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View gallery.By Dana Leigh SmithA lot has changed since the days when a fat belly indicated a fat wallet.
I will tell you that if you follow this plan to a ?‘ T?‘ , 10 pounds is a conservative estimate. Now, people pay more for the healthy stuff while the least expensive foods are often the ones packed with waist-widening calories. If you are not already on a diet, or if you have not How to lose 50 pounds fast within 5-to-8 months Lose 10 Pounds mdash;Fast. But just because youa€™re on a budget doesna€™t mean you cana€™t lose a few pounds without breaking the bank.
To prove ita€™s possible, we checked in with some of the nationa€™s leading weight loss experts and asked them how to get lean for less. The following tips are simple things that fit easily into your life, wona€™t empty your wallet, and can help whittle down your waistline without emptying your wallet.
Once you see how affordable it is to take control of the chub, be sure to check out 42 Ways to Lose 5 Inches of Belly Fat.1. COOK IN BULK View gallery.Cook at home and cook in bulk, suggests registered dietitian Lauren Minchen.
Diet Plan Mom Loses 150 Pounds in 11 Months - The Doctors Follow this 4 Step Weight Loss Challenge and lose up to 10 pounds in 30 Days! It saves you time while allowing you to monitor the ingredients, calories, and portions in your meals. Theya€™ll cost you anywhere from $35 to $125 dollars, but the training aspect, which can last for months, is practically free.

MAKE EGGS YOUR BFF View gallery.a€?Eggs are very inexpensive and have been shown over and over to help with weight loss,a€? says registered dietitian Cassie Bjork. KNOW WHATa€™S IN SEASON View gallery.a€?If you are going to buy fresh produce, ita€™s important to know whata€™s in season and what isna€™t,a€? says registered dietitian Leah Kaufman.
Things that are out of season will cost you far more cash than produce thata€™s just hitting its peak.
And if youa€™re curious which fruits and veggies pack the biggest nutritional punch, check out these 50 Healthiest Foods on the Planet.5.
HEAD TO THE FREEZER View gallery.a€?Whether youa€™re on a budget or not, frozen vegetables are a great buy,a€? says Kaufman. DITCH THE DOLLAR MENU View gallery.Pre-made meals may save you time but they arena€™t necessarily the healthiest picks and theya€™ll seriously cut into your budget. To avoid spending unnecessary cash when hunger strikes, she recommends building a clean eating arsenal stocked with grab-and-go pieces of fruit, like apples, pears and bananas. STICK TO TAP WATER View gallery.a€?Dona€™t blow your budget on sugar-laden beverages that will only stand in the way of your weight loss goal. This simple swap will save you calories and cash, and supports weight loss by nourishing your cells and flushing out toxins,a€? explains Bjork.
ADOPT A PLANT-BASED DIET View gallery.Research shows that switching to a plant-based diet not only promotes weight loss but also lowers your cholesterol, reduces hypertension and extends lifespan.
Therea€™s more good news: A meat-free diet can also save you thousandsa€”yes, thousandsa€”of dollars.
MAKE MONDAYS SPECIAL View gallery.Cana€™t imagine giving up your favorite burgers and fillets for good?

Consider adopting Meatless Mondaysa€”the campaign that encourages people to kick off their week sans meat.
Although there are many vegetarian and vegan sources of protein, Cherry is a big fan of beans. PLAN AROUND SALES View gallery.Before scouring Pinterest for recipes you want to make, check your local market to see whata€™s on sale, suggests registered dietitian Ilyse Schapiro. Theya€™ll cost you an arm and a leg and most of them dona€™t work,a€? warns registered dietitian nutritionist Marisa Moore. THINK LOCAL View gallery.a€?Not only is the food from a farmers market tastier, ita€™s cheaper, too,a€? says Schapiro. And if you shop at the end of the day, you may get even better deals because the farmers want to get rid of their stock. For even more cheap ways to shed the pounds, check out these 40 Ways to Lose 4 Inches of Body Fat.15. MAKE YOUR OWN PROTEIN SHAKE View gallery.a€?Commercial bars and workout drinks can be very expensive.
Whata€™s worse, they offer little more to your body than what basic fruits, vegetables and nuts can provide,a€? says Wells. BE RESOURCEFUL View gallery.You may not have enough leftovers to squeeze out a second meal, but that doesna€™t mean you should throw the food out!

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