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If you are keen to lose weight than it is imperative that along with exercises you pay close attention to your diet also.
Here, we present you a meal plan for losing weight which can be followed easily and which can help you lose weight quickly. An effective meal plan aims to provide little amount of food every two hours so that body may feel loved and nourished and do not store fats.
If need be, you can add half a tea spoon of sugar and can gradually decrease the amount of sugar from your tea till you become comfortable drinking sugar free tea. However, if you feel that your stools have become too dried after taking psyllium husk than you can stop taking it. Certain foods which are high in sodium, sugar or calories should be avoided when you are on this diet plan.
While most of the ‘tasty’ foods are a strict no-no when on diet plan, there are still some foods and drinks which are delicious and which are allowed in the diet plan. The Customized Fat Loss Plan is a personalized nutrition and workout program created by Kyle Leon, a fitness model and certified nutrition expert.
As you can see, you need to enter some details about yourself such as your gender, age, weight, and your body type. As you can see, I have detailed account of the total calories, fats, protein, fiber, and carbs from each food and meal. Hey kelly I bought the muscle maximizer but I couldn’t get into the program so I got the refund.
I just wanted to say thanks for having the first objective and informative review of this product. I represent the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer & Customized Fat Loss programs by Kyle Leon.
I am in week 4 of Kyle’s program right now, and I am here to tell you that it WILL work you hard!
Disclosure: Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, so buying through them may result in compensation for this website and its owner. Merely exercising for long hours without paying attention to diet will not yield desired results. If you want to drink tea before exercises, then make sure that you keep a gap of 30 minutes between lemon water and tea. In the breakfast you can choose out of a bowl of vegetable porridge or one stuffed vegetable parantha (the flour should be made of equal proportions of barley and grams grinded together), one cup of skimmed milk or a bowl of low fat curd and two boiled egg whites.

You can take a cup of sugar free tea or coffee and can have a handful of roasted grams as a snack or a small bowl of lightly steamed sprouts or two Marie biscuits.
Psyllium husk is pure fiber and helps in speeding up bowel movements and helps in controlling hunger pangs. Deep fried foods, sweets, starchy foods like noodles, pasta, high salt foods like Chinese food, chaats and other junk foods should not be consumed during the period when you are on diet plan.
They are lemon water, sugar less tea and coffee, clear soups, green salads, raw vegetables, sprouts, fruit salads, etc.
Tea and coffee are diuretic and acidic in nature hence their consumption should be limited in your diet. To break the monotony, you can substitute the foods mentioned in the plan with other equally healthy foods. Once you enter your details you are taken to a page in which you get 3 pre-designed meal plans which are made for your body type with the total number of calories and nutrients that you need to lose fat quickly.
I came across this review and all of your posts so I thought I would make a post is case any of you would like to talk to me about our programs.
The first couple of weeks I was sore all over, and then I got used to it, but it does do what it promises. On the other hand, if you work out regularly and watch your diet also than you can be assured of getting optimum results in a shorter span of time. These artificial sweeteners are linked with long term health problems and they do not let the sugar cravings go entirely.
When eaten early, the process of digesting dinner also works as a fat burning process and helps in reducing weight. Alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks, squashes, syrups and all other kind of drinks which are loaded with sugar and calories should be avoided. The best bet is to carry a fruit like apple or pear in your purse so that as soon as hunger strikes, you can quickly much on your healthy and filling snack and avoid bingeing later.
For example, sometimes instead of chapatti, you can have a small bowl of brown rice in lunch. So, if you want to know the good and bad things regarding Customized Fat Loss, read this review.
There are meal plans for workout days and for resting days and there is an emphasis of the post workout meal being the most important. So, it will be best if you start cultivating the habit of drinking sugarless tea throughout the day.

You can have one bowl of clear vegetable soup, one plate of salt free salad, one small bowl of pulses and one chapati in your dinner.
If you are a non-vegetarian than eat lean meats only and avoid organ meats like kidney, liver, brain and egg yolks. We know that the page that we serve is far from perfect but we hope at least you’ll get what you are looking for on this topic.
What is Customized Fat Loss As the name of the program implies, this is a program which offers a customizable nutrition plan to help you shed body fat quickly.
You can choose after which meal you plan to workout and you’re given a customized plan which fits your choice. The Customized Fat Loss system gives you the ability to create your own meal plans with you favorite foods and save them for your own use. Lime water helps in clearing bowels and speeds up metabolism, a basic function of body helpful in losing weight. The idea is to eat healthy and low-fat meals at regular intervals to maintain the blood sugar levels and avoid the hunger pangs. The idea is that if you use a generic weight loss plan, you have a slim chance of succeeding because it wasn’t made specifically for you. The system then gives you a total calorie, protein, carbs, and fat count for the plan you designed and you can quickly see how close you are to the target totals which the system has determined for you (you can see that on the right of the image above). I use them as a guide, and eat healthy sugar free foods, but I don’t follow them to the T. Still, I am getting stronger, more ripped, and have lost even more weight, so I am making excellent progress. Having such freedom, and the ability to change your meal plans anytime you want, will make is easier to stick to your plan and to achieve long-term fat loss. Ecto-Mesomorph – A body type which is mostly Ectomorph but with come Mesomorphic traits. Meso-Endomorph – Mostly Mesomorph but slightly softer and more rounded in appearance. As Kyle Leon works for a supplement company, he does try to get you to purchase their products.

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