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For worse case scenarios, you need heavy artillery — an all natural cream that burns fatty deposits to melt cellulite away! This tried and true formula will nourish your skin with healing cocoa butter while the bio e-elaste and vitamin E tackles stretch marks. Give your skin a spa treatment every day with this rosemary-infused body oil that will increase elasticity, leaving it soft, supple and firm. All of the best Brazilian beauty secrets are in this cream: acai berry, cupuacu butter and fruit from the guarana plant (which is high in caffeine).

Six powerful butters were combined into this balm to heal even the most stubborn of white stretch marks. Improve the appearance of your hips, thighs and butt just in time for your upcoming vacation with this formula that promises results in 2 weeks! The bottom line is cellulite does not discriminate, and when they do strike, those nasty little ripples and lines will play mind games on your self-esteem. Take a stand before the summer months roll in by shopping our list of the most effective cellulite-busting and stretch mark-banishing creams the internet has to offer. Make Queen Bey proud.

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