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Juice Plus is a nutritional product sold though independent representatives via home businesses.
Juice Plus has other products as well, including Juice Plus Chewables, Juice Plus Vineyard Blend and Juice Plus Complete. Critics also complain that no reputable studies have been done to support claims that Juice Plus improves health. Other criticisms include lack of fiber in the dehydrated food product as well as a lack of B vitamins, omega 3s, calcium and magnesium.
The site specifically states that Juice Plus is not a substitute for eating actual fruits and vegetables and it is not a medicine or treatment for illness. It is promoted as being a "whole food" product containing 17 fruits and vegetables that have been dehydrated and encapsulated. Because the folks at Juice Plus consider their product to be a food, little nutritional information is provided beyond the specific foods used in the capsules. While many studies are mentioned on the Juice Plus website, these studies have been funded by the company, making them biased.

Because of this, Juice Plus is not as complete a food as distributers might want you to think.
Like so many supplements on the market today, it is simply a product intended to enhance your health by adding nutrients you may or may not be getting in your normal diet. You can't fix a poor diet of processed junk foods by popping a pill, no matter what that pill contains.
This makes it difficult to know if you are getting specific amounts of vitamins and other nutrients. The price of this product is a huge sticking point with critics who claim it is far cheaper and healthier to purchase whole, real foods than it is to take Juice Plus products. Individual distributors may make outlandish claims and some may even engage in questionable business practices, which implies a scam involving Juice Plus.
Juice Plus products are unlikely to hurt you unless you have a specific allergy to one of the ingredients or a health issue that makes large amounts of "raw" foods a problem.
However, if you visit the company website, you will see the claims are far less exaggerated.

A quality vitamin supplement will help you get what your diet lacks without spending nearly $42 a month. You can also purchase plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy with your meals and get the added benefit of natural fiber. It is also noteworthy that the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been an accredited business with the BBB since 1971. You can also target specific health issues by taking additional, proven supplements on the advice of your health care practitioner if desired.
Eating real food is more fun than swallowing pills anyhow, and you can choose the quality of the foods you eat instead of relying on a company to choose for you.

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