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When you are always going from one diet to another, then achieving long-term results is impossible. So if you really like a high carbohydrate, high fat diet, then you need to make some changes.

So many people are overweight and certainly every person wants to be happy with themselves and feel sexy. Diets are temporary solutions and will not help you or anyone else achieve permanent results (how to lose lower belly fat).
You should especially avoid refined and processed carbohydrates, that have white flour in them, because white flour will be easily converted into body fat. Once you have become overweight, then it is extremely hard to burn stomach fat and lose the excess fat around the hips (how to lose belly fat in a month).
So it is impossible to achieve permanent results in that manner and if you really want to succeed, you need to change your mindset. The weight you lose with these diets, is not all fat; 40-50% of the weight you lose can come water weight and muscle tissue. Without making permanent changes to your lifestyle and without replacing bad habits with good habits, it is not possible to burn belly fat permanently.

If you want to lose stomach fat quickly, then you really need to lose as many calories as you possible can and the less muscle you have, the less calories you lose. You should also greatly reduce your sugar intake, because sugar and endomorphs don't go together at all. When you try to find some information online about fat loss, then you get confused very quickly, so in this article I will explain the basics of fat loss.
When you have exercised regularly and followed a new nutrition plan for 1-2 months, then things don't seem so hard and you might even enjoy the new lifestyle.

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