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We all know the weight loss benefits of a good workout and healthy eating, but did you know that your sleep also plays a large part on how successful you will be at losing weight. A study undertaken back in 2010 has shown that if you do not get a good nights sleep it could undermine your weight loss efforts by as much as 55%. Here are some tips to ensure you not only get a good nights sleep, but also are able to lose a few extra pounds while you snooze.
Both lamb and turkey contain tryptophan that is an amino acid that is shown to promote good sleep patterns. If you fast during the night then you are likely to lose more weight than those who enjoy a spot of midnight fridge-raiding.
A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism has shown that mice who fasted for 16 hours were leaner than the mice who were allowed to graze throughout the day and night; even though they were on a controlled diet. As your body uses more calories to break down protein than it does carbs and fat, it makes sense that you should have a protein shake just before bedtime. Research at the Florida State University has shown that those who ate protein before bed had a higher resting metabolism than those who ate nothing.
This maybe a strange tip, but if you tend to suffer from food cravings while in bed then sniffing some peppermint before bedtime may help.

Not only will you be tempted to check your phone for messages and updates, but the light can affect your sleep too.
If you have a red or yellow bedroom then you may find that you tend to be hungrier than those who have a blue bedroom.
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Our obsession with obesity and idiotic diets hangs heavily this holiday season filled with pecan pies and duck fat fries.
In his A to Z Weight Loss Study, Gardner and his team measured the effectiveness of the low-carb Atkins and low-fat Ornish diets, with the Zone and LEARN diets in between. Other studies show that lack of sleep also raises blood sugar, making insulin less effective and boosting production of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates your appetite.

Therefore it would make sense that getting a good nights sleep could reduce these snack food cravings. A study published in the journal Diabetes has revealed that the colder temperature could ensure your body starts to burn off its brown fat stores in an effort to keep you warm. His research found very few differences between these popular diets, and a review of the literature shows that how people lose weight and keep it off is still individual, elusive and mysterious.
SLEEP MORE! Scientists have discovered people who sleep less (usually six or fewer hours a night) are more likely to gain weight over time than people who sleep more (seven to eight hours). MICROBIOTA! Your stomach has a wisdom of its own, and scientists are discovering that having healthy microbes in your gut appear to help in regulating your weight. Christopher Gardner, a leading obesity researcher and director of nutrition studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center.
I tell people to go to farmer’s markets more, because those words are somehow more intuitive that telling them to add up how many grams of unsaturated fat, how many grams of fish oil, how many grams of fiber, soluble or insoluble, glycemic index or .

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