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Plan out a 10-day diet routine for yourself that demonstrates what you should be eating, at what time and in what quantities. The regular intake of green tea instead of coffee and tea is a very good tip of weight loss. After a binge (typical especially during the Christmas holidays and during the New Year’s Eve), one usually feels fat due to too much sodium (should be limited to half a teaspoon of salt per day) and too much sugar which increases water retention causing bloating.
Whether you want to lose weight and make your belly, legs, butt, hips and face more beautiful and slimmer, it's the best way to lose weight quickly without diet pills or hard exercises. The menu of the first days of this cleanse diet is super light: the calories are few, only 950 calories in total.
People have become more health and diet conscious these days, as your body represents who you are. Here is a sample diet chart that you can follow.In Morning Take 1 tsp of lime juice, 1 tsp honey and mix both the things in a glass of warm water. To get back in shape and to cleanse and purify the body after bingeing on food, you should follow a diet to cleanse which has seafood, white meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables rich in potassium. In this menu, there is a pineapple which is diuretic that stimulates the kidneys and eliminates toxins. If you go out for a party or in a office meeting, you don’t want to look obese as it can effect your image in a group of people.
Increase protein intake too, protein is a muscle builder and helps to reduce fat from your body. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! With this cleanse diet for three days; the body gets rid of excess fluids, liquids, and toxins.
Thanks to its content of bromelain(1), the pineapple also helps in the digestion of proteins.
For breakfast, we have a milkshake (rich in calcium) and banana (source of potassium) that when put together have a diuretic effect on the body. Proteins are provided by cottage cheese and white meat which unlike red meat does not cause the production of nitrogenous waste and is easier on the kidneys. Obesity is a common problem; it is a chronic disease like diabetes and heart ailments because it is really difficult to cure obesity. It a great trick to reduce your weight in 10 days.In Breakfast Take oat meal, protein meal.
Give a half an hour of gap and then drink water. This will help you to control your belly fat. Most of us do not have control and eat fried food in a party or when we go out, it will increase your weight doubly.
The diuretic action of pineapples becomes more intense when this fruit is eaten with sea fish (source of iodine that accelerates the metabolism) and raw vegetables (rich in water). The coffee should be drunk bitter because sugars facilitate water retention and hinder the beneficial water draining effect of caffeine.
To drain fluids and toxins from the body, we have the dandelion (which like all bitter vegetables also has a cleansing action on the liver) and green salads, rich in water. The problem is if you are fat, it can lead you to many other health problems, most of the time you feel lazy or tired if you are fat.

Oats contains proteins, fiber and help you to reduce weight.In Lunch You can take 2 chapatis, boiled vegetables, salad. Rice (unlike pasta) does not contain gluten (responsible for water retention): rice provides energy without making you fat.
This revolutionary weight loss diet plan has the power to revert back all your fat into a tantalizing figure. A simple oil-free lunch is going to help you.In Evening  Take green tea instead of coffee and tea as it helps you to burn extra fat from the body.
On this first day of the diet, we also have green tea, which also eliminates of toxins and burns calories. Losing ten pounds of those flags in three days is usually interpreted as a really starving diet plan. But astonishingly the military diet is apparently the only diet which allows you to enjoy ice cream in your diet plan!!What is a Military Diet?A military diet is weight loss diet which promises a ten pounds loss of weight in just three days. You have to come out from your comfort zone and stop some of your bad eating habits in your daily routine. With recent hatching of the most controversial discovery of 60 percent of supplements in India being fake, this diet plan is surely a relief for many. The cost of supplements is also a major concern for those who are still reluctant to spend such large sums daily for weight loss.
It means that you have the access to this plan for free.Recipes in Military Diet PlanGood news, the military diet will free you from the strains of finding and learning intricate diet recipes. The basic ingredients in the meals of this plan are easily available in almost all parts of the world.You don’t have to spend hours in markets and kitchen to prepare your meals.
1400 Calories)The first day in this diet for weight loss requires you to consume an approximate of 1400 calories. It also helps in fighting with chronic diseases like constipation and also prevents breast cancer. This is a very beneficial food to consume in a military 3-day diet if you are looking for lowering down that bad cholesterol level inside your body. So following this meal can be your ultimate guide to say goodbye to that apple-shaped structure.Breakfast 1 Slice of whole wheat bread (120 Calories)2 tablespoons of butter (200 Calories)? Grapefruit (45 Calories)1 Cup Black Coffee r Tea (5 Calories) Lunch     1 Slice of whole wheat bread (120 Calories)? Cup Tuna (150 Calories)1 Cup Coffee or Tea (5 Calories) Dinner3 Ounces of Meat (300 Calories)1 Cup of French Beans (35 calories)? Banana (50 calories)1 Small green apple (75 calories)1 Cup vanilla ice cream (300 calories)DAY 2 (Approx 1200 Calories)After that comforting 1400 calorie day 1 meal, its time to get down. The 3-day military diet plan is going to put up all the right ingredients on your plate this day. A whole egg contains just 72 calories which are just a 4 percent of your 1200 calories meal plan.
But speaking of the facts, it is very important to include dairy products in your diet plan.
Other amongst the military diet substitutions for cheddar cheese can be Edam, Feta and goat’s cheese. So in this section, I will be introducing you to the various military diet substitutions that are legal while on a diet for weight loss.Grapefruit Substitute ChoicesWell, most people substitute a grapefruit for oranges. This is an erroneous conclusion to land upon that oranges will be the perfect substitute in a weight loss diet. So a better substitute will be to extract out the juice of the grapefruit and drink it after adding stevia.You can also try mixing up a half spoonful of baking soda in water and gulping it down. Banana are mostly fine with everyone but then few of the DNA’s might still be reluctant to eat it.

For them, I would recommend non-dairy cheese such as soy.Tofu (Bean Curd)Some thyroid patients are restricted to soy too. To start your day with any one of these above can be helpful in fighting your morning beverage craving.
The original version of this diet plan recommends drinking water equal to half of your body weight. Amongst the best tips for losing weight fast, it is always recommended to drink as much water as you can. Exercises in Military DietExercise in a military diet is not necessary.
But if you are really looking towards shedding that flabby look completely, you better keep your shoe lace tied.
Considering yoga along with this military 3-day diet plan can also help you to distribute your body weight in equal proportions.How Military Diet WorksThe Science Behind Meals of Military DietAfter having a look at day 1 of the military diet plan, you might feel the presence of coffee both astonishing and comforting. To keep in facts is the point that a cup of black coffee contains no more than 5 calories a cup. Researchers claim that having a grapefruit before the meal can result in assistance while burning fat. The enzymes in this fruit are very powerful and help to lose weight fast.Has anyone noticed the presence of a little tuna on the lunch menu? Well if you have then you will be surprised to know that tuna is not just a weight loss diet plan miracle rather it’s a protein-rich food.
So when your body struggles to break down those proteins, there is a significant calorie burning involved. This makes it ideal in our 3-day military diet plan.Eating a banana in breakfast is probably one of the best tips for losing weight.
The best part of eating a banana is that it slows down your digestion which makes it easier for you to stop craving for more food. This makes banana a very intelligent addition to your 3-day military diet plan.A cup of carrots in the military diet will account for just 4 percent of your 1200 military diet. My all time favourite veggie, broccoli is too in the top tips for weight loss and an essential in a weight loss diet meal. The calcium and chromium content in broccoli helps you lose weight fast.Consuming an apple in breakfast while you are on a 3-day military diet can help you lose weight fast.
This will prepare your body to abstain from gaining weight.The Military RoutineAccept the name of this diet plan literally. The first three strict days of this meal plan should be followed by next four days of controlled eating too.
A diet for weight loss doesn’t necessarily have to be an exclusive vegan or non-vegan. It helps in toning of the muscles, giving you flesh where you need and cutting out the fat from tummy lining and thighs. All these factors make the 3-day military diet plan an ideal diet for weight loss for everybody. She is very passionate about writing articles related to health, diet, weight loss, yoga and fitness.

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