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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a (not-so) massive announcement to make: I am kicking my Diet Coke habit. I’m also addicted to diet coke and have the same reservations you do about it health wise. Great news…hope you’ll be my motivation for the spring and summer and the rest of my life, ha!
Best off buying a Brita filter jug and glugging back the free-ish stuff that comes from the tap. I had to stop drinking coke when I was 8 (parents put me on a homeopathy treatment for asthma) and now I cant even smell it. Short but very intensive workouts, probably also good for models since you can do it everywhere only with your bodyweight. I hope this is not considered as an advertisement lol But the owner of bodyrock remembers me about you, Ruth. Personally I’d wait a bit though – ASOS are doing a DC competition and you can win vouchers! You should try an aquasana filter, I was grossed out by the wee and chemicals thing so now I only drink water through my filter. Don’t you feel like your tummy is about to explode with all of the gas from diet coke??? I had a DC habit that was taking over my life and wallet (bottles are ?1.10 in mt works canteen and I was buying up to 3 a day) I am 16 wks pregnant and stopped because of all the artificial sweetners in it doing my baby not much good. Whist it is true that aspartame is broken down into methanol (which is then converted into formaldehyde), as well as two amino acids, phenylalanine and aspartic acid - it is extremely unlikely to be detrimental to health. There are many other foods that supply as much and often more methanol, phenylalanine and aspartic acid than the simple diet coke.
Semi-skimmed milk, for example, contains 6-9x more phenylalanine and 13x more aspartic acid than a diet coke.
Finally, formaldehyde is produced by our bodies every day in amounts thousands of times greater than you would ever get from aspartame. Here`s another example of why dosage is key and just because something "contains chemicals" doesn`t mean it`s automatically unhealthy. One thing to mention is that diet drinks, although sugar free, may not be great for your pearly whites.
Studies have shown that carbonated drinks aren’t great for tooth enamel, which is one reason why you may not want to go overboard with the coke zeros. Some studies have actually shown that sweeteners may even improve weight loss and long-term control of body weight. Now some studies have shown that people who are overweight or obese drink more sugar-free drinks than people who are a healthy weight.
These studies have also shown that the overweight people - who were drinking the diet drinks - had a much higher calorie intake than those who didn’t.
What’s more, people who generally have poor diets may also be more likely to drink diet drinks to offset the high amount of calories consumed by making poor food choices. Although overweight people may drink more diet drinks, the diet cokes are unlikely to be the cause of the problem. One does not cause the other, ice cream does not cause shark attacks, just like diet coke doesn’t cause obesity. The argument often centres around insulin (a hormone which plays a key role in the regulation of blood glucose levels). Again, if you look at the evidence, this doesn’t happen in healthy humans or even in diabetic patients. The logic applied by some, is that if diet coke can clean coins, it can`t be good for your insides, which seems reasonable. Other cleaning-related uses for diet coke are that it is good to clean rusted battery terminals, clean toilets and polish cars.
Folks have been drinking fizzy water for years with no side effects and again, there is zero evidence that shows moderate consumption is detrimental. Finally, the gastric acid in your stomach is far stronger than any acids found in fizzy juice anyway. If weight loss is the goal then swapping from a regular fizzy drink to a diet drink is probably going to be beneficial.
Many people walk to the fridge, pull out a can, and pop open the tab of a quenching can of diet soda when they’re thirsty. In fact, excessive consumption of diet soda can cause damage to your smile similar to the damage caused methamphetamine or cocaine.

Even if you do maintain a healthy at-home hygiene routine and keep up with visits to our Erdenheim dental office, you’re still at risk for an unhealthy smile if you drink a lot of soda or use illegal drugs. The similarity between diet soda drinkers and illegal drug abusers was found in a study published in a 2013 edition of the Academy of General Dentistry journal, General Dentistry.
If you’re overdue for a dental checkup, or if you’re addicted to soda, already have damage caused by soda, or even damage caused by a past drug use, call our dental office in Erdenheim.
I find it appallingly funny to see new and alternative forms of indulgence coming in to replace ‘sinful’ foods every day. It’s an effort to help curb obesity which has already made beverage makers furious and promoted widespread criticism in the people that the mayor is turning the city into a “nanny state”, a Wall Street Journal article said. However, according to the innumerable researches done on diet soda since its inception, it is just as likely to increase the risk of obesity, among other problems.  Research has disclosed that artificial sweeteners in diet soda interfere with blood sugar control, thus increasing cravings for sweet snacks. Drinking diet soda can also lead to weight gain – A study followed about 5000 adults over 10 years and found a dose-response relationship.
Drinking diet soda increases risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes in kids and teens – This study followed kids over 5 years and also studied their past and present diet soda consumption. Drinking diet soda is associated with increased risk of stroke – A 28 year study indicated that both diet and regular soda were associated with increase in risk of stroke.
These are just some of the many research studies conducted on the risks of consumption of diet soda. Since it was first introduced in August of 1982, Diet Coke has developed a strangely dedicated fan base.
Ballan's DC consumption started when her doctor recommend that she stop drinking regular soda in order to manage her weight. The reality that Ballan kept chugging Diet Coke until she was literally seeing things may sound over-the-top, but the drink has become a lifestyle – and I count myself among the fanatics. I have just had to scrap the majority of this post, unfortunately, because I realised that I could potentially be shooting myself in the foot with an arrow the size of a small tree trunk. I get scores of emails daily asking about my health, diet and fitness routine and I have been holding off talking about this because I wanted to ensure that I approached it in a totally responsible way. Also, because we live in a hard water area, the limescale in un-filtered water provides us with more calcium (essential for strong bones and teeth) than places with soft water. Besides, it’s almost ?1 for a can in most places nowadays, and imagine where we can channel all of those to!!! You’ll get folks that say that diet coke causes an insulin spike which results in weight gain.
The old favourite is that traffic police apparently carry two gallons of coke in their car boots to remove blood from the road after a car accident. If you’re a fizzy juice fiend then switching from three normal cokes to three diet cokes would cut sugar intake by around 90g. The study took three volunteers with different backgrounds and examined the damage of their teeth. We’ll conduct an in-depth exam, get to know you, and work with you to get your smile healthy and looking great.
This will be accomplished with respect to their particular needs, allowing them to be partners in their dental care through proper patient education. Instead of keeping a check over their food intake to maintain health, consumers are increasingly resorting to food substitutes. Not just this, it is a proved fact that people frequently over-consume foods tagged as low fat or diet. It found that drinking diet soda everyday was associated with a 36% greater relative risk of metabolic syndrome and 67% greater relative risk of type 2 diabetes. They all prove that diet soda is as big a factor as regular soda when it comes to obesity and other health problems. With a major in Advertising, she enjoys reading and writing about anything to do with Branding and Marketing. She switched to Diet Coke in response and didn't look back until her habit started causing hallucinations.
I crack open my first fizzing can at nine o'clock in the morning and have a recycling bin overflowing with shining, silver Diet Coke shells by the day's end. It's nine o'clock in the morning, why are you drinking that?If you can drink a coffee named after a dessert at 9 a.m., can't I have this? Is there really a difference between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi?Is there a difference between chocolate cake and apple pie?
Have you heard about this new study on Diet Coke?Probably, but you're going to tell me about it anyway.

Do your parents know how much Diet Coke you drink?Mother knows best, and she keeps the fridge stocked. As modelling is my main (only!) source of income, there are certain clients that I simply can’t afford to antagonise. There’s so much bad press around models and their diets and sizes, yet I have always had a healthy BMI and approach to diet. Therefore, if you don’t mind drinking perfectly safe hard water, without filtering, you increase your daily calcium intake too. I found that I reached a point whereby I could only drink DC when it had a double vodka in it, so it was relatively easy to quit it.
Although I recently stopped drinking coffee and can’t say that I miss it at all so I think you just have to be in the right mindset to want to stop something. Ever heard of apple eaters dropping like flies with cyanine poising, no, of course you haven’t. Sometimes artificially sweetened foods, although unlikely to serve any nutritional benefit can eliminate sugar cravings. This will reduce calories by almost 400, which will likely help your waist line and you can do so knowing that the evidence shows that it’s safe to do so. You will receive the odd email with helpful nutrition & fitness advice which we hope will be of value to you, if not you can simply unsubscribe.
While you’re correct in the fact that there’s no sugar, it’s not necessarily better for you. With the loss of tooth enamel, smiles are at greater risk for developing cavities, discoloration, sensitivity, and other damage like cracked or broken teeth. One individual was a former cocaine user, another was a current methamphetamine addict, and the last was an excessive diet soda drinker.
We shall, at all times, value our patients as individuals and provide their services in a timely manner. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with things that are healthy to consume but the high dependence on lower calorie alternatives seems a little unintelligent.
So while I admire the rising concerns of people over consumption of unhealthy foods, I just wish they had a better knowledge of what’s “diet” and what’s not. At CI, she largely covers Consumer Behavior and Marketing, yet likes exploring the area of Arts and Culture. According to the Daily Mail, Ballan usually consumes twice her body weight in Diet Coke in a week and has already spent close to $250,000 on her obsession.
Because that won't help.There was a naive moment that I hoped sipping on Diet Coke would work wonders on the scale, but no drink can be that perfect. At our dental office in Erdenheim, we want everyone to be aware that diet soda can be detrimental to your teeth. By keeping up on regular appointments with your Erdenheim dentist, you’re able to better protect your smile from the damaging effects of dangerous acid.
Today, artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes are found in a range of food and beverages tagged as “sugar-free”, “diet” or “light”, including soft drinks, jellies, ice creams, baked foods, confectionery etc.
When not working, Dhanika takes pleasure in reading, clicking pictures and more often than not, debating. An undying love for this soft drink also means a lifetime of answering the same questions about its supposed evils and oddities.
How can you drink that?I hate the taste of kale smoothies, but hey, whatever makes your mouth happy. But I have done some careful thinking, and this month shall see the launch of a HUGE new section on A Model Recommends. Amidst the ever-rising popularity of low calorie substitutes comes a notorious ban on the sale of super-sized sodas and other sugary drinks. A self proclaimed ‘part-feminist’, the alluring smell of coffee never ceases to attract her. Here are answers to 13 of the most frequent "Diet Coke life choices" inquiries from concerned friends, family and complete strangers.
This ban in only limited to New York City at the moment; passed by NY’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg the logic being that “sugary drinks have led to rising obesity rates for New Yorkers”.

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