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Magazines, fitness experts and supplement companies will get you doing all sorts of fancy workouts in order to lose fat. The reality is that they don’t and the research on the best exercises for fat loss all point to two areas. High intensity interval training basically involves rotating between all out sprints and light jogs. For example, a 20 minute high intensity cardio session would involve a gentle 5 minute jog on the treadmill, then a full on sprint for 30 seconds and then a light jog until your heart rate returns to a nominal rate. Research[iv] has shown that heavy compound movements such as the squat and deadlift burn the most post workout calories than any other exercise.
This can be done outside on the road (make sure you wear a highly visible jacket) on a treadmill, rowing machine or exercise bike. I also thoroughly recommended incorporating heavy weight lifting in the 4-6 rep range (80-85% of 1RM). To conclude, if you’re wanting to burn as much fat as possible in the shortest amount of time HIIT and heavy compound weight lifting are the perfect combination. My mission is to strip the fat off over 10 million people helping individuals improve their health, productivity and sense of wellbeing through the use of basic physiological and psychological techniques. It’s no secret that carbs have a pretty bad reputation these days for making people fat.
The truth is that there are a massive number of people who low carb dieting simply hasn’t worked for. No, I am talking about the people who followed their low carb diet to the letter – eschewing carbs as if they were some sort of wonderful tasting poison.
Worse still, there are people who actually ended up gaining weight by following a low carb diet! If so, read through the rest of this article, because I am going to explain exactly why you haven’t been losing weight on your low carb diet. Now in many cases, low carb diets will automatically create this deficit for you (at least at first), since you’ll be all-but-eliminating one of the 3 major macronutrients from your diet. And if that was all there was to it, then you would be able to lose weight without much of an issue, provided that you stuck to the rules and kept your carbs very low. However, when many people cut carbs, what actually happens is that they end up replacing them with other types of foods – namely, food with higher amounts of fat. We’re talking nuts, cheeses, and fatty meats, which are all encouraged options on the Atkins Diet and others like it.
However, each gram of fat contains roughly 9 calories, compared to the 4 calories in each gram of carbohydrates, making these higher fat foods incredibly calorie-dense.
This means that you can end up eating a fairly small volume of fatty foods, and still take in a ton of calories!
Well, in this case, you wouldn’t have actually created much of a calorie deficit at all, since the calories in those small amounts of cheese and nuts just about equals that 800 calories that you saved from not eating those carbs. Diets based on food group restrictions can work, but it is a bit of a stab in the dark for many people. In short, in order to lose weight with a low carb diet, you not only have to avoid eating carbs, but also not consume those calories back in the form of fatty foods (or even excessive protein, although that is less likely).

This will allow you to eat carbs and fats, but to fit it all into a calorie structure that will have you losing weight consistently. And unlike low carb dieting, you won’t have to just cross your fingers and hope that the rules will provide the correct caloric deficit.
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I co-wrote this target heart rate article with Craig Ballantyne because we want to get the message out to everyone who keeps struggling with this outdated mentality that they must be in some sort of "fat burning zone" if they want to stand any chance of losing body fat with their workouts. One of the worst myths in the fitness industry is that you need to maintain a specific heart rate range in the fat burning zone in order to lose fat. The quicker you get rid of the "target fat burning heart rate = the best workout" mentality, the faster you will actually start to get real results with fat loss and changing the shape of your body for good. In the Turbulence Training workouts, you actually burn more fat and more total calories when you are OUT of the gym due to the high-intensity and variable intensity nature of the training methods in these programs. Over the last 10 years, scientific research has indicated a couple of very important things to us about exercising for body fat loss. Another important aspect we have learned from scientific research in recent years is that highly variable interval-type training is far superior to slow, steady-pace cardio exercise for fat loss and post-exercise induced calorie burning.
The only time you might need to know your specific heart rate is during the recovery period of the interval training. All of these details are provided in the interval training guidelines within the Turbulence Training program. If you want to start actually getting the fat loss results you've been wanting for so long, do not worry so much about your target fat buring heart rate zone during exercise. The TT workout guidelines will give you all of the details you need on the specific rest periods to use between supersets and intervals.
It’s simply impossible to reduce body fat in a specific area, no matter how much you curse that little something extra around your middle. Europe and the United States, and have received widepraises from customers and gained a good reputation. Simply thinking that they should stick to treadmill and let the meat heads lift the weights. This is because research has shown that training with heavy weights (80-85% of 1RM) increases metabolic rates over the following several days, burning hundreds more calories over this time than workouts performed with lighter weights (45-65% of 1RM). If building muscle isn’t for you then just think about the fantastic weight loss benefits it will bring! Transform your body in just 12 weeks with custom workout and nutrition plans designed just for you.
We'll show you why targeting a specific heart rate to be in this so-called fat burning zone is actually the opposite of what you should be focusing on in your workouts if you truly want to get lasting fat loss results.

This phenomenon is not due to the elevated heart rate you experience during the workout (even though your heart rate will be increased from the supersets and intervals), but rather from the metabolic and hormonal response you achieve from the more effective workout compared to your ineffective "fat burning zone" workout. First of all, lifting heavier weights while exercising leads to a higher caloric consumption by the body in the period for about 1-2 days following the workout when compared to lifting light weights with high repetitions.
In the long run, if you focus on the internal metabolic response your body is getting from your workout routines, instead of how many calories you burn during some sort of magical "target fat burning heart rate zone", you will achieve MUCH better fat loss results. It is important to take enough time during your recovery intervals in order for your heart rate to drop back down significantly (allow it drop to approximately less than 60% of your max heart rate). You do not want to start your next high-intensity interval too soon, nor do you want to exercise too hard during your recovery intervals. And we'll show you how to properly structure your intervals so that you allow enough recovery time between each. Instead, make sure that you are working at a high-intensity and a variable intensity (according to your individual capabilities of course) during each weight lifting and interval training session. With these guidelines, you will start to see vastly improved results from your workouts within weeks of implementing the changes. When you lift, perform supersets in which you alternate between sets of lower body exercises and upper body exercises.
Unfortunately, this false belief leads people to choose low intensity steady state cardio routines that are ineffective and cause most people a major lack of results from their workouts. So that's why 6-8 repetitions per set is better than 12-15 reps per set when it comes to stimulating the metabolism for losing fat permanently. So not only is it more result-producing, but it is also more time-efficient to use short high-intensity interval training workouts instead of slow, long, steady-pace cardio sessions.
With these guidelines, you do not have to worry about monitoring your target heart rate or anything fancy like that. You may be burning calories or losing weight, but there is no guaranteeing those calories and that weight loss has come from fat.
One funny thing I noticed is my belly fat has started turning kind of soft and squishy since last week.
That's one of the cornerstones of the types of training routines in programs that actually get results, like Turbulence Training. In order to burn belly fat, aerobic exercise and resistance training should be combined, but weight lifting should be the primary activity.
I actually prefer weight lifting rather than doing cardio and have noticed strength gains in addition to seeing some muscle definition since I’ve started dropping fat.
Thrust you hips forward and swing the weight up to about your chest, keeping your arms straight. Millions of people every year fail at losing belly fat and blame themselves, their programs, and even other people.

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