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Why is protein necessary?  How much do you need?  What are the best sources and what if I don’t eat meat? Here are some examples of foods and their protein content to help you plan your protein intake for the day.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Role of proteins as nutrient in the body is the most important, fundamental and indispensable. There is a common misconception among people that vegetarian people do not get adequate quality and quantity of proteins and hence these people need to take protein supplements.
In fact, if properly and wisely mixed with each other, vegetarian diet can be a good source of quality proteins.

Those proteins that can support life but can’t support growth have intermediate biological value. Proteins are the fundamental building blocks for all tissues, muscles, blood, enzymes, bones, cartilage, and hormones. They are absolutely indispensable, in the sense that, no other nutrient can do the functions done by proteins.
For example Cereals have lower proportions of some amino acids while pulses and legumes have higher proportions of these ones. It is therefore absolutely necessary for each one of us to consume adequate quantity and quality of proteins. In short, these two groups of grains (cereals and pulses) have amino acid contents which are complimentary to each other.

Therefore combination of food articles made from these two groups will result in a protein of better quality.
If you happen to be a pure vegetarian, then you should note this fact and apply always in daily life.

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