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Magic Johnson’s flamboyant son EJ recently revealed he went under the scalpel to lose some weight.
On the season finale of #RichKids of Beverly Hills, EJ Johnson made the announcement that he would be going forward with a weight loss surgery. According to a health information outlet, “Restrictive operations like gastric sleeve surgery make the stomach smaller and help people lose weight. EJ was a guest on Fashion Police not long after the big reveal and while on set, the late Joan Rivers asked him about his relationship with his father, Magic Johnson. It's called the four-day cleanse and it's a super-simple plan that still allows you to eat regularly, so you're not starving, but incorporates healthy foods that help cleanse and detoxify your body.

She also recommends tracking your hunger and fullness on a scale from 1 to 10 so that you get more in touch with what levels of satiety you're eating to. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. News that EJ received the gastric sleeve surgery in early August, shortly after filming of the reality series’ second season wrapped. You can lose the weight without fasting, only drinking juice or taking other extreme measures.
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In fact, Keri has the perfect plan that her celeb clients can start today that will have them red-carpet ready by Sunday!

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