their privates.
Slim Fit Mom addresses postnatal mothers’ basic desire to retain their body prior to pregnancy or yet again reach a better level of fitness and health. The Slim Fit Mom Formula is a complete A – Z program which is very simple as it maps out every step to take to reach your weight goals. From precautionary methods of gaining weight in a healthy manner without the stretch marks, to shedding the extra pounds without putting extra stress on a mom having to care for her beautiful child.
This reveals to mothers whom are dealing with their firstborn, or even their second, third or fourth child. For a one-time small investment of $47 you could be looking even better than you looked before the pregnancy! Click the banner below and get started on your journey to getting back that beautiful body of yours. You can look like you’re still pregnant but it takes long time to shift back to your previous shape. Another important thing in weight loss is healthy eating and portion control.  It is very important to watch how much you eat. You should remember that if you were slim before you will shift back your previous shape easily after pregnancy.
One of the most life threatening conditions out there today and one that everyone without a doubt wants to avoid is cancer. To answer the question of what is cancer, you need to know that first ‘cancer’ is the name given to a number of different diseases that are related. Often cancer will start in just one area of the body and soon, spread to surrounding areas, increasing the severity and impact it has on your life.
In a normal healthy body, when cells grow old, they eventually die and new cells are made to replace them.
There are malignant tumors, which are life threatening and can spread to various organs or systems in the body and then you have benign tumors, which do not spread into invading nearby tissues and can usually be removed.
So as you can see, while there are some things that you may not be able to prevent (such as a genetic mutation you are born with that leads to cancer), there are many causes of cancer that you can prevent.
Remember the body is a living things and quality of our cells is ever-changing and heavily dependent upon the type of lifestyle and nourishment we feed our bodies. Most people do not realize just how much control they have to influence whether they contract this disease or not, so it’s time to sit up and start paying attention to your lifestyle choices. If you’re just starting your weight loss journey, one question you may be asking yourself is whether you should be indulging in fruit, fruit salads, fruit smoothies or not. If all day long you’re snacking on fruit, you can rest assured it’s going to impact your ability to experience fat loss.
Did you know that only half the sugar found in fruit is a type of sugar that will actually spike blood glucose levels (glucose) while the other half of the sugar is fructose, which has no influence on blood sugar levels at all? In other words, not all sugar in fruit is fructose, only half, so can you see how eating that big bowl of fruit salad, or fruit smoothie can be identical to eating a chocolate bar?? The fruits to stay away from that have a higher GI load include grapes, bananas, dates, raisins, pineapple, kiwi, mangoes, cherries, prunes, and mangoes. Blending these high GI fruits with greens such as spinach and kale reduces the impact on blood sugar thanks to the fiber from the green vegetables.
Dried fruit and fruit juice should also be eliminated from the diet for those who are seeking fat loss results. It takes 3 or 4 oranges to make 1 glass of orange juice, which is way more sugar and calories that you eating 1 orange.
Finally, one last thing to take into account is the nutritional density of the fruit you are eating. Fruits also provide a great dose of fiber as well, which is an important nutrient for keeping your blood glucose levels stabilized and your cholesterol levels down. The fiber in fruit can also help induce greater satiety, ensuring that you feel full and satisfied after each meal that you consume. Choose high GI ranked fruits however and eat too many (not accounting for the calories they contain), and you may just find yourself gaining weight.
Did you know that more than 50% of all adult hospital beds in Kenya are occupied by people with diabetes or diabetes related conditions? Did you know that 1.8 million++ Kenyans are living with diabetes and only half of them know??
Diabetes is a condition that more and more people are being impacted with on an everyday basis. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 or insulin dependent diabetes and type 2, non-insulin dependent diabetes. Type 1 diabetics are those who are not producing insulin as they should and are often born with this condition.
Let’s look further into type 2 diabetes especially and go over what causes it and what you can do to prevent it or manage it if you’re suffering. So now if you have a high amount of sugar coming in through your diet and not enough physical activity to promote lower blood glucose levels, you have a real problem on your hands. The most important thing you must be doing is focusing on doing whatever you can to control your blood sugar level. If your blood glucose levels are stabilized, you won’t be releasing any insulin and as a result, your cells won’t become less sensitive. Combine good nutrition with a regular exercise program to take your control over this condition even higher.
These two varieties of exercise tend to improve the cell’s sensitivity level to insulin, helping promote greater control over blood glucose levels. If a beginner, you start slowly by engaging in an activity that you can consistently perform such as walking and slowly build up.
Its also important to visit the doctor for an annual checkup at least once a year this way, any conditions can be detected and managed sooner rather than much later. Taking care of your self by cultivating better healthy habits is a very small price to pay for a longer, happier, healthier life.
There is nothing sexy about doing pushups but they are KING when it comes to shaping up those arms!! Do NOT let this compound move fool or intimidate you! You don’t have to start by doing a full pushup, instead start off on your knees with correct form and do 8 slow pushups then repeat 2 more times. Do pushups 3 times a week with rest days in between and in no time they get easier and the arms get leaner! The first big benefit you’ll get from weight training is an increase in your lean muscle mass.
Along with improving your heart health, you can also expect to see a decrease in your blood pressure levels.
Also known as Red Beans, Kidney beans are super healthy, easily accessible and quite easy to make!
120 calories,  20 grams carbohydrate, 8 grams dietry fiber leaving 12 g of net carbs, and 8 grams of protein.
Eggs are a universal breakfast favorite due to their cheap cost and  great source of protein. Studies from the American Heart Association state that when additional cholesterol is consumed from primarily animal products such as dairy, meats, egg yolks etc it floats around in the blood stream causing a condition known as atherosclerosis or hardening of arteries. Personally I eat 5 egg whites every morning for breakfast, and sometimes another 4 or 5 eggs whites to substitute meat at lunch, dinner or as a snack. This means that you cannot afford to over eat whole eggs especially if your goal is weight loss or getting healthy.
I hope this article makes you consider cutting back on whole egg consumption and perhaps settle for egg whites. What does body type mean?  Body type refers to the natural tendency of your body to manage its body weight and composition.  Ever notice how some people tend to be naturally thin no matter what they eat while others will pack on body fat merely by looking at food? One thing for sure is that ALL body types benefit greatly from clean eating, cardio and strength training. Love Celebration Day is here and with celebration comes flowing wine, chocolates, and good food!! Likewise, if you don’t take in enough energy (calories) over the course of the day, the body will tap into its stored body fat for energy purposes.
A caveat to the last point is that going to extended periods without food (starvation) might work in reverse.
The goal is not to overeat or under eat which can be achieved by eating small portioned  meals throughout the day. At the end of the day, counting calories is the best way to achieve lasting weight loss success.  After a few weeks of counting calories, most people will be able to ‘eyeball’ their food, taking in about how much is needed to maintain their desired level of weight loss.
If counting calories is a challenge, seek help from an expert who can create your eating plan based on your activity level and lifestyle, monitor caloric intake and make adjustments as required.
Starting up on a healthy eating plan but feeling a little uncertain about your ability to stay consistent? If you’ve been on and off more times than you can count, before you start up on yet another clean eating plan, take some time to figure out how you can overcome this issue so that you don’t find yourself in the same position once again.
Dietary boredom is one of the biggest contributing factors to falling off your diet plan so combat that by trying one new recipe each and every week. The second quick tip that will make sticking with your diet a breeze is mastering food prep. Every week, cook up five to ten individually sized containers of food that you can then simply grab and reheat during the week.

Likewise, take other steps to master food prep by pre-chopping vegetables all at once, making large pots of rice or oatmeal, or grilling up 8-10 chicken breasts and freezing some for later. Go through your fridge, pantry, and freezer and toss out any of the foods that don’t belong on your diet plan.
If your meals are prepared for you then all you need to do is ensure groceries are bought on time and food is cooked and packed for you. If you keep these tips in mind, you don’t have to be one of those statistics of people who have started – and fallen off their diet plan.
Knee pain is perhaps one of the most frustrating injuries and sadly, is an injury that plagues far too many women. Fortunately, the great news is that with the right steps, you can prevent knee pain before it starts. The very first thing that you need to be doing is watching how your knees track over your toes whenever you do exercises like lunges, squats, or leg press.
If the knee is not tracking properly, it’ll put excessive strain on the tendons and ligaments, likely leading you to an injury. The second must-do is to ensure that you have put steps in place to strengthen your quads and hamstrings. By strengthening these two muscles, you’ll be providing more support for the knee joint, lowering your risk of injuries. Or, if you are heavy into strength training, consider adding one or two days of bodyweight training. And as with any workout program, make sure that you also always have one day off for rest and recovery. So there you have the key points to know and remember when it comes to preventing knee pain. The Carb Cycling challenge will be carried out for 21 days in order to prepare for the damage that most of us will do during the holiday season! The best way to stay ahead of the game is to prepare before hand and come Christmas you can treat yourself guilt free for a day or so! For this challenge I am introducing you to 1 of the nutrition manipulation techniques that I use called Carb Cycling.
During the first trimester your body will slowly be growing and developing, however you won’t be seeing much of a baby belly just yet. Be sure to get a balanced mix of nutrients from fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, choosing wholesome foods as often as possible while staying away from pregnancy no-no’s including raw or undercooked meats as well as raw seafood, deli meats, soft cheese, pate, shark, swordfish, king mackerel, hot dogs and other processed meats as well as alcohol, unpasteurized milk and juice, along with smoked seafood. During this time, choose easy to digest foods such as bananas, brown rice, yogurt, white fish (provided it’s cooked and is a low-mercury variety), and eggs, all of which will help combat the nausea you may experience during this time.
During the first trimester, you won’t have too many limitations on what you can do exercise wise, however note that you may suffer from increased levels of fatigue. Aim to simply get some exercise in – even if this means going for just ten minutes at a time. Include foods like low fat milk, yogurt, flaxseeds, as well as omega-3 enriched eggs on a regular basis. During this trimester, consider increasing your calorie intake up a little further to encourage optimal growth and development. Good choices include frozen spinach, kale, mustard greens, beet greens, broccoli, as well as swish chard. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel quite like exercising one day – take it day by day, aiming to get exercise in whenever you can.
Furthermore, these will help engage the core muscles while working the other muscles in the body, so you get a full body workout all at once.
Pair a full body strength training workout with interval cardio training two to three times per week. Plus, lack of sleep also increases insulin sensitivity and makes you more prone to storing excess body fat as well.
Thankfully, with the right know-how, you can certainly get those arms into shape in a hurry.
Chair dips are the first great move that will target the back of the arm – the triceps muscle.
Place the hands on the edge of a bench or chair with the feet in front of you at ninety degrees and then slowly lower the elbows as you lower the body down into the move. The shoulder press is the next exercise that’ll get you definition and looking great in any sleeveless dress.
The lateral raise is another great move for rounding out your shoulders, giving you excellent muscle tone.
Bicep curls can be done either seated or standing either way ensure you are feeling the muscle contract accordingly. So there you have four great arm-shaping moves that will get your body looking great in no time. A new mother may feel she is not getting enough time for anything after the arrival of the baby. Practicing yoga and meditation are also found out to help in the weight loss process.Breast feeding is found out to be a best method of fat reduction. But, with this pregnancy, I gained more than I had with the others (likely in part due to having gestational diabetes)–nearly 60 pounds of fat weight.
As the body adjusts to a pregnancy and numerous changes kick in, we witness in disbelief how some features change and many of these modifications persist even after giving birth.
It takes a while for the body to lose weight but bear in mind that normally all the weight previously gained should vanish in the next six months. Foods that are high in fiber such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains can provide you with many important nutrients while helping you feel full longer. The warmth of water serve as a fat burning mechanism that cleanse the oil that clogs body and also contribute to weight loss the natural and healthy way. Water helps remove accumulated toxins and speed up the process of weight loss after pregnancy. We would love to see more of you, please LIKE us on Facebook so you don’t miss a post, giveaways and announcements.
There isn’t a quick fix available which makes the Slim Fit Mom program the perfect solution to mothers around the world.
It is unavoidable for women to gain weight during and after pregnancy due to the basic way the body works. It’s enough to begin with walking or with simple exercises which will help you to reach the goal. The important in fat burning after pregnancy is to move.  Focus on your health and the health of your baby. The most important is following all these tips: eat healthy food and do this regular, work out systematically choosing the best sport for you and of course don’t forget to make your exercises harder and harder. While most people realize the severity of suffering from cancer, not everyone really understands why cancer occurs.
In all forms of cancer, there are cells in the body that begin to divide, often rapidly, and continue doing so without stopping as they spread into surrounding areas.
Now, cells become abnormal, old, or damaged and instead of dying off like they should, they survive.
Once diagnosed, whole plant based diets have been shown to reduce the grown of cancer and even completely reversing the condition. Cells of those who eat clean are replaced by new, healthy cells while cells of those who don’t pay attention to what they eat are replaced by new, weaker cells hence weak immune systems. Unlike vegetables, where you can just about eat as many as you’d like, the same cannot be said for fruit.
And while this is a lot less than some other snack foods you could be eating instead, it will add up if you eat too much fruit. For weight loss its imperative to eat food with low GI and fruits with low GI are grapefruits, lemon and limes, along with oranges, apricots, and nectarines. Eating 1 orange also leaves you satiated longer because of the fiber, while orange juice will have you hungry in 20 minutes.
For fat loss purposes, if you choose from the lower GI ranking fruits and keep your intake limited to 1-2 servings per day, there’s no reason you can’t include fruits on your diet plan.
We are seeing people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes all the time and unfortunately, this is a condition many have to then live with. They need to inject themselves with the hormone daily in order to sustain proper control over their blood glucose levels. This often happens over a period of years and is due to lifestyle and nutrition choices they are making. There isn’t just one cause of this disorder, but rather, it’s going to be caused by a variety of different factors. Consuming too many simple sugars, such as wheat products (bread, pasta), over consuming sugary items such as cake, cookies,  is the biggest cause of diabetes as this wears the entire system down, causing insulin to continually be released in high dosages.
Wouldn’t it be better to proactively pay more attention and be more intentional of what you eat and how your live now…today? This means eating a diet full of natural, wholesome foods that are high in fiber, nutrients and low in sugar.
While all forms of exercise will be incredibly beneficial to the management of diabetes, you’ll want to especially focus on more intense forms such as strength training as well as interval training. There are people with Diabetes, usually type 1, that are not overweight or obese and it cannot be assumed that having a healthy weight means being healthy. According to the ADA (American Diabetes Association) blood sugar levels vary throughout the day and differ.
Through a proper diet and exercise program, you can certainly do your part to prevent and control this condition.
This refers to the fact that all that weight training will make everyday activities feel that much easier. Whether this is carrying groceries in from the car or moving your couch in your living room.

To reap all these benefits, be sure to lift a weight that challenges you – preferably one that has you fatiguing within the 8-12 rep range on most exercises.
Did you know that our bodies create their own cholesterol? Yes, the liver does because cholesterol is necessary for certain organs to function. This creates the build up of plaque in the arteries which in turn may block blood flow and result in coronary heart disease, chest pain (angina) amongst other conditions. This means that one can have an upper body that is mesomorphic yet the lower half of the body is endomorphic, or vice versa. When the body is deprived, utilizes energy sparingly, hoards any food (calories) consumed and store it into fat which will inhibit weight loss. Until that point however, make the extra effort because counting calories will be worth it. One of the biggest reasons that most people fail to see the weight loss results they’re going for is simply because they don’t stay consistent long enough or fall off the bandwagon at some point or another. If lack of time is the number one reason you fall off your diet time and time again, food prep will help. Use these for fast lunches on the go or for evenings when you have a million and one things to do. Knee pain will sideline you in a hurry, rendering it nearly impossible to continue on with the workouts that you have planned. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll never suffer from knee pain, if you put the following tips in order, you will be dramatically decreasing your chances of it occurring.
If you ever see your knee moving inward or outward, moving away from the line directly over the toes, stop the exercise immediately. This means doing a series of exercises like lunges, hamstring curls, leg extensions, as well as the ‘big lifts’ of squats and deadlifts. If you have much stronger quads than hamstrings or vice versa, that can itself lead to knee pain development.
These cross training activities will help lower the overall tension and stress on the knee joint, decreasing your injury risk. This is one injury that you’ll really want to do whatever you can to side-step because once you’re suffering, you’ll find it’s a hard injury to get rid of.
Thoughts of how you can maintain your health and fitness level during pregnancy could be beginning to surface. During this time, you’ll only need a slight increase to your calorie intake, so aim for around 100-150 more calories per day. Keep your strength training program and do regular cardio, just do be sure to keep your heart rate to the 70-85% max heart rate range. Don’t do any exercises that could potentially risk a fall, so try and stay seated as much as possible.
Stick to ones you know and feel comfortable with, focusing on simply maintaining your fitness, rather than improving it. As you do, also add in foods that are rich in vitamin K, which are needed for proper blood clotting. Go for plenty of long walks and partake in a light resistance training session designed for pregnant women.
If you plan for a healthy pregnancy, you’ll not only feel your best, but will bounce back faster after you deliver. This month’s challenge is all about getting those arms toned and sexy for the holidays!For toned arms several muscles must be worked namely biceps, triceps and shoulders and guess what? Simply hold a pair of dumbbells at shoulder height and then, keeping the spinal column in alignment, drive the weight over your head, never locking your elbows. To perform this one, hold a set of dumbbells down by either side and then slowly lift them up to the sides of the body until they are parallel to the shoulders.
Doing weight training exercises before that period may cause bleeding and other unwanted complications. Mothers should remember that it took them 9 months to put on that fat, so enough time should be given for it to be burned down. Women go to great lengths to get back in shape soon after and the main concern is to lose all those extra pounds that they gained during the pregnancy. This is not a fix deadline, but it should serve as a helpful indicator for those who wonder whether they are ahead or behind the plan. This is good for weight loss because it contains tartaric acid, which prevents sugar and carbohydrates from being converted to fat.
Experts say it can not only aid in reducing weight but also boosts energy and may even prevent risks of postpartum depression. There is absolutely no way to keep your original body weight while becoming the most beautiful thing in the world, a mother. If you aren’t blown away by what the program has to offer, you can request a refund within the first 60 days and you’ll get your money back guarantee, no questions asked!
The exercises must become more difficult little by little.  But don’t be afraid of doing something after the birth of the baby. These cells may start to divide without stopping, which then leads to the growth of tumors.
Most fruits will also contain a high level of vitamins and antioxidants, which can help promote optimal health. As their cells become less and less sensitive to insulin, this results in them not handling their carbohydrates as well as they should. As time ticks onward, with so much insulin constantly flooding the system, the cells simply become less sensitive. Make doctor visits, even when you are not sick,  an annual commitment to yourself…it could save your life.
For this reason, I recommend you have beans + lentils with vegetables instead of carbohydrates. Consider consuming as many egg whites as you need without the risks associated health  consuming whole eggs. If you are a runner for instance, every so often, take a break from running and use the elliptical. Always be sure that you are using proper form whenever you’re doing an exercise and if the weight is too great it prevents you from doing so, back off and lighten the load. While you can’t – and shouldn’t ever try – to prevent the changes that are taking place in your body right now, you can work with those changes, taking steps to maintain your health and fitness level. Stop if you feel any sort of abdominal or pelvic pain or if you start feeling out of breath.
Avoid any exercises that have you in the prone position and try and stay seated as often as possible.
The most important thing to note is that flat abs are not just about doing hundreds of crunches. The reason being that seeing abs is more about getting to a lower body fat level than it is actually increasing your core muscle size. Beyond that, add a small dose of healthy fats to your meals along with complex carbohydrates strictly in the morning and around exercise.
These will all work a number of muscles at once, giving you a better calorie burn for the session itself. Both of these hinder your flat-ab goals as they will cause you to release cortisol, which only promotes fat storage in the abdominal region. Too many women rely strictly on cardio training to try and change their body and unfortunately this is a futile effort because cardio training will never give you the results that you are looking for no matter how much you try.
Sit in a bench and holding a pair of dumbbells down by your sides, curl the weights upward, keeping the elbows locked into the sides. Even though complete loss of this fat and returning to the exact pre-pregnancy bodies maybe impossible, it is possible for woman to get back into a very better shape and healthy body by exercises and diet. Remember even though you have to eat properly to remain healthy and feed the baby, you needn’t eat as much as you did during your pregnancy days. This is seen to aid in the melting down of fat and also will surely energize you and keep you from being tired. If your delivery wasn’t normal or you have other medical complications, then definitely seek advice from your medical practitioner starting the exercises. By following a healthy diet and consistent and regular exercises, the process of fat loss after pregnancy can be made quite easy.
With the right diet and exercise this can be done sooner than expected and without jeopardizing their health. It is imperative not to indulge in unhealthy foods and embrace a sedentary lifestyle after giving birth as this will increase the risk of health complications. Women who breastfeed infant for first 3 months lose more kilos than those who don’t breastfeed. Women need a minimum 1,200 calories, but if you’re nursing you need minimum of 1,800 – 2,000 calories. It is good to note that most of the nutrition form fruit is not exclusive to fruit and can be gotten from other foods with less calories and sugar.
Don’t make the mistake of only focusing on exercise and neglecting other areas that need to be tended to. You will become stronger and stronger that means that your exercises must become more difficult.

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