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When you are eating a sandwich or hot dog, try to limit the amount of mustard and ketchup that you use. When trying to lose weight, you should not only be aware of what foods you eat, you should also be aware of the time you are eating. Sadly far too many people in the world think that the best way to fit into those jeans is to start missing a couple of meals a day and in general starving themselves.
So I was in a “health store” and I use that term loosely the other day and I swear that there was a container of pills that simply said “Diet Pills” on it. What I mean here by purging is things like vomiting, taking an excessive amount of laxatives, chewing your food to get the flavor and spitting it out and even giving yourself worms (yes I swear that this has been done) these are all a huge no go area when it comes to lose weight and if you are tempted or doing anything like this in order to lose weight then you should speak to your doctor immediately.
How many of you have to read at least once a month that one of your friends on Facebook is doing a detox? Before taking on any kind of radical weight loss treatment you should always seek the advice of a professional. Weight loss is something scarcely discussed here as I know all too well how much pressure there is on women to feel as though they need to lose weight and it can really get you down. We would never want the women that come here to feel pressured into losing weight, instead we want to provide women with the information they will need to build confidence should they need it and if they do decide to journey into weight loss, then we will provide the information needed to undertake it safely and responsibly.
Mirinda is a nutritionist, trainer and coach on an incredible journey, empowering women to become their healthiest, happiest and most confident, through education, positivity, balance, and of course endless support and we have asked her to share her story with you. It was when I decided to see a Naturopath for a detox program that I fell in love with the world of alternative medicine, I remember feeling that ‘Uh Huh’ moment of things just starting to make sense and realized this is the world I want to be in (I was studying Fashion Marketing at the time so quite a change!) Literally within a month I had enrolled into Nutrition College and I never looked back! During my Health Coaching studies I was exposed to the amazing opportunities that online business brings, and the possibility of been able to help people from anywhere was so exciting!
The philosophy of Body meet Bride is a stress free, holistic, realistic, educational approach to achieving your goals. Every woman deserves to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day but I also believe every woman deserves to feel that way every day too and it is my wish that Body meet Bride will give women the knowledge and tools to achieve both!
The key to making a lifelong change to a healthy lifestyle is starting of slow and setting realistic achievable goals, taking it each day at time and truly believing in you! 2. Reduce all bottled beverages alcohol, sodas, juices (unless the cold pressed organic kind of course), coffees, iced teas, milks and flavoured waters. 3. Get moving as much as possible, if you belong to the gym set yourself a schedule each week, if your new to exercise start with regular walks around the neighbourhood.
Healthy living is not about depriving yourself so start the journey by simply including more healthy habits until the other “bad” stuff becomes less and less appealing trust me it happens eventually! If you have promised yourself a fitter, healthier new you for the New Year or perhaps you’re wedding, I really hope this post gives you the confidence to start your journey, but more than anything we want every bride to embrace their shape and accept their flaws!
This way, you can know exactly when you will eat, so you will be less likely to give into temptation and snack before a meal.

If you are trapped in your office for eight or more hours at a time, you may be tempted to binge the moment you walk out the door. You must constantly feel that you are progressing if you are going to be successful in your weight loss journey.
While a sandwich or a hot dog might not be too bad by itself, the additional sugar and calories in these condiments can make them a bad choice.
When you find yourself with early morning hunger pains, it is probably a result of not consuming enough calories the night before.
Visiting a doctor allows your weight loss plan to be more customized to fit you specifically.
Yes this will see weight drop off you, but losing weight like this can just wreck absolute havoc with your insides.
The side effects of purging are horrendous and something that you should not put your body or your mind through.
Losing a vast amount of fluids without the aid of a medical professional is not a good idea at all.
Far too many people do not do this and end up getting in worse physical shape that before they start their diet! Christmas is just around the corner and if you are anything like me, it is a month for pure indulgence. I did once write a post asking our readers whether they thought losing weight for a wedding was a good or bad idea?.
I am now a certified Nutritionist, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and have just enrolled for Yoga Teacher Training, Yippeee!
I knew I wanted to work with women to help them find a healthy balance, build confidence, feel strong, empower them with knowledge and help them learn to live a healthy happy life. This program is about empowering yourself whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get clearer skin or more energy; anything is possible.
Aim for 7-8hrs every night and try to keep your sleep schedule as regular as your lifestyle allows!
If you can do something physical everyday amazing if not no worries, a realistic goal to start is to sweat 3 times a week! Every time you have a savoury meal set yourself a goal to have one third of your plate be vegetables!
When you are aware of the amount of steps you take, you can push yourself to take more steps. For instance, if dinner is chicken salad, the extra can become a pita sandwich for lunch the next day. This can make you want to eat junk food when getting home and that is not good for your weight loss regimen.

Your doctor takes your health into consideration, helps you create more obtainable goals and gives you more information. In many cases people who starve themselves and deny their body the proper nutrients it needs end up having major side effects as a result.
If losing weight was as easy as buying a pack of pills that only cost a few bucks then everyone would be walking around with tight arms and slender abs.
When you add in something like fasting or a crash diet then you are putting your body in all kinds of potential danger. Before you know it, the New Year is here and without a second thought you are making resolutions for a healthier, fitter, leaner new you for the New Year. I was quite surprised by the response as I thought it would be very divided, yet the general consensus was that a wedding is great motivation for getting your butt into shape, but the choice to get healthy and lose weight should be more about making a life change and building confidence, rather than just about losing weight for a special event. The learning never stops and I love exposing myself to new knowledge to share and inspire my brides to be.
As a woman I know most brides to be want & need these things for their big day but also long after! Sleep is crucial to your health it effects your hormones which in turn affects everything from energy, skin, hunger and off course mood! You don’t need to make it fancy, can simply slice up raw cucumbers, tomatoes and dress with little olive oil, salt & pepper! It is recommended that you eat the greater share of your calories during breakfast and lunch. Instead we are telling you things that can trip up your weight loss or have a negative effect on your overall general health. Dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance are just a few side effects that some of these diet pills are known to cause. If a detox claims that it will make your body run like that of an Olympic athlete do you really think it would be available for a couple of bucks or the information would be free online? Within weeks I will have failed and I will back to periodic spats of dieting and clean eating but nothing lasts forever.
I thought reaching out to brides would be a great way to help women who might not usually invest in themselves and who finally had the perfect motivation to treat themselves to finding their health! Now you can get some pills that will aid your weight loss, but before you take any kind of “weight loss aid” pill run it by your doctor first.
Of course not, there are healthy ways to give your insides a fine tuning and a good clear out, but to do so get advice from a doctor.

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