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Using good old-fashioned exercise, healthy eating, and a Cinch shake or two a day, I am 20 pounds lighter than I was at the beginning of December! I still feel like I have more toning to do, but finally dropping the baby weight from both kids has made me feel so much more comfortable and happy in my own skin!
As far as exercise, I didn’t do as much as I’d like, but when I found the time I would do a 5 min “Great Abs Guaranteed” workout, sometimes a few a day. The Cinch protein shake (and it’s made with non-GMO soy!) allowed me to fit in a quick meal while breastfeeding, making Lily’s lunch, blogging, or on the way to work.
The shakes are unlike any chalky, so-gross-it’s-tough-to-swallow-without-gagging protein shake I’ve tasted.
It was slow, a pound or two a week, sometimes going back up, sometimes going back down, but I feel SO good now. The kit includes a full size canister of the soy vanilla shake mix, a box of peanut butter crunch bars (perfect for an at-work snack), pomegranate energy tea, as well as a pedometer and program guide.
The program guide lays everything out and tells you how to work the shakes into your day, shake recipes, and what other foods you should be eating and how much for your body type. I normally shy away from talking about Shaklee products, as I don’t want to be “that person you know that can’t stop trying to sell you something,”  but I feel so strongly about how much these shakes have helped ME, that I felt I would be holding out by NOT sharing it with you! Things are tight, but the way I see it, I purchase a canister a month at the member price of around $35, which is $35 that I’m not tempted to spend on fast food or coffee drinks. I know you are probably super busy with that adorable new baby of yours, but are you still sell Shaklee?
According to a 16-year study conducted, sleep actually helps mothers lose those gained baby weight after giving birth. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been growing in popularity in the past few years. I had worked hard from when my doctor had given me a go ahead to start exercising in September, lost most of the weight and then hit a wall in March, putting back on seven pounds and lost motivation.

Although, I’ve been drinking the shakes for a while, the guide really helped me figure out what I should be eating, especially while breastfeeding!
You can see more about the Shaklee weight loss products at my store, A Healthy Tradition, here.
I ask that you use only one picture along with a short description linking back to the post. After birthing however, the body will gradually shed what it calls baby weight, though it is a slow process. If the metabolic rate is fast, then the mother can lose weight more quickly since the body will require more energy. Eating a proper and balanced diet with fruits and vegetables will also play a large part in restoring the mother’s pre-pregnancy body.
Since then, I have changed my weight loss mindset to a lifestyle change and the weight has been falling off easily. The “cafe latte” shake combined with the almond milk is SO good, and it gave me a “coffee” fix and energy boost without the added caffeine. The body shrinks back to its original state and some mothers will even lose baby weight from 8 to 20 pounds during the first two weeks after having a baby, but for others, the process may be slower or will not happen at all.
I have lost five pounds this past week alone and I haven’t been hungry for one second. In fact, the first six months is the critical period to lose weight gained after having a baby. Mothers who have gained considerable weight after giving birth can help the body lose weight.
Depending on the doctor’s decision, it may take weeks before the mother can do any serious exercise. However, mothers can still do some light exercise to keep the body safe and healthy about 2 weeks after giving birth. But lets face it, my taste in foods is a not quite the same as my six-year-old, my four-year-old and eleven month old twins.

I would fall into this trap of either making them something that I didn’t like, which meant I would pick up take-out after they were in bed. Or I would make this family meal that I knew my kids would eat, but would taste like cardboard to me (see photo below) and I would choke down. After more than 2 weeks, mothers can move on to medium regimens like walking, light running, and the like. Then I would compensate by snacking all evening.I have decided to cut myself loose from the family and go rogue. My husband Mike has been eating more like I am and the kids have been reaching for more produce!
I have started to try out a lot of different exercises and sports, this week it was kickboxing.
This is necessary to help sculpt and strengthen my muscles, especially my core, which has been through a lot.I will often grab a walk on my own in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, to just listen to music and unwind.
I have made the conscious decision to get out of the house whenever possible during the summer with them.
I have become a bit of a wine connoisseur in my thirties, including going on wine tours and building my wine collection. I am also being kind to my body, constantly reminding myself about the war it recently went through and thanking it for creating those four perfect people!Don’t forget to follow Nesting Story on Instagram where I will be posting photos of my progress under the hashtag #mynewbodyafterbaby.
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