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Attempting to lose weight by following yet another diet is not what’s going to help you lose 50 pounds. Your first inclination is going to be to want to jump on the cardio equipment, go running, or do some other kind of steady-state cardio activity. Strength training is what’s going to transform your body when you pair it with proper nutrition.
There is a place for traditional cardio training, but it shouldn’t be the priority of your weight loss program.
Once each of these new changes becomes habit, it’s time to move on to the next change.
One of the first pieces of information prospective weight losers set off to find out is how many calories they should eat to lose weight.
By making a shift from eating calorie dense processed foods to a diet that is 80% nutrient dense whole foods, you end up creating a calorie deficit automatically. Focusing your efforts on these basic steps: being patient with your weight loss, changing your mindset, prioritizing strength training over cardio, slowly creating new habits, and eating more quality food will get you to your 50 pound weight loss goal. I’m on Weight Watchers, and I eat between 1100 and 1300 calories a day (I checked a few weeks ago).
Thanks for this article I was thinking of going on another diet but now I’m just going to change two things of my eating and add exercise to my day.

It will take some experimenting with various calorie intakes, activity levels, and eating patterns to find what best works for you and your lifestyle. I realize you don’t know who this person is going to be yet, but losing 50 pounds is going to change you more than just on the outside.
Strength training will be what builds muscle so that you have muscle tone and definition once your body fat gets low enough. Change is the hardest aspect of weight loss, and it happens through a period of transition. Now, this is very good information to have, but it’s not always necessary to have this number in hand.
The latter will require you to dial in your calorie intake so that you can manipulate that final bit of fat off your body. Whole foods are packed with fiber, water, and nutrients, and therefore fill you up and manage your blood glucose levels better. Don’t concern yourself with the confusing details, and this time next year you will be a completely different person. I have 120 pounds to lose so I know it is going to take me a couple of years but I’m finally ready to do it.
It might be more difficult for you but you still need to set your calories and monitor your weight.

If you’re not OK with that, then you should go ahead and stop reading now, and continue doing what never works for you. Your goal then should not be to focus on your physique, but instead focus on your decision making process, your fitness education, your habits, your relationship with food, and what keeps you motivated. It’s going to lie in the main 20% of your efforts that will get you 80% of your results [1]. Trying to lose 50lbs is a lot harder than trying to drink an extra glass of water each day. It seems like you are active enough, so I’d look to your diet if your progress has slowed. It’s possible to lose the weight faster, but it takes time to create new habits and learn about your body.
Losing 50 pounds is going to come from the accumulation of many of these smaller action goals. If you’ve been eating less than 1500 calories for an extended period of time now, I would try a one or two day refeed at around 2500 calories.

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