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Women everywhere who’ve lost some serious weight in the name of health and happiness. One summer night in 2009 I decided I was so ashamed of how I looked that I wanted to change. How I Lost It: I began eating healthier, adding more fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats and fish to my diet, as well as drinking a lot of water, limiting my red meat intake, drinking unsweetened ice tea instead of pop and limiting sugar. I have an ideal weight in mind, but no longer consider my weight as the only proof of accomplishment.
Jennifer Hudson will say goodbye to Weight Watchers after losing 80 pounds during the past 4 years. Jennifer Hudson told People magazine that she was grateful of taking Weight Watchers diet plan that helped her lose 80 pounds.
Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss began in 2010 after he realized that she had taken too many pounds after pregnancy.
Jennifer lost much weight from size 16 to size 6 just in early 2011, then in November 2012 she was reported to have lost 80 pounds.
No longer just the footwear of choice for gym bunnies, the trainer has become part of the uniform of cool for the A-list and fashion elite. If you want to channel your inner fashionista for less then see our superbly on-trend picks below which include options from New Balance and Nike. Her rock: Simon was by the superstar's side as her 21 album broke records around the world in 2011.

I was always on the heavy side when I was growing up, and continued to gain weight during my teenage years.
I pretended I was the most confident person in the world, but on the inside I was frustrated, embarrassed and ashamed.
At that time she had been the spokeswomen of Weight watchers and then her weight loss journey began.
The singer lost 80 pounds while on the weight watchers program and has kept it off ever since. The advent of street-style has catapulted the trainer into the fashion sphere and we're seeing them worn with practically any outfit.
Functionable yet totally fashionable, you can rock Adele's effortlessly stylish look by clicking right to Nike and adding a pair of trainers to your capsule collection. We'll be wearing ours with everything from skinny jeans and a plain T-shirt to leather mini skirts with shirts.
Throughout high school, I attempted more extreme diets, and became the queen of yo-yo dieting. There were many days during my senior year of college where I would take up to six different diet pills daily, eat nothing and only drink water.
I don't care how fast I run, I just focus on running every single step until I cross the finish line.
My ideal afternoon was eating three fast food burgers and two large fries in between lunch and dinner.

About a week later, I would realize I needed to diet again and have one final large meal and start a new diet the following morning. If you look at Jennifer Hudson before and after losing her weight you'll see a huge difference. I loved high school and was involved in many activities, however I was experiencing some personal issues that caused me to turn to food as comfort.
I eventually gained 40 of those 60 pounds back because I went back to eating what I did before. I knew I was heavy and that I needed to do something about it, but had no interest in doing so at that time.
I stay motivated to keep running by purchasing a gift for myself after races like new athletic socks, sports bras, running pants or even a new MP3 player. Beside running, I bike, attend Zumba classes, swim, play tennis, do step aerobics and walk with my family. Just recently, I've decided that I want to push myself again, so I have committed myself to running my first half-marathon this October.

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