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Studies now agree that exercise is essential for weight loss, and for keeping weight down once the ideal has been reached.
As part of a healthy lifestyle, exercise has many benefits, and there are good reasons for maintaining an exercise regime even if you are not overweight.
There are many different types of exercise for weight loss, including aerobic exercise, strength training, and ‘stamina’, where the two types of exercise are combined in ‘interval’ training.
AEROBICS - sometimes known as cardio exercise, this activity raises the heart rate, which causes the body to burn more energy. There are many different ways to achieve an aerobics workout – treadmills and stationary bikes, for example; running is perhaps the most commonly used form of aerobic training, although it does carry a higher risk of injury. Strength training is often done with weights or using resistance bands (strength training is often known as resistance training). STAMINA – Often known as interval training, it is often used in order to improve the cardiac health of a person, and to improve their strength and muscle mass. The body expends a lot of energy in the high-intensity sessions, and then ‘recovers’ during the lower intensity activity; this is considered useful in preventing injury, and the body also burns calories faster during interval sessions, so that 20 minutes of interval work can burn as much fat as 40 minutes of single intensity exercise. There is some evidence to suggest that using both types of exercise forweight loss actually helps people to eat less; aerobic and strength training together cause people to consume less food – aerobics users only may stop eating fat, but they often replace this with other foods, and strength training only doesn’t affect the diet at all – so a combination of these well-known types of exercise for weight loss also results in the best changes in diet, too. May 28, 2014 by Wes Young Leave a Comment The world of weight loss can be a confusing place for those who are actively seeking to shed some extra pounds.
Amidst this sea of uncertainty and confusion, however, there are still two tried and true techniques that can help you lose those extra pounds. One way exercise ties into this is that exercise can help you burn some of those excess calories.
For example, let’s say you eat 1800 calories in a day and during your normal daily activities you use up exactly 1800 calories. There are other factors that may come into play but this gives you a basic idea of what it takes to lose weight and how exercise can be very beneficial. Exercise causes you to place excess amounts of stress on your body and doing so can increase your metabolic rate.
One of the most important benefits of using exercise to promote weight loss is the myriad of other benefits that come along with exercising.

The body systems that are benefited during exercise are many and include your cardiovascular, respiratory, and skeletal muscle systems. Basically, exercise will make it easier for you to perform daily activities that you may currently find burdensome. If you haven’t incorporated exercise into your daily routine already we would love to invite you to join our Shape Up Challenge workout program. Filed Under: Exercise Tips, Healthy Living, IdealShape Up Challenge About Wes YoungWes has a wealth of knowledge on exercise and nutrition. If you look like the girl on the left remember that she eventually became the girl on the right.
Looking to sign up for archery lessons, boxing lessons, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons or personal training sessions? Want to burn more calories and trick your body into burning more calories without thinking about it? I was recently asked a series of archery questions by a reporter from the National Post, a Canadian newspaper. In order to work to the best of its powers, aerobic exercise must be performed at least five times a week, for around 20 minutes a time, in order to maximise the fuel-burning time. Without weights or exercise machines, the body itself can be used as the resistance device, for example in squats, steps, push-ups, and other floor exercises.
For example, 8 seconds of high-intensity training on a bike, followed by 20 seconds of moderate intensity, for example sit ups or bicep curls. Not only are there hundreds of different diets out there that you can follow, but weight loss industry is also full of gadgets and tools that may or may not help you achieve your goals. Most of you have probably guessed it already but those two things are a healthy diet and exercise.
We hear all the time from those around us that exercise is important and that we should be sure to get enough exercise into our lives but why is exercise important for weight loss and helping us achieve our goals? Granted we should be putting healthy foods into our bodies and not just empty calories but that is a story for another day.
As we discussed above, exercise can help you burn extra calories and this extra calorie usage may continue several hours after your workout.

Exercise should be an important part of all of our lives and provides benefits beyond just losing weight.
It is completely free and has already helped hundreds of people lose weight and develop healthy exercise habits. He enjoys going to the gym, living an active lifestyle and spending time with his wife and one-year-old daughter.
In fact, these are two of the very few ways that are proven to help you lose weight and keep it off.
To keep it simple, expending more calories during the day than you consume will result in weight loss. Now, let’s introduce exercise into your day and say you burned around 250 calories during your workout. In addition, exercise promotes lean muscle mass which will also involve more calories being burned during the day. In addition to this, your lungs and heart will become more efficient, therefore making it easier for oxygen and essential nutrients to be delivered throughout your body. It should be a part of your weight loss plan and it can help you tremendously on your way toward a leaner and healthier you.
On the flip side, weight gain occurs when you consume more calories than you use during the day.
This would result in you burning more calories during the day than you consume and will result in weight loss. HIIT training in particular has been shown increase the metabolism in individuals for up to 24 hours.

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