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Then there are those who suffer from medical conditions requiring medications that cause weight gain…catch 22. My trick with the sugary junk is to blow it all off by asking myself if eating that doughnut is worth the 500 calories or the big glass of soda is worth 300 calories. If I had ten acres of land free for planting anything I wanted, I would try Heirloom wheat and make my own bread to see if that is truly the problem. Going Gluten free is tough – but do able if you feel better, and shed pounds, why would you keep eating it?
Getting your body prepared for doing without luxury foods, and prepared for hard work is the best preparation for a good life, as well as a post-SHTF life.
The water is starting to boil folks another few months and it will be a rolling boil and too late to prepare. Yes Hitlery has filled out a bit (HA!), but she is surrounded by slaves at her beck and call.
And when the water is completely boiled away and the fire is still lite, we’ll start using ammo!!! Glycemic load info compares serving sizes and is much less complicated than having to calculate a glycemic index for everything you eat.
If we accept the warnings of not if, but when the power grid goes down, many of the conveniences we have will be altered and priorities changed. It will also be vital to not over exert your body this will be much easier with less sore muscles if you improve your physical condition now.
By the way, you may be surprised to know how much sugar is in an ordinary 12oz can of soda. I’m sitting here (lunch time) looking at Mrs.J drinking a can of Sunkist orange soda, and it has 43 grams of sugar! She was on the treadmill this morning and I asked her how many calories the meter said she burned… she said a little more than 200.
I am not positive, but a couple of former heavy Milk drinkers, told me a glass of milk equal to a can of soda, has as much or more sugar in it. I have yet to meet a carb that I didn’t like- I do try to pick ones that offer some decent nutrition.
If someone could invent a way to temporarily shut down one’s sense of taste, even the most abusing eater will simply stop eating, until their taste is again turned back on.
I wonder if it could be done chemically, or if one would need to expose the tongue to radiation, like my experience.
My understanding to lose weight, stop eating anything your Grandmother could not pronounce.
Secondly, a long story short, a very funny 5 min Radio gig was about a surefire way to lose weight… “Eat less, Move more” was the punch line after a bout on the cost of the weight loss program that came with a $1000 guarantee….. Tape a 5×7 photo of yourself naked on the refrigerator door, you wont even touch the handle before you turn away!
No Sugar, No Grain diet (NSNG) has me eating better, and down almost 20 pounds in 3 months only changing my diet.
Pretty much from then on, I hit the gym at least 4 to 5 times a week (minimum 1.5 hour workout). I plan on doing the Spartan Sprint this coming December, I look forward to that challenge and I am sure it will give me the motivation to keep working harder on myself.

I still work as an RN so I constantly strive for the balanced approach to life: All things in moderation.
Another twist a friend told me about, if you have a backpack put the equivalent of weight you want to lose in the pack.
The first thing to understand is that the only way to healthy body is a healthy diet, you don’t need to starve at all, run 4 straight hours or count every calorie you eat, all you need is a balanced and healthy diet. Instead of going out for dinner every week try to minimize it, there is no better food that the ones you prepare at home, filled with good ingredients and energy boosters. Don’t torture yourself if you know that one aisle is packed with everything you really don’t want, most of that food is just advertising, and won’t give your body anything good.
A green smoothie is the best way to boost your energy early in the morning and get you right on track by accelerating your metabolism; put as many greens as possible. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed grape juice every morning to cleanse, help break down fats and suppress appetite. Bladderwrack may help to encourage the metabolism, also try drinking nettle tea before meals; it is a diuretic that generally helps the metabolism. Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation.
It’s not that you have to stop eating all of them (although the weight will come off faster).
The research on glycemic load information is fairly new, but there are a couple of books out there that explain it more fully.
Being in good physical shape before this happens will be an advantage to you and your family that will be depending on you more than ever. So, the finest wine, and your single malt scotch, all taste like Cough Syrup for a month or so.
Including ALL processed “white” stuff (Flour, Sugars, Boxed Foods, Prepared Crapo, on and on) So basically 95% of the Grocery Store gunk. I remember a Sci Fi movie about time travel where the future guy meets himself from the past. I’m talking leafy greens, stay away from the roots such as turnip roots and beets etc. This will lower the digesting stomach acid ph and help prevent acid reflux, GERD, and even possibly a hiatal hernia and throat cancer!
I have to eat 600 -800 calories a day to lose with a 20 minute workout every day but I quit losing at 140 lbs, so I have cut the food down to 500 calories and more and exercise more.
I am stuck with that picture for at least 5 years, but it motivates me to push myself to exercise more and have more self control.
The first classification that comes to mind are cardiac meds called ACE inhibiters and calcium channel blockers that make things taste kind of bitter,metallic(nasty).
Wear it all day for a full day (no cheating), than when you take it off, see how you feel…..
Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. He apparently drank a lot of soda every day, and soda is loaded with an incredible amount of sugar (calories).
If you do not want to lose weight, then stop reading here and go back to your tub of ice cream. Physical work will definitely give a person muscle mass which is able to burn calories more efficiency.
Exercise can be found through hiking, bicycling, paddling, playing any of the ball sports (tennis, football, basketball, etc), or in my case, riding a horse or paddling.

Freeze it before putting in buckets, esp if in climate that does not have deep freeze option. May want to look into getting a punching bag or spend time getting of lead therapy to reverse the side effects.
Investing now in your food prepping of the right foods to maintain muscle mass is vital because everyone will be burning more calories. Don’t remember if it was a pill or powder but it shut off the taste buds for 20-30 minutes. When I read a label, there is NO way to really know what all that shi^ is, and we dump into our bodies on a daily basis.
I did that for three months, and have gone from 265 down to 211, as of this morning, and I haven’t been hungry either. In fact, I will speculate that even those who have prepped to the n’th degree will be in probable trouble if they are not in good shape come SHTF (long term). I did two simple things–no fat between meals, and never eat butter and cheese at the same meal. Then I can’t eat more that 550 calories a day to maintain that weight with the workouts. Then it came time to renew my drivers license, I was shocked about how big my face had gotten when I got my license in the mail. What also helped is I stopped eating McDonald’s, I love their chicken nuggets and french fries, but I honestly feel like crap afterwards. You can’t depend on other people to make you go work out or cut down on whatever your vice might be. I pointed this out to my father years ago when he was complaining about my mom’s cooking.
When people are disappointed that I gave them water when they are thirsty, I remind them that water was the Original diet beverage. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. And physical work, when done correctly, will use more muscle groups and keep a person’s body more fit than stationary bicycling or treadmilling. My yearly medical last week showed all the bad stuff in the blood was a lot less and the good stuff a lot more.
I look 40 pounds lighter than I am and I love playing with the weight guessers at the fair. I need vitamins because if I ate the recommended portions of this and that food, I’d gain weight. I feel much more energetic and haven’t gotten sick in those 7 months while I have been working out.
Physical work can be a calorie-burning job through a skill like carpentry, gardening, splitting wood, etc. I did this about 10 years ago but I gained it all back eating what I am supposed to eat proportionally. If your cholesterol is low, your blood pressure is fine and you can run (and work) without gasping for breath or hurting your joints, don’t worry about it.

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