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The product I found is a 3 part system in one box that creates the Jillian Michaels JumpStart 14 Day Cleanse & Burn. First 7 days I will take 2 MetaCaps of the Triple Process Total Body Detox & Cleanse with a large glass of water, twice per day. I have tried some brands that just didnt seem to have the same clearing out effect that I was hoping for and getting with this product from Lady Soma. Losing weight is not as easy at seems, this is probably the reason why others use drugs to shed weight. JUMPSTART YOUR WEIGHTLOSS PROGRAM In Just 3 Days!ReNew Life 3-Day DIET Start is a powerful dual-action morning and evening formula developed to help jumpstart your weight loss program by naturall enhancing energy and promoting regularity. Are you feeling extra sluggish and having trouble keeping up with even your regular routine? Are you just too tired and grumpy to really enjoy your life and spend time with family and friends? Do you suffer from a foggy brain that keeps you from being as productive and creative as you would like or need to be?
Do you believe in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but just can’t seem to make it happen? Of course, you want to feel consistent energy, enjoy a healthy weight, and look & feel younger - NATURALLY.
That’s why I want to share this exciting, cutting edge, results-oriented system with YOU . Here’s the truth about detoxification: We are living in a toxic world, eating toxic food, breathing toxic air, drinking toxic water, and even producing toxins in our own body! Now, this can sound a little scary, but ideally our bodies can handle some amount of toxic load. That’s where a safe, professional and proven detox program can save the day & catapult your health to the next level!
You may have already heard the buzz about cleansing and detox, and perhaps even noticed your health food store’s shelves lined with boxes promising sometimes gruesome results. There has also been a lot of new research coming out that suggests proper, safe detoxification is in fact mandatory for optimal health, energy, hormonal health, and reducing inflammation. A fast & effective way to jump start healthy weight loss or healthy lifestyle changes with minimal effort, expense and side effects. And best of all – no matter how new you are to cleansing, or how out of shape you are . After trying more programs, potions, protocols, and diet than I care to admit, I realized that in order to have real success with your health, whatever you try HAS to be EASY, deliver FAST RESULTS, and satisfy the human need for fun & pleasure. What kinds of opportunities, experiences and relationships could you enjoy with your magnetic glow?
Even if you ARE a healthy eater and exercise regularly, I guarantee you’ll experience an almost immediate shift in your energy, appearance and health once you dive into your 14-Day Total Body Re-Boot & Cleanse Program!

Provide the clarity and creativity to run a thriving business, active family life, fun time with loved ones or whatever life has in store.
You are about to find out exactly HOW to do this for yourself, in the comfort of your own home, with my tested, simple system to safely detox at your pace for quick results. Discover the crucial missing piece in most detox programs, and why any cleanse is destined to fail without it, and exactly how you can succeed by using it! Why you don’t have to give up (the right kind of) chocolate (woo hoo!) in your new healthy lifestyle.
Plenty of FREE tricks, insider tips and expert secrets that will leave you feeling like  you’ve spent hundreds at a fancy day  spa. Menu plans and daily detox schedules – Plug in your customizable options and protocols, and go!
Customizable protocols – for common issues like Candida, blood sugar imbalances, stubborn cellulite, hormonal imbalance, food sensitivities, digestive issues and more. The recipes for meals and snacks were all wonderful, and it helped to be accountable to someone other than myself.
Loads of ways to personalize and support YOUR cleanse to help you reach your specific goals. How to seamlessly transition back to “normal” life including loads of new tricks and habits that will have you more energized, slim, productive and creative than ever! Don’t let geographic location, schedule conflicts or cost keep you from giving yourself the gift of health. In this program you get all the tools to create a detox spa quality experience without spending thousands of dollars or taking time out to travel!
If you sincerely follow the guidance given within  this program and honestly feel that you have not experienced some kind of positive results within 30 days, I will happily refund your money (minus admin fees) from my own pocket!
It claims that the program will reduce belly bloat, increase energy, burn excess body fat, and yep… jumpstart your weight loss program. I picked up the 14 day jumpstart at Walmart on a whim to see if it would re jump start my diet. There are three important factors that will help lose weight, proper eating habits, regular exercise and the right attitude. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.† Daily Value not established. Consult your physician before using this or any product if you are trying to conceive, taking medication or have a medical condition. Unfortunately, with modern day stress and toxin levels at an all time high, our bodies need a little helping hand. I have been studying, teaching, living and coaching holistic nutrition & living for well over a decade. The recordings allow you the flexibility to listen on your own time as many times as you need.

It is all outlined for you, so you can enjoy your journey and not worry about trying to figure it all out.
In cutting edge research, gluten is shown to play a hand in everything from inflammation and allergies to low energy and belly bloat. This session ensures you get the most from you cleanse by pinpointing the best customizable option for you and your goals.
I was feeling very lethargic and carrying a little extra winter weight so it was the perfect time to do a cleanse. I glanced up at the top shelf and noticed Jillian Michaels trim self sternly pointing her finger at me. Jillian is was my favorite trainer on The Biggest Loser (of course I love Bob too!), and she continues to be a favorite even though she is no longer with the show. I had the phenomenal opportunity to do the Professional Training Program at the largest nutrition school in the world, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Assessment forms and cleansing exercises allow you to stay on top of your “cleansing game”, track progress and take things deeper if and when you need.
You get plenty of meditations, awareness exercises, self-care strategies AND inspiring affirmations. From my 5 minute “Gorgeous Glow Go-Go Juice” to the “Chocolate Detox Shake”, you will be amazed at how good cleansing can be. I wanted to limit the lack of energy, stomach issues and general overdrive that was so available in my life.
I glanced behind me and then covertly grabbed the package so I could figure out what she was trying to tell me. Please consult your health care provider if you have a caffeine-restricted diet.Citrus CleanseNot for prolonged use. Here, I learned directly from cutting edge, top level teachers like Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, David Wolfe, and many more. And these are so delicious, many Rebooters have found themselves making them long after the cleanse is over. It takes me a day or two for my system to get into the new routine but it has been smooth sailing all the way. My stomach is flatter then it has been in quite a while so I think it might help with the bloating part.

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