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As unbelievable as it may sound, wheat has been found to drastically raise blood sugar levels higher than typical offenders such as soda pop and candy bars. This is important because high blood sugar correlates to high blood insulin, which promotes fat storage. Wheat disrupts Leptin, which plays a role along with insulin in signaling the brain when it is time to eat. The major problem with belly fat is that it is metabolically active and produces inflammatory signals and abnormal cell-to-cell hormone signals. The benefit of eliminating wheat from your diet is reduced blood sugar spikes, appropriate appetite and no overeating.
Certified AAS CoachesAt Laylor Performance Systems, we proudly have a number of certified Athlete Activation System coaches trained to maximize the performance of competitive athletes.

The Athlete Activation System (AAS) is a systematically-periodized training methodology designed to provide Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers with the practical and theoretical knowledge that will enable them to achieve optimal results with the athletes they train. It’s not the same grain as it used to be centuries ago, it been genetically enhanced. The more visceral fat (fat deposits in the abdomen) the greater quantities of abnormal signals released into the blood stream.
If you have food cravings you will eat more than you need which leads to more fat deposit in your mid section!!! Hunger is driven by normal and healthy body functioning, which is a major factor in achieving a flat stomach. This is real-world strength and conditioning for athletes, which has been tested and proven at the highest level of competitive sports.

Visceral fat is a major health risk and promotes obesity, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. No one knows why these elevated fat deposits tend to be in abdomen, but the organs in the abdomen get fat as well, fatty liver, two fat kidneys, fat pancreas, fat large and small intestines and a fat heart – get the picture! This often leads to a sluggish digestion system and can cause mal-absorption, especially if you are a prone to Celiac disease.
Gluten is often a hidden ingredient in many processed foods such as candies, soy sauces, pizzas, cold cuts, bread, cookies, pastries – almost any processed food you can think of.

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