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A bizarre weight loss fad among American teen girls is the “cotton-ball diet,” in which teens soak cotton balls in orange juice or lemonade and then eat the cotton ball, which is supposed to expand in their stomach and make them feel full. Kourtney Gordon, of the Fairwinds Eating Disorder Program, told 10 News, "The problem being that taking the non-nutritive foods is you’re not getting the vitamins, the minerals, the calories, the proteins, the fats that our bodies need to survive off of. While American teens choose to starve themselves on cotton balls, the numbers for world hunger outside the U.S. Long before anti-smoking campaigns started, consumers were introduced to cigarettes as not only a way to look cool, but to suppress your appetite. The idea is simple – knock yourself out for days on end, and when you wake up you’ve dropped a dress size! Sanford Siegal, the doctor from south Florida, has created a cookie from a mixture of amino acids. Proponents of this diet could eat as many times a day as they want, but eat only cabbage soup and a few other products on certain days of the week.
Just like with any extreme diet, it is very dangerous because you’re depleting your body of needed nutrients,” added Lombardi.

Legend has it that the King of England was too heavy to ride a horse, so he had to resort to a liquid diet: as the basis for the diet he chose liquor. So, on the first day, in addition to the cabbage soup you can eat fruit, and the second – raw vegetables. In other versions of the diet you eat the cotton balls before meals, and they prevent you from eating too much. Juice helps the body get rid of toxins, and at the same time you lose weight, which is based on the water in your body. We just want to let you know about them and we strongly do not advocate doing any of these diets. Not only that this diet does not bring desired results, the king also died in the same year, falling from a horse in a state of severe intoxication. He lost 22 kg, reducing the amount of bread, butter, milk and potatoes and increasing the amount of meat in his diet. The diet was a success and provoked a number of clinics practicing this method throughout the United States.

Cabbage contains very few calories, and people by the end of the first week can lose up to 7 kg.
The rationale is that the cotton balls contain some calories, and they fill you up, preventing you from wanting to eat anything fattening, like real food.
Foods high in fat and protein were allowed while sugars, cookies, cakes, alcohol, bread, high carbohydrate fruits and juices were to be avoided. It is believed that you will lose weight if youo drink a couple of tablespoons of vinegar 30 minutes before eating: diet adherents believe that you will feel full and eat less food.

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