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A Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie-burning dance fitness program that involves music with fast and slow rhytmic movements. Stress relief yoga practices relaxation techniques such as breathing, meditation, and rhythmic exercise in order to reduce everyday stress and to boost your energy and mood. Yoga for weight loss will help you lose weight by bringing you to a better understanding and consciousness of your body, improving self image and sense of well being. A weight-based group-fitness class program that can burn up to 600 calories in a single session while strengthening your entire body.

Enjoy the new hip fitness program with thumping Polynesian drumbeats that incorporates funky reggae music and hip-hop as it increases core definition and improves leg strength. A fusion of martial arts and classic dance moves that will sweep you off your feet and take you to a more advanced fitness level.
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You don't need to know how to dance or even how to shake your booty because no matter your age or sex Zumba will get you in shape and help you lose weight fast.

In a very small period of time you eliminate loads of calories by way of dancing to swinging Latin music.

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