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Always buy potatoes with ‘eyes’ that have the possibility to sprout as these contain live enzymes and are much healthier than the old and dried ones. When making the juice, use the entire potato including its skin as most of the nutrients are contained in the skin. To lose weight effectively, you must drink about 150 g of potato juice each morning on empty stomach, preferably 30 minutes before taking your breakfast.
If you don’t enjoy the taste of raw potato juice, you can add the juice of carrots or a small amount of honey to sweeten it up. Back up your weight loss efforts during these two weeks by eating a healthy balanced diet, focused primarily on vegetables and fruits. Losing weight can be such a frustrating battle that it's tempting to give up on food altogether. You can find several lime juice diets around the Internet and through books and word of mouth. Your body detoxifies itself by breaking your food down with stomach acid, moving it into the small intestine where the nutrients are absorbed, passing the remaining material into your large intestine and colon, and forming it into solid stool that is naturally eliminated. As for aiding digestion, your naturally produced stomach acid is at least 10 times stronger than lime juice. Make sure that the potatoes you choose are firm and have no green or black spots on them as they can indicate toxicity.

Then drink the equivalent amount of juice in the night as well, half an hour before taking your dinner.
Many citrus fasts, cleanses and quick weight-loss diets have focused on lime juice as the next miracle ingredient that will melt that fat away in no time.
Nutritionally, they are an excellent source of vitamin C, with an even higher concentration than lemons, oranges or grapefruits. It works as an anti-inflammatory, helps treat liver disorders and stomach ulcers and stimulates our digestive system. In case you do not have a juicer, simply grate the potato and squeeze out the juice using your hands.
Lime juice is a healthy addition to any diet, but, unfortunately, weight loss miracles really don't grow on trees.
Today we are going to learn about lemon juice and how it can help you in losing weight easily. It can helps in relieving constipation and replenish the ‘good’ bacteria on our digestive system, besides restoring the pH balance of the body. After the juice has been made, you may notice a white colored paste floating at the bottom of the container. If you need to lose more weight, take a break for 1 week and then repeat for another 2 weeks.

Especially I love lemon and try to have lemon juice at least once or twice in a week.When and how much lemon juice to drink for weight loss?Many people have this common question of when and how.
Well, expert’s suggestion for better weight loss is to drink lemon juice early in the morning as your stomach will be lite with not much stress on your digestive system. Thus, they are quite fulfilling and keep your feeling full for a longer time, thus helping your manage your hunger and lose weight effectively. The Master Cleanse calls for a 10-day fast of lime (or lemon) juice, water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Now coming to the question of how – take one glass of water and squeeze some lemon into it and drink it. Don’t add any sugar here to lemon water as that may impact your whole idea of losing weight in a negative way. Adding some honey (teaspoon) to it may be a good idea, as honey itself has many health benefits for your body.
It’s good to have 1-2 glasses of lemon water in a day and not more than that for better health and digestive system.You can also try this method.

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