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The need to lose 20 pounds might seem like an unachievable feat only made possible by fitness gurus.
You have to be ready to constantly increase your pain threshold when you go through a series of circuit trainings. For a more accurate measurement of how much calories you need to cut down to shed 20 pounds, you will have to shed 500 calories per week to lose 1 pound per week, this is the general rule of thumb without any exercise.
By now, circuit training exercises might be a little too mundane to you and there is a very high tendency to lower down the intensity a little. So you are finally used to eating clean and having six days of work out a week has become part of your lifestyle.
Kim Kardashian, 33, is one sexy bombshell — even after giving birth to her daughter, North West.
She uploaded an Instagram picture from five years ago and her caption stated: “#FBF ughhh I am 20 lbs lighter here! Back when Kim was pregnant with her North, she was constantly criticized from her excessive weight gain. She revealed some of her dieting tips and her daily meal in October on how she shed those extra pounds and it definitely paid off! Despite her desire to lost another 20 pounds, it definitely hasn’t stopped her from flaunting her assets whenever she gets the chance! These are great tips that will help you lose the weight quickly, and in a healthy maintainable way. According to scientists at McMaster University, circuit trainings of 6 days a week and a low calorie, high protein diet could be the holy grail of all weight loss programs.
Some might even turn to low intensity exercises such as hot yoga which is a huge craze now.

She was being slandered from everyone from how much she had gained, but after she  gave birth, Kim bounced back and shed 50 pounds! Kim still has a killer body and her hubby, Kanye West, hasn’t shown any type of complaints. Over the last 2 months, Kim has shown off her sexy curves through various bikini pictures and sexy, body hugging dresses!
If you cut your caloric intake by 600 calories per day, you can lose one of your weekly pounds with the reduction of your food intake, and still have a free day where you don’t need to cut out the 600 calories. If you are cutting out 600 calories per day then you’ll need to use exercise to lose the other pound and a half. You won’t feel too deprived, and you still have plenty of freedom if you are going to eat out, and you have a busy schedule. In fact, most dietitians favor this weight loss goal, because it allows you to lose weight at a healthy pace. So if you plan to lose 20 pounds in a month’s time, get rid of high calorie foods and exercise 6 days a week.
This is the hardest step to adhere to because there are so much temptations around us in terms of convenience and cravings. On August 1, Kim uploaded a throwback photo on her Instagram, talking about how she wanted to go back to the weight she was!
She uploaded an Instagram complaining about how slim she looked just five years ago and how she’s needs to shed some pounds. And plus, a woman’s body is sometimes never the same after giving birth, so why the sudden weight insecurity, Kim? You’ll burn almost 10 times the fat doing this type of workout than you would if you were doing cardio on a machine.

When we aren’t getting enough sleep our brain sends the message that we are hungry when we really need sleep. I write down what I eat and it has really helped me to stay focused on what I am putting into my body.
But do note that short term gratifications will not make you a happy person in the long run. However, do take note that you should not turn obsessive with your diet plan as it will be detrimental to your health. I gotta get back here!” Uh oh, guess is Kim is getting nostalgic over her pre-baby body! The rule of thumb for dieting is to get rid of high calorie foods such as white bread, ice-cream, potato chips, soft drinks and all the other processed foods that you know are not good for you in your refrigerator right now. The rule of the game is to stay away from foods with high carbohydrates, eat foods with high protein and are wholesome and always challenge yourself to do more when exercising. Now, paste that piece of paper on the wall next to your bed so when you wake up, you will see it. Instead, stock up on high-protein foods such as lean meats, fish and green leafy vegetables.

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