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If you are looking to simplify your healthy weight loss meals with easy to prepare, cost effective, lightening fast prep, this is the post for you.
Preparing meals in advance for weight loss does NOT have to be difficult, expensive, or time consuming.
If you are looking to simplify your healthy weight loss meals with easy-to-prepare, cost effective, lightning fast prep, this is the post for you. You’ll learn how to prepare several days of healthy meals in advance to ensure you are on track with your weight loss goals.
Whether I’m trying to lose weight to step on the bikini competition stage or I’m just trying to maintain what I have, I prepare my meals in bulk to sustain me for 3 or 4 days at a time.
I have done this so long now that I feel completely lost if I can’t prep my meals for some reason.
For many years now I have been helping women all around the world get into shape and stay in shape. One of the biggest challenges with these meals for weight loss fads is that we’re not really learning the tools and techniques that we need in order to get into shape and stay in shape for life. My passion is to teach you to do this for life and not just for some short-term weight loss fix or to step on stage for the short term. I eat clean most of the time—most of the time—and when I need to shed pounds like I am right now for stepping on stage, I eat clean 99 % of the time if— not more. I take the roller cooler pretty much everywhere I go so that I have my meals with me all the time.
There are five benefits to prepping your meals ahead of time: first and foremost, you know what you’re eating is moving you toward your goals!
For this week’s main course meal plan I chose chicken breast,  almonds, broccoli and green beans, sweet potato, ground turkey breast and brown rice. Key, of course, to prepping your meals for the week is having  plastic containers that I tote with me everywhere we go.
I like to get my rice going early in the process because that’s what takes the longest. My chicken is on the grill on low, my rice is in the steamer, and my sweet potato is just about done in the microwave. For my green beans and broccoli, the meal planning tool assigns me a hundred calories per day of additional vegetables in order to get some fibers and greens in my diet.

Fussy eaters, milkaholics, screen time addicts, serial snackers – there are so many possible issues that can occur when it comes to kids and healthy eating at meal time. If meal times are a battlefield at your house, try implementing some of our tried and tested tips below to help you encourage healthy eating for the whole family. Kids are easily distracted, so help them pay attention by removing anything that is likely to catch their eye.
Offer meals and snacks at regular times, and don’t let the kids get too hungry as this can often lead to negative behaviour. You don’t need to be carving radishes into roses every night, but you can try to make everyday foods more appealing to little eyes. Invite one of your child’s friends over for dinner as this can encourage them to try new things.
A whole plate full of food can overwhelm a fussy eater or a child who is not overly hungry.
If you have something that you know they like on their plate they may feel more comfortable about trying something new that is next to it. You might be exasperated but yelling or trying to bribe a toddler to eat their dinner doesn’t usually work in the long run. Try not to make too much of a fuss about mess – this is how children learn about food and eating. Try to talk about the tastes and colours of foods, how they are so good for you, and why we need to be fit and healthy.
It’s best to avoid talking about any of your own dislikes in front of children, as they might try to copy. Be sure to compliment your child when they use their cutlery properly, try a new vegetable, drink their water without spilling it, or pass items to someone else.
We love the idea of meal planning as it can save you money (see more on that here) and it sets you up for the week in terms of shopping and preparation. Kids love knowing what is happening ahead of time, and it also means you can avoid caving in to pressure for take away or unhealthy meals. As long as you choose good foods and keep portion sizes in check, frequent grazing can help you lose weight and keep cravings at bay. I’m going to be prepping meals for the next three days and, just as a caveat, these are four out of my seven meals that I prep.

The end result is a delicious, healthy, easy, clean eating meal plan for the next three or four days that I don’t have to think about again. Kids pick up on cues from you, so try to keep yourself calm in the lead up to dinner (this may be easier said than done!). If you are worried that your child regularly skips meals, you can try first to stop offering snacks and see if that helps. Counting our calories, counting our macros, logging into some app every little thing that we eat, having somebody prepare our meals for us and ship them to our doorstep.
To make it even easier, many years ago I created for myself a meal-planning tool in order for me to select my choices of food sources for protein, carbohydrates and fat. Like I said, this takes about two hours a week, tops, for me—sometimes a lot less depending on how efficient I am in my cooking. Their metabolism is running like a freight train, so, yeah, they’re going to eat that pizza occasionally.
The next four I will walk you through  and then I have a protein shake and a piece of fruit right around my workout, and finally just before I go to bedtime I have six egg whites to top out my protein for the day.
Remember, the remaining three meals are eaten at home: breakfast, pre-workout and pre-bedtime). In fact, the researchers concluded, eating six meals a day actually made people want to eat more.The first part of the plan is a new take on a Dr. That’s what I put into the Bikini Competition eBook program as well as the FAB University Sexy Body program. So you can’t compare yourself to that ultra-lean, metabolism-running-like-a-freight-train fitness competitor on Instagram. I created this lifestyle system for myself based on prepping healthy weight loss meals and weight maintenance meals in advance to sustain me for three or four days at a time.
I monitor the turkey breast and see it is browning nicely and can set it aside to me measured later.

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