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I’ll post a final juice fast weight loss total (with a graph) at the end of this post. One of the rules I had for this experiment was: If I drop below a healthy weight, I will start eating nuts and legumes. I always feel bad when I don’t meet a goal I set for myself, but in this case I realized that my goal was unhealthy and modifying it was smart. If you’re an athlete and considering a juice fast, I suggest keeping it short, or not being too strict. Something you’ll learn about me as you read this blog is that I go on a lot of road trips. I was interested to see how the return to a solid food diet would go.Would I get full quickly or feel sluggish? If you look at the graph of my juice fast weight loss (below), you’ll see that my weight dropped sharply at first and then plateaued a bit in the middle of the month. When I got home from LA, I decided I would resume a pure juice fast for the rest of the month.
I mentioned in my first juice fast post that I wasn’t doing this juice fast for weight loss. When I started off, I thought I wouldn’t like even losing 5 lbs, but I have to admit that I enjoy feeling lighter on my feet. I would suggest people talk with their doctor before taking on a juice fast, and aim for a fitness plan that isn’t so extreme.
So, am I going to continue juice fasting? No, but I am going to keep juicing on a more limited basis.
I wasn’t getting nearly as many fruits and veggies in my diet before doing this juice fast. I am sure that is not so easy to lose weight, but in the same time is not impossible as long as you think positive and you are persistent. So, I decided to share with you five juice recipes that can help you to lose weight faster! The juice are healthy, quite fulfilling and have special features that clean away harmful toxins and fat.
First juice the apples and after blend the juice in a blender with the blueberries and cranberry juice,  and powdered psyllium.
This juice  is full of vitamin C!  Enzymes in the pineapple are good at dissolving mucus that can accumulate in the system.
Juice the pineapple, carrot and lime,  then throw it into a blender with the chilies and a couple of ice cubes. Juice all ingredients together and after put in a blender with ice cubes to make it creamier.
This juice help your whole body, aid digestion, boost the immune, eliminate toxins and also is good to reduce stress.
I read a lot and this is the reason you will see me experimenting with lot of things all the time. I had put on 14kgs of weight infact 16 kgs as I was on medication before conceiving which also made me put on 2 kgs.

Picture on the left is a year old and on the right is the one which I did on  our fashion blog recently. It’s a very simple book and if you are into low carb you must be knowing 99% of the things which he says but there is something very motivational about this book which made me follow it.
Drew first tries to trim your taste by asking you to go 21 days low carb high protein diet. After completing 21 days when you have trimmed your taste by reducing carbs he asks you to go for the five day detox. 2) Sometimes when I felt really hungry I had coconut milk and few strawberry shakes which too was not allowed.When you are juicing that means you are only juicing and you are not supposed to take shakes no matter how healthy they are. 3) First three days you are supposed to stay completely on juices and the next two days you can have egg whites in one meal.You can google drew five day detox plan and you will get pdf in the first five searches it self.
Even after not following the regime compltely, I  lost 3 – 4kgs and best part is that my weight loss which had hit a plateau got over.
4) It’s not about losing weight its all about trimming taste which we find just too damn difficult.
You can have paneer i guess but i am not sure as nothing was mentioned in the book about this.
Wow Anamika this indeed requires a lot of determination I lost about 10 kgs with GM diet in three weeks..
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I’m a big fan of pushing my own limits, of personal development and doing hard things for the sake of doing hard things.
I’d still have the same amount of juice each day, just supplemented with some simple solids.
I’ve talked to other people who have done a juice fast and felt great the whole time. Pretty much any weekend that my wife and I don’t have an obligation (or weather) keeping us home, we tend to hit the road and try to have an adventure. In the week after my Mexican foodstravaganza, my weight started to drop really quickly again. My thinking is that my body had adjusted to the juice fast and decreased calories and my metabolism slowed. I’m looking forward to going on a nice long run and  enjoying a super burrito from my local taco truck.
This is the first time I have lost so much so quick, but I think it’s because this is the fattest I have ever been.
I was on my juice fast and on Saturday I cheated, however the weight came off even faster the next week, firs week was 4lbs, and the second week was 6lbs, trying to figure this metabolism boost out without creating any hardships for the digestive system.
The most important aspect is to focus on finding a natural way to get rid of unwanted bodyweight. Drinking every day a natural juice, you will feel more energized and you will reduce easier some pounds.
After my daughters birth, I managed to lose somewhere around 9 – 10 kgs with the help of a dietician and gymming but my weight then stalled.

So I definitely advise you to go for it .It hardly costs anything anyway considering the amount we women spend on weight loss products every now and then.
He is ok with having vegetable smoothies .Also fruit smoothies such as having strawberries and almond milk smoothie in breakfast. As I have been low carbing and have been in control since quite a long time it was not that difficult for me.
I had coconut water twice, orange juice twice and rest of the time carrot and beat root juice or apple and pomegranate juice.
Be it in the form of walking , swimming or anything.You feel much better and lose weight rapidly. It will definitely help you out especially to those who always say that they work so hard but still aren’t able to lose weight. I knew I wasn’t going to try to keep up a juice diet, but planned to have juice for at least one meal a day. Still, I tracked my weight because a lot of people were interested in that aspect of the juice diet. I love getting all these veggies and fruits in because I normally don’t but I was wondering if I am not seeing weight loss at day four, should i continue to 10 days or try a different approach? It started out with a colon problem, constipation, although I was not aware to this cleanse. I then switched to low carbing which  helped me lose weight a bit more but still it was stalled. My stalled weight loss broke after I read  this $2 book of drew which is – Train your taste to trim your waste. Infact in juicing, I had orange juices, melon juices which I generally don’t take on daily basis due to high sugar content in them. I wanted to break my previous before pregnancy weight as well which was just  not happening.
You can have all the three meals as a cheat meal or  those who are disciplined can just restrict themselves to one cheat meal.
Moreover low carb diets have so much to eat that you don’t feel as if you are missing on anything. I also got to have a ton of fun on the trip, spending some quality time with friends and family, hiking through the Santa Monica mountains and enjoying the change of pace.
I love food, the smells, taste and its probably why Christmas baking was not good..i could not taste my cookies! First day I was feeling a little low may be because I was not confident enough but later, the days were a cake walk for me except the last day when I didn’t have eggs and slept off. I will jump back on the bandwagon in the new year, but this time I will look at broader type of ingredients, this one lacked vegetables, flavor!

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