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John Abraham's body building tips The first thing that matters in body building is commitment.
John Abraham's workout after Force It took one month for John to return to his original body weight and it was done in a systematic manner.
Having this diet and routine exercise will really help anybody to have a perfect shape body like john abraham. Well he beefed his body for the past eight months till Force and now he has to return to his normal body size for his next project.

The day I finished shooting for Force, I ate biryani that was meant for seven-eight people! Vinod ensured that John got his proper dose of multivitamins, proteins and supplements which, if ignored, result in side-effects like constipation and gas. John's trainer is Vinod Channa, who monitors his diet and gives him a varied degree of workout to do justice to all muscle groups.
You don’t need to put in more time working out if you practise the technique perfectly.

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