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During liquid diet your stomach with get reduced in volume and therefore after the liquid diet you will be able to continue to control your appetite and weight. Liquid diet means crossing exclusively on liquid foods: juices, soups, milk products, herbal teas and water. This diet, which quickly leads to a large loss of weight, is not too much effective for long lasting good health.
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I am a firm believer you cannot get into the right frame of body without first getting into the right frame of mind. Yes, I hear this a lot, and it never ceases to amaze me how anyone with any rational sense can possibly think that someone, who has become fat by eating junk, is doing something “unhealthy” by drinking pure juice.
There are many who say, “what about all the sugar in the juices?” as if the sugar in a donut is somehow the same as the sugar in freshly extracted juice. When you remove ALL junk coming into the body for seven days, and drink nothing but freshly extracted juices, you effectively take your hands away from the neck and the body can breathe again. You shouldn’t need to, but some people, depending how much they are “withdrawing” from junkie types of foods and drink, may feel tired for a few days. Half a cup of oatmeal broth oats or oatmeal boiled in one liter of water, strain the broth. IN LIQUID DIET WEIGHT LOSS is MORE THAN usual DIET with the SAME calories and not less than 3 pounds per week. If you want to lose the extra pounds immediately, sit on a liquid diet a little longer, but not more than one month. 8 Dec 2015 emva Leave a Comment If you are overweight, you need to lose your weight as soon as possible.

Drink liquid does not mean that you have to buy the liquid at a supermarket or other stores. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In fact, Vale is so confident of the plan's effectives that he is inviting readers to join 20,000 others across the globe in the World's Biggest Juice Detox, which runs from January 7-13. In fact, the most common thing people say to me is “how come I wasn't hungry?” The challenge is many people these days tend to be overfed but undernourished. Some people do five days, feel amazing, and then eat on the nights of day six and seven and some have the odd cheeky cappuccino and still get the weight loss and feel great.
I highly recommend reading at least the first 100 or so pages of the book before you start the program, as otherwise you will simply be on diet mentality. Then you'll have some saying “juices are hi G.I,” because we are obsessed with glycemic index. When you give the body the opportunity to detox efficiently it will do just that, but if it's always playing catch up you are over working your organs and it has no choice by to store fat and various parts of the body become clogged.
I have been doing this for 15 years and I have seen some truly miraculous changes in people's health in a very short space of time.
The key is to make sure you DO exercise in order to wake the body up and keep the metabolism flowing.
This liquid diet weight loss is the best suited for the start of a long weight loss program.
On the first day after dieting is allowed to eat only boiled vegetables in small quantities. Then the total number of scored points should be reduced to 80, and before the night you should eat yogurt salad.
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However, I would always add blended avocado and make a couple of the juices 'thicker' each day if on a program any longer than two weeks. Because much of the food we consume is full of empty calories and little genuine nutrients, we are under the false belief we require enormous amounts of food. The book moves you from a mind set of “I want but I can't have” (diet mentality), to one of “I can have, but I don't want to have” (freedom mentality). However, I am at a loss to see how the nutrient rich juices from nature’s finest fruits and vegetables is dangerous?
However, your body naturally breathes too, unless of course someone has their hands around your neck, then it becomes a great deal more difficult for the body to do what it natural wants to do.
However, if someone has just gone from 20 cups of coffee a day to zero, they may well find it hard to function for the first three days.

If all you did was swap your normal breakfast for the Turbo Charge Smoothie, and you usually eat three times a day you will have transformed over 30 percent of your diet to plant base vegan in one shot. However, because the liquid diet has a diuretic effect, it is not recommended to stick with it for more than two weeks. Along with clean water, tea and coffee without sugar fluid intake should not exceed 3 liters.
On the second day, in addition to cooked vegetables allow yourself one plate of a liquid cereal, 1 slice of bread, and for dinner – raw cabbage and carrots. By following these tips, this diet will be very effective to make your body weight more ideal. The second you start feeding your body on a cellular level with “rapid nutrition” juicing, you get fed at the core and start to genuinely feed every cell in your body.
What people think they will dive into, and what they actually dive into at the end of the seven days, is a very pleasant surprise to them. Over 30 percent of your diet will instantly be refined sugar free, refined fat free, wheat free, diary free, additive free, and the list goes on. On the third day, you can eat normally, the only limitations – no fats, and bread – no more than 2 pieces. When you choose the beverages, you have to make sure that you drink sugar free beverages or at least low sugar.
However, I recommend no longer than three months, and then only if you have a very significant amount of weight to loose. Instead of hitting potato chips, fries and other junk, they crave salads, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. It will be better to prefer plain drinks such as plain coconut oil, fresh water, plain juice, etc. If you consider making soup, you can add some vegetables such as tomato, spinach, peanut, mango, etc. It is a kind of diet where you are not allowed to eat any food and only allowed to drink liquid for one week. If you are interested in this kind of diet, you need to pay attention to the following tips. You have to make sure that the milk you drink is fat free, sugar free, and low cholesterol.

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