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Most of us, now a days have desk jobs which require us to sit at one spot in front of a desktop computer and work for eight to nine hours at a stretch. So, get up a little earlier in mornings have a refreshing short and sweet stretching session followed by a couple of minutes of meditation or deep breathing pranayamas and never ever skip your first meal of the day, that is, your breakfast. The diet plans, we Indians follow often tend to fail because we somehow just cannot resist spicy, butter laden paranthas, makahani dals and Paneer dishes..
You would need to consume 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day consisting of moderately heavy, main course meals ( breakfast, lunch amd dinner) and light snacks and beverages, through the course of your day. As a mid morning snack, consume a bowl of vegetable salad consisting mainly of cucumbers and tomatoes or fruit salad in which, papaya and watermelons are highly recommended. At night, you may have a bowl of masala oatmeal or tomato soup ( the homemade one) along with vegetable salad.
If you have constipation, warm up half a glass of milk and add two tablespoons of isabgol to it.
It is very important eat a balanced diet plan prising of food products from the four meals groups, namely, grains plus legumes, fruits and veggies, milk and dairy items and eggs and meats. Article lunch (one hour right after lunch) glass of buttermilk one fruit Evening treat (Three hours post lunch) cup of green green tea popcorn, one small dish. Early mornings, we barely have time to get ready and rush for our respective workplaces and in evenings, when we return, we are so drained of energy and enthusiasm that we hardly make any effort to improve our quality of life. Healthy lifestyle is the particular best defense against being overweight and various other health-related problems. Dinner (2-3 hours article evening snacks) bowl associated with soup or plate of greens 2 one roti along with grilled chicken plate of veggie.

Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. Firstly, you are low on energy and as a consequence, your performance at work suffers as your brain does not get ample supply of glucose leading to hazy thoughts and inability to analyze and concentrate. Let us try and figure out a more sensible, practical diet plan than fad diets or crash diets, wherein we allow ourselves some leniency and complete satiety. If you are not fond of this, then you may also dip some jeera in water overnight and let it stand.
If you are non vegetarian, you may have 2 slices of brown bread along with 2 hard boiled eggs.
Adding flax seeds to your bowl of veggies is a great option too, Flax seeds are rich in alpha linolenic acids and omega three essential fatty acids that aid in weight loss.
It is much more practical to follow and you may even cheat on your diet once in every 15 days or so. We will chalk out a diet plan that can be actually followed and keeps your metabolism kicking without leading to any rebound overeating.
Along with weight loss, this Indian diet plan improves your digestion and is great for your skin as it eliminates toxins from your body.
Egg whites contain only 17 calories, which is negligible pared to other foods.Breakfast You can have a breakfast which contains less than 350 calories. It only makes sense to pay some attention to our bodies because in a healthy body, resides a healthy mind. These kind of food cravings or hunger pangs tend to make you grab anything and everything you can avail at a given point of time and we often end up making wrong food choices.

We will try and strike out a perfect balance between carbohydrates, fat, soluble and insoluble fibre intake, essential vitamins, minerals and fats. Also, it makes you feel fuller for longer periods of time as it sweels up in moist environment of stomach. A very good diet plan to lose weight should be aimed at consuming somewhere between 1200 to 1800 calories per day. Just couple this diet with 30 minutes or brisk walk or jogging per day and you are good to go. However, it would be best to consult your dietician who would let you know about your Basal metabolic Rate which correlates your height, weight and number of calories, you should intake in a day. Lastly, you are strictly advised to quit alcohol, strong coffee while following this diet because then the whole purpose of detox gets defeated. OR 1 quarter plate brown bread or broken wheat upma and a cup of low fat milk.Seltzer has fizzes like soda and es in many flavours like green apple, cherry, pomegranate, vanilla and white chocolate. You can add some frozen fruit cubes made from pure fruit juice to add a kick.Who said healthy and low calorie food is not yummy!
The following two tabs change content below.Make sure that the calories do not exceed 350 calories. 1 cup brown rice (not to exceed 200 grams cooked rice) and cup mixed vegetable gravy along with one bowl mixed vegetable salad and 1 small bowl raitha or low fat curd.

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